Reptile by akaCitizenSnips

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Mortal Kombat 9 Reptile Guide

1.0) Introduction
2.0) Mortal Kombat Fundamentals
   2.1) Why use Reptile?
3.0) Reptile's Combos
   3.1) Reptile's Basic Juggles
   3.2) Reptile's Advanced Juggles
   3.3) Reptile's Corner Combos
   3.4) The Elbow Dash Combo
   3.5) Why the lack of EX use?
4.0) Reptile's Specials
   4.1) Basic Combo Strings + Specials = MIXUP MADNESS
   4.2) Is Invisibility useless?
   4.3) Wakeup attacks
   4.4) X-Ray
   4.5) EX Slow Forceball Strategies
5.0) General Reptile Strategies
   5.1) Specific Matchups
6.0) Contacts
7.0) Credits


[1.0] Introduction


Hello everybody, I am writing this guide for players just learning how to use
Reptile and to those who are already Reptile users and are looking for some
extra advice and tactics. I have played over 1000 matches as Reptile so I have
a decent amount of experience and have learned a lot through my wins and my
losses. I am by no means a great Reptile player but I believe I have a firm 
grasp on the mechanics of the game and the strengths/weaknesses of Reptile.
This is my first guide so it may not be perfect right now, and I welcome
any comments or criticisms.

Reptile's MK9 bio:

"His home realm of Zaterra is gone, mysteriously destroyed ages ago. Reptile 
is the last known surviving member of his race. He has since made Outworld his 
home. Shao Kahn has made use of Reptile’s mastery of stealth to spy on 
suspected traitors and slay known enemies of the empire. But the knowledge 
that he is the last of his kind gnaws at Reptile. He would give anything, 
destroy anyone, if it would bring his realm back from the abyss. Self-pity 
fuels his aggression as he inflicts suffering and death on others."

Reptile has appeared in most of the MK games. He pretty much always is a
henchmen of somebody and tries desperately to revive his race. In MK9 they
decided to give him a more Reptilian look compared to his human look.

Costume 1- Green pants, and a mask covering his mouth. His green skin is
easily visible.

Costume 2- Reptile has more of a Klassic ninja outfit on.

MK1- Reptile's Klassic MK1 costume. I use this 99% of the time.


[2.0] Mortal Kombat Fundamentals


This section is dedicated to touch on the basic mechanics of the game. Many
new players have the mindset of thinking that they can win solely on knowing
the highest damaging combo. While knowing the strongest combo is important, 
it is not the deciding factor of a fight. Also in this section are short
summaries of some basic tactics people like to use.

Zoning- This is a tactic used by players trying to control the position of the
opponent through the use of projectiles and other specials. A zoner is often
accused of spamming due to how zoning is typically accomplished. A zoner will
try to keep you at a specific distance in order to slowly chip away health or 
to force the opponent to make a specific move such as jumping or teleporting.
An opponent constantly firing projectiles is zoning by keeping the opponent
away from him/her. 

Turtling- This is a tactic characterized by blocking and punishing. Punishing
refers to attacking the opponent once they finish their attack and have no
time to block or get out of the way. Turtling can be useful if the opponent
is too aggressive and has attacks that are highly punishable such as blocking
Mileena's roll attack.

Rushdown- This is a tactic that involves pressuring by the way of combos and
aggressive attacks. A rushdown character will use fast, safe combos constantly
even if they are blocked. Rushdowns are especially effective against people
trying to zone or turtle or enemies who are not good at close range combat.

Poking- This refers to single fast and safe moves used to keep the opponent
from getting too close and to keep the opponent from pulling off combos. 
Simple low kicks and punches can be used to interrupt the opponent's advance
and to set up your own distance to start your own attacks.


[2.1] Why use Reptile?


Reptile is fast, relatively safe and his combos aren't too difficult
aside from his most advanced ones. He is versatile and doesn't have
too many nightmare matchups. You also won't see a ton online so you will
stand out and many people won't know how you play.

Reptile's downside is that he lacks a teleport and isn't really the
best at anything. His more advanced combos can be frustrating to learn
and he lacks a low launch, something that a couple other characters
have. People will also cry about your elbow dash, but that shouldn't
turn you away from him.

