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Can you still play Fallout 3 after you beat it in this edition? 1
Will fallout 3 goty fix the game freezing up issue??? 4
Why cant i download disc 2 of fallout 3 goty on my xbox360s? 1
Can i do operation anchorage after broken steel? 6
Do I need Live to use the DLCs? 1
Fastest way to get power armor training ? 2
If i buy the goty edition i have to start over the game or i can use the data from the normal Fallout? 1
How many levels total ? 2
Fallout goty memory space? 1
If I buy the goty edition do I have to start over or can I use a save from normal fallout 3? 2
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Fallout 3 character levelling? 0
Items aren't spawning in most containers. Has anyone else experienced this and if so can you fix it? 0
How do i use the dlc from the goty edition? 1
How much memory does this take up? 4
What is the best perk, including add-ons? 4
Disc 2. No Point Lookout and message "Can't Install one or more items"? 2
How many discs are there? 1
Where can I find the dog? 9
Where are the best places to find .44 cal. ammo? 2
What do i do with the lump of brain that you get from tobar? 1

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