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How do you unlock all the bikes?

What do you have to do to unlock every bike in this game? What courses/events need to be cleared and what medals are needed for each bike?

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Lunartick answered:

Pass three beginner tracks to get the Reptile 125cc, three easy tracks for the Scorpion 250cc, three medium for the Phoenix EVO 250cc, and beat the National Bike Cup tournament with a gold to get the Micro Donkey.
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sox18_JonnyD answered:

Im not sure off the top of my head which tracks etc but you have to get a gold medal in certain tracks/tournements. You can click on the bike you want and it will tell you what you have to do to unlock said bike. This works for the skill games that you need to unlock also. Hope this answers your question =]
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thhhhhee answered:

The cheats section has a list of all the unlockables, check there :)
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tubb311 answered:

The cheats section doesn't list all the bikes in the game, why didn't you look before you posted useless info
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dymist answered:

Certain bikes can only be used on certain tracks. Some bikes are only allowed on certain tracks or challenges. The Hauler bike is only accessible on the Delivery skill game. The Phoenix REV 250cc is only accessible during the Outside the Ball Challenge. The Scorpion Air 125cc is only accessible on the Ski Jump skill game. If you notice, these are the only bikes you can choose for those skill games. Hope that helps!
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