+ Versatile
+ Safe combos
+ Good damage
+ Fast combos and specials
+ Decent mix-up game

- No teleport
- Slow dash
- Lacks a low launch
- Weak anti-air


[3.0] Reptile's Combos


This is the section many people will skip to. Reptile has flashy combos that
are pretty safe and some are very easy to learn. Since this guide is both
for the Xbox 360 version and PS3 version, this is the button layout I will
be using. I will not list all combos he has, only the ones that you should
use and know how to use effectively.

U = up
D = down
B = back 
F = Forward
1 = X, Square
2 = Y, Triangle
3 = A, X
4 = B, O
EX = Enhanced version of the special

Basic, useful combos:

1, 2, 2, 1 
This combo contains an overhead on the second 2. If the opponent is blocking
low all the time, this will hit them. This combo also sends the opponent
flying away from you. This is a very fast and safe string to use. It also
starts off of a poke. 11% damage.

3, 2, 1
This combo hit's all high so an opponent blocking low will not get hurt.
13% damage.

1, 2, B1
Starts off similar to the first combo, but hits low at the end instead of
overhead. Use this if the opponent keeps blocking high. 9% damage.

3, 2, B4
This hits low at the end. If you start off the 3, 2 string and the opponent 
for some reason is blocking high the whole time, the last hit will sweep
them. 11% damage.

F2, B1
Hits over head and sends the enemy flying away. This combo is good to use
if the enemy is backed into a corner. 7% damage.

2, F3, 1+2
Hits high then overhead. If the first hit is blocked, then the third can
be punished. 17% damage.


[3.1] Reptile's Basic Juggles


1, 2, 2, fast forceball, 3, 1+2
24% damage. Easy juggle to learn that incorporates only one special move.
To activate the fast forceball, simply input the button command before
the 1, 2, 2 part even finishes.

1, 2, 2, fast forceball, 3, 2, 1, slide
26% damage. This basic juggle will open the door to a much more damaging
combo. However, if you are just starting out then nailing this combo will
help you get the feel of the timing of his combos and how they work. This
combo includes an overhead, so an opponent blocking low will get caught.
Most combos will end with a slide to add a few extra damage. Like using
the forceballs, input the slide command right after you dial in 3, 2, 1.

fast forceball, slow forceball, 3, 2, 1, slide
25% damage. This combo is used if you hit an opponent with a fast forceball.
If you are zoning and catch someone with a forceball this is a combo you
can finish off with. You can also switch it so that if slow forceball 
starts the combo, you can fast forceball then do the rest of the combo.


[3.2] Reptile's Advanced Juggles


1, 2, 2, fast forceball, 3, 2, slow forceball, 3, 2, 1, slide
31% damage. This is a longer version of his first basic juggle. Once you
learn this, you will not need to use the basic version. Again, this combo
hits opponents blocking low so this is especially useful against people
inexperienced against Reptile and those who tend to block low. People
tend to stop blocking right before you forceball because they think
your combo is over. This can catch people new to fighting Reptile a few
times before they realise they should block. However, if they begin to
block the whole combo, then don't use this because you will get punished
if they block the forceball. This combo will get you through many fights
and is very easy to perform once you get it down.

1, 2, 2, fast forceball, njp, 3, 2, slow forceball, 3, 2, 1, slide
34% damage. This is an example of a neutral jump punch (njp) combo. This
is more damaging than the combo above and should be used once you can
hit the njp. This is also helpful to learn to prepare for the following
combos. To do a njp, just perform a jump straight up and immediately 
punch. If it works correctly, the enemy should bounce off the ground.

3, 2, 1, elbow dash, njp, 3, 2, slow forceball, fast forceball, 3, 2, 1
37% damage. Chances are you are looking at this and thinking "wtf!" This
combo is an example of an elbow dash combo. For tips on how to do this 
read the section 3.4 after this. This combo should be started with a jump
in punch because it is hard to just land out of the blue.

