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Asked: 5 years ago

How much memory does this take up?

Seeing as how downlaoding the add-ons are a lot how much memory does the goty take up?

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In the neighborhood of 2.3GB. If you install the game as well, it'll be around 8 GB total.

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With all the dlc its about 2.8 gb with my harddrive worth it though

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Knight2520 when you say install the game do you mean downloading off of xbox live because i have the original fallout 3 on my hardrive and i wanna know if i buy the goty edition if it will be more like 2.3 megabytes

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I installed it and it takes up about 9 GB with saves and back-up saves.

If you own the retail version you don't need to install it as long as you don't mind longer load times.

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For my Xbox, it only took around seven or eight GigaBytes of memory, not including the previous save games, which was around 249 MegaBytes worth of memory. I apologize if this did not help.

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