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Is there anywhere i can find a list of how to unlock the stuff in the awards menu?
i don't remember awards being in the N64 version.
in terms or xbox stuff, other than the avatar awards, i can't tell how to unlock the pictures or themes.

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korethis answered:

I only know how to unlock a few of the awards. For No Help Needed, you need to kill 15 enemies in mission 1.1 on Perfect Agent difficulty with no auto-aim. For Close Proximity, you need to kill at least 3 guards with the proximity mine in mission 1.2 on Perfect Agent. For Good Enough For Clint, you need to acquire the magnum in mission 1.3 (which is a pain) and then get 5 headshots with it (not sure of the difficulty required). For Rapid Radar Jammer or whatever that one is called, it's in Area 51 Infiltration. You need to be on Special Agent difficulty, make it to the radar, and blow it up in under 1 min 10 sec. You do not have to survive the explosion. For I Want To Be Sedated, go to Airbase: Espionage on Special Agent. Pull out the drug spy right away and sedate the 5 guards in the area, as well as the airline hostess. And finally the last one I know how to get is Tick Tick... Boom. In the mission on the Pelagic II, on Agent, you'll go through a hallway with 2 guards, then a door that contains 4 guards. just open the door and throw the N-Grenade in your inventory in that room. My award popped as soon as the fourth died.
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korethis answered:

Also, I did put up how to unlock the theme in the cheats page for this game. However, you may read this before, so I'll tell you here as well. You simply need to get all of the Specialist achievements (Maian, CI, DataDyne) and from some people's reports, you need to use the N-Grenade as well. I'd say just complete the game, and go into combat simulator, load in a dummy account (one that wont fight back) and play custom local games of 6 kills. Use 6 different guns each time. As for Gamer Picture 1, there have been reports that you either need two of the stars in one round of the combat simulator, and other reports that you need all 4. Either way, just load in another combat simulator match against the dummy account with nothing but Farsights, unlimited time, and a score limit of one. Pick up a Farsight and set it to the target locator mode, then let it locate the dummy account's character, and score a headshot. This will end the game and you'll get all 4 medals for that round, just to be safe.
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MadHadda answered:

AWARD Good Enough for Clint-First you must aquire the magnum by killing first five enemies without being seen,fifth enemy drops magnum,i did this on agent,get 5-8 headshots with the magnum for the award
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dmv128 answered:

I Checked it, and for the theme, you need the three Specialist achivments, and to get at least 1 kill with every weapon in the game. and, just because I think it will be helpful, to find the phoenix pistol in single play, and to unlock it for the combat simulator, blow up all 5 of the special pillars in the final skedar mission.
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