3, 2, 1, elbow dash, njp, 3, 2, slow forceball, 3, 2, EX fast forceball,
3, 2, 1, slide
40% damage. This is essentially the same combo as the one before it but
with an extra two hits and an EX move. You must use the EX or else the
forceball will not hit the enemy. If you can spare one meter, do this
one instead of the meterless combo.

1, 2, 2, EX Acid hand, elbow dash, 3, 2, slow forceball, fast forceball,
3, 2, 1, slide
35% damage. Use if the enemy is blocking low the whole time. Uses an EX
meter but does good damage. 

3, 2, 1, elbow dash, njp, EX Acid Hand, dash 3, 2, EX Fast force ball, 
3, 2, Slow force ball, 3,2,1, EX Slide
50+% damage. This combo is pretty difficult to do, but does high 
damage. EX acid hand and EX fast forceball are required. EX slide is
not and I would not use it. After EX acid hand you have to dash in
order to finish the rest of the combo. If you are too slow, you
will whiff the 3, 2 part. If you are too fast the 2 or forceball
might miss. Vid pasted below shows this combo.

Anti-Air juggles (when opponent is attempting crossover)

D1, EX forceball, 3, 2, forceball, 3, 2, 1, slide
Good to use if you don't want to always elbow dash away from crossover.
The timing can be a bit difficult, but here's a short video I made so
you can see what it looks like.

D1, dash, 3, 2, forceball, 3, 2, 1, slide
No meter but a bit harder to do. You have to dash very quickly before
you hit 3, but it isn't a full dash.


[3.3] Reptile's Corner Combos


F2, B1, 3, 2, 1, fast forceball, 3, 2, 1, slow forceball, 3, 2, 1,
35% damage. This is an overhead so a low blocking opponent will get hit.
This combo is slightly difficult to land and I personally don't go for
it often.

1, 2, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, slow forceball, 3, 2, 1, fast forceball, 3, 2,
1, slide
36% damage. This is an overhead as well. The timing can be difficult to
get down once you start. If you find the enemy hitting the ground too 
early, then you are hitting him too late. If the enemy flies above you
to the other side, then you are hitting him too early.

3, 2, 1, slow forceball, 3, 2, 1, fast forceball, 3, 2, 1, slide
35% damage. This combo can be the easiest to do if you are familiar with
the 3, 2, 1 string. The only downside to this combo compared to the other
two is that it hits high the entire time.

EX elbow dash, 3,2,1 fast ball, 3,2,1, EX slow ball, 3,2,1 slide
40+% damage. This combo is done when you are cornered. EX elbow dash will
get you out of the corner and pop the enemy up towards the corner. From
there you basically do the combo listed before this. EX slow forceball
is needed so the whole combo should take 2 meters. The timing is similar
to the combo listed above.


[3.4] The Elbow Dash combo


Listed in 3.2 are combos involving the elbow dash. What is supposed to
happen is that after the 3, 2, 1 part, you elbow dash as the enemy is 
in the air so that you end up right next to him as he is falling. The
njp is essential because it bounces the opponent up to continue the

To get the elbow dash part down, input the command after 3, 2, 1. Do
not wait for the animation of 3, 2, 1 to finish. Immediately when you
see the dash hold UP and hit both punch buttons. This will make the
njp come out easier. You can try to mash punch while holding up but
often times you will whiff the punch due to pressing too late or early.
What I like to do is slide my fingers across both punch buttons two
or three times. I find this to be the best way to consistently hit the
combo even online.

If you punch after elbow dash without jumping, then you are not holding
up. If you jump and your punch misses then you aren't pressing punch
fast enough. If you jump and no punch comes out, then you hit punch
too late.

This will take a while to learn, but once you have it down, it won't
be too difficult to pull off. If there is lag online, then the combo
will be hard to land, but offline you should be good.


[3.5] Why the lack of EX use?


The reason why EX isn't implemented more into combos is due to the fact
that post patch, Reptile's damage scale has been lowered. Adding EX to
his combos barely adds any damage, usually only 1%. This is the same
reason as to why xray combos aren't really useful.

In the next sections I will talk about what the EX moves do and how they
should be used. But I do not like to use them mid-combo. If you are going
to use EX mid-combo, then do it on combos with few hits because the damage
scale won't hurt you too much. For example, if you are doing the 1, 2, 2
string and they keep blocking high, you can end with an EX slide for 
damage assuming that they will keep blocking high.

HOWEVER, using EX for pressuring reasons is highly recommended. What I mean
is that shooting a EX slow forceball out and using it to close the distance
is not only a good idea, but a great idea and something that makes Reptile
very unique and hard to fight against. I typically burn through meter now
because I love putting the forceball on the screen. However this tactic can
be hard to use against strict zoners. Alsi, be wary of moves like EX Shadow
Kick which will bust through it like nothing.


[4.0] Reptile's Specials


Acid Spit- DF1
8% damage. This move is fast and travels full screen. Enemies can
duck under it. This is an essential tool if you are trying to zone.
It doesn't matter if you actually hit the enemy with this all the time,
chipping health away and building your meter is good too. EX version
does 12% but doesn't travel full screen. Use the EX version at the end
of combos if you want to avoid a wakeup attack or if they might breaker
and you want t force them not to use it.

Slow Forceball- BB1
5% damage. This move pops the enemy up. You see this move used in
basically all of Reptile's combos. Moves slowly and can be on screen 
while you are acid spitting. EX version does 8% damage and can be
charged. Charging the EX version is important because the ball gets
massive and stays on sceen. You can move in while it slowly approaches
the enemy.

Fast Forceball- BB3
8% damage. This is basically slow forceball... but faster. The EX
version isn't as useful since it moves too fast to stay on screen.

Slide- BF4
8% damage. Hits low. This can travel under some projectiles. This 
move is not safe on block. If the opponent blocks it, they can hit
you with a full combo. The EX does 12% damage and he moves further
across the screen. I do not recommend using this move too often
due to how unsafe it is.

Elbow Dash- BF2
11% damage. You will learn to love this move. This is not only FAST
but it is STRONG! Reptile is a slow normal dasher, but his elbow
dash has great range and speed. This is safe enough so that you don't
have to really time it perfectly all the time, but if the opponent
catches on, they can punish with an uppercut or specials. The EX 
does a whopping 17%. Not only that, but the EX can be used to escape
from corners. Basically, even if they block it, you will end up on
the other side of the opponent. But beware, if the EX is blocked, the
enemy can punish mid way through the move, so use with caution.

Acid Hand- DB2
11% damage. Strong move that hits overhead. If you end up sliding
too much the enemy will start blocking low. Once this happens you
can switch to acid hand because it is an overhead and will nail them.
If blocked, it pushes them away so it isn't completely unsafe. EX 
only does 9% but pops the enemy up for juggles.

Invisibility- DU4
Turns you invisible as the name suggests. The EX version makes 
Reptile completely invisible and gives him a damage boost. Right when
you activate the move, you are invincible as well so if you time it right
whne a projectile is about to hit you, you will essentially dodge it.

Fatality 1- FFDU, 3 (Sweep)
Reptile spews acid into the enemies mouth then rips their stomach out.

Fatality 2- DDFB, 1 (Sweep)
Reptile goes invisible then cuts the enemies throat and stomach. He then
turns visible and inserts a forceball into the enemy and blows them up.

Fatality 3-  BBFD, Block (Jump)
Reptile unmasks himself then shoots his tongue out and rips the enemies
head off and eats it.

Babality- BFBD, 3 (Jump)
If Reptile gets Babalitied, he turns into an egg, hatches then cries and
spews acid from his mouth.


[4.1] Basic Combo Strings + Specials = MIXUP MADNESS


1, 2, 2 String
At the end of this string you have plenty of options. End it with a
forceball to juggle if you hit them from the start. If they are 
blocking, then you need to mix it up. End with slide if they are
blocking high. End with acid hand if they are blocking low. Since
this string always at least hits overhead, they will have to block
high at some point. This means that at first they will probably
keep blocking high. Once you hit them with a couple slides, they
will learn to block low. Then comes the acid hand. Even if they
block the acid hand, they won't punish you 100% of the time due 
to the push it does. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE MIXUPS! You might
feel like a boss when you are juggling beginners, but against
more experienced players, it will be hard to get the juggles

3, 2, 1 String
Same concept as the one above. Since this always hits high, the
enemy might just block low the entire time. You can substitute the
1 with a special to end the combo early. You can also attach invisibilty
at the end even if they block the whole combo. This way you push the
enemy away and have invisibilty at the end. You can also substitue the
1 at the end with a special. This gives you more options to trick the
opponent and keep them guessing. 

EX Acid Hand
Acid hand is a good overhead to mix up with and EX pops the enemy up.
This essentially gives you another chance to pop the enemy up. For 
example, if the enemy is blocks 3, 2, 1 or 1, 2, 2 successfully, they 
will block forceball no matter if they are blocking low or high. EX
acid hand will hit the enemy if they are blocking low and then you can
proceed with combos.

D4 can be canceled into any of Reptile's specials. It is especially useful
to do a D4-Acid hand. This is an OTG move the opponent will be forced to
predict how to block the special. D4 hits low and acid hand hits overhead.
You can also cancel D4 into slide or any of other specials, but acid
hand is the most useful in terms of how safe it is and the potential to
hit them.


[4.2] Is Invisibilty useless?


Invisibility can be seen as useless to many players. Getting hit or 
blocking anything takes it off. EX version makes it so you can't
see yourself. However, invisibilty can be used effectively with
your mixups. People tend to either attack furiously or turtle once
they see you go invisible. People turtling are your favorite when
you are invisible. Turtles are vulnerable to all your mixups when
you are invisible. Those who have projectiles will use them in order
to get you out of invisibilty, but you just have to learn to enter
the matrix and dodge like a boss.

I am still experimenting with invisibility, but it seems like a 
good way to change the pace of the fight. Mixups are nasty because
they will have to literally guess how to block with no visual

A good way to use invisibilty is to use it at the end of a combo. For
example, if the enemy blocks 3, 2, 1, you can slap on invisibilty at the
end. If you catch someone with a forceball, you can use invisibilty as
they are in the air. Any time you knock down an enemy you can go invisible.
Invisibilty is esepcially good if the enemy is cornered. Once cornered they
have limted options as to where they can go and will most likely turtle.

If timed right, you can go invisibile right a projectile is about to hit 
you and you will dodge the projectile and be invisible. 


[4.3] Wakeup attacks


Wakeup attacks are performed when you are knocked down. Reptile does
not have a strong wakeup game. Slide is easily punished. Elbow dash
is what I tend to use, but you have no armor on the wakeup with this
move. I tend to just roll instead of using a wakeup attack.

More to come...


[4.4] X-Ray


Reptile's Xray includes eye gouging, neck breaking and dinosaur kicking.
It comes out fast and he travels practically full screen.

Reptile's Xray is better off used without a combo. Due to the damage
scaling, using the xray just burns meter for an extra 1-3% damage.
The bets way to use his xray is as an anti-zoning tool. Reptile isn't
horrible at zoning, but he isn't the best. When you are under rapid
fire from hats, knives, gun shots and other projectiles, you can xray
across the screen to hit them. The move does 33% damage and has armor
so you will go through the projectile like a tank and ROFL as they
say "wow xray are you serious?"

People say at high levels, xrays aren't important as EX moves and
combo breakers. My take on this is that you shouldn't build meter
specifically to get the xray. I will combo break if I don't think
I can take the damage and win. I will use EX moves if I think it will
end the match or if I am certain it will connect such as using EX
elbow dash as a punish. I also use meter during a few combos for that
extra 3%.

However, I DO use xray if I have the meter and am against a zoner or
if the fight is really close and it can end the match. As I stated, 
against a zoner the xray will be a blessing. There is no point in
trying to combo break if the guy isn't good at combos.

Xray is also good for anti air. If you are zoning and have the full meter,
the enemy might start jumping over your projectiles. You can hit them
with xray right as they are about to land, they will not be able to 
block it.


[4.5] EX Slow Forceball Strategies


EX slow forceball can be very good for pressuring and rushdowns. At the 
end of any juggle with a slide at the end, you can instead substitute a 
charged EX slow forceball. The point of this is that once the enemy gets
up, they will have a giant forceball slowly stalking them. Right after you
use the forceball, elbow dash to get in front or next to it. The enemy will
either have to block. If they try to punish you for getting close, the 
ball will hit them and you get a free combo. As they turtle, you are free
to do whatever you want. If you have an extra meter you can also go
EX invis right after the forceball and approach like that.

I am not 100% sure but I believe once you are next to the forceball or
in front of it, if the enemy teleports they should get hit by the ball
as long as the ball is behind you. Using the EX slow forceball adds another
mixup to your game and it can force your opponent to turtle.

A way to get this on screen is to do:

1, 2, 2, Fast forceball, 3, 2, 1, slow forceball, 3, 2, 1, EX Slow forceball

So the 3, 2, 1 end string will launch the enemy away from you, and you will
be charging a slow forceball. After you send the EX slow out, you can turn
invis. Then approach with elbow dash.

You don't even need to use the charged forceball at the end of a combo. 
Instead you can just shoot a quick one out and then quickly move from there.
I like to slide just as the forceball is about to hit the enemy  because
the opponent will be forced to block low then just sit there. Sometimes
the opponent will just block high in anticipation of getting hit by the 
forceball and you can hit them witha  slide or two before the ball catches
up. People with a habit of punishing on reaction might punish the slide if
they block it then get hit by the forceball for their troubles.


[5.0] General Reptile Strategies


One reason why Reptile is so appealing is the fact that he is very
versatile. He isn't the best at anything but he is good at everything.
Mixing up your playstyle can confuse your opponent and catch him 
with things he/she normally would have avoided, such as a forceball
shot from mid distance.

Reptile does not have many options to start his combos. Adding in a jump in
punch will increase damage and also hits mid so crouching enemies will get
hit. Try to get jump in punches, but they aren't essential. As you see from
the guide, 3, 2, 1 and 1, 2, 2 are his only ways to rack up damage. To
people used to fighting Reptile, expect them to know how to block. Since
he has limited ways to start combos, you must learn how to use his mix
ups as shown in the earlier sections.

Rushdown- Rushing people down as Reptile is fun and somewhat easy to do.
Elbow dash to get close and once you are in their face, you can utilize
the 1, 2, 2 string and mixup or try to juggle. Do not slide too much
because it is unsafe. The best way to continue rushing the opponent is
to execute safe combos to keep them from getting away or punishing you.
Going invisible and rushing down is also effective especially against
turtles. If you are getting zoned out, approach by dashing and blocking.
You'll take chip damage, but it's something you might have to do. You
can try jumping too but note that some characters will be baiting you
to do so. Also, use a jump in punch to start your combos to add extra
damage. The jump in punch also hits mid so enemies blocking low will

Turtling- Reptile is a good turtle. Elbow dash can punish many specials
and combos even if you get pushed away. His D3 and D4 pokes are fast and
have decent reach. I do not like to uppercut because it seems slow and
unsafe to me. It could be that I am terrible with uppercuts, or it 
could be that Reptile's is slow. I've read that his is one of the slower
ones but I am not certain. Reptile's anti-air game is not that great.
Besides trying to catch a guy with forceball from far away, you do not
have many options if the enemy is trying constantly to jump in punch 

Zoning- Reptile can zone somewhat efficiently. He has 3 projectiles
but he gets outzoned by Liu Kang among others. You can shoot a slow
forceball then acid spit. If your opponent tries to jump over your
projectiles then you can time your projectiles so that they land
on a forceball.

The best way to play Reptile is to mix these three approaches. If
you switch to zoning after initially playing a successful rushdown 
game, they will not be used to the timing of the projectiles. If
you start by zoning they might underestimate your mixup game once
you decide to get in their face. I tend to turtle against specific
characters but I don't do it to everyone.


[5.1] Specific Matchups


Ermac- Ermac's telelift leads to high damaging combos. Many Ermac
players will try to hit this special from some distance away due
to its range. Once you start closing in on Ermac, prepare for the
telelift. I like to dash block because I know that many Ermac's 
will activate the lift once you are just outside sweep distance.
Once you block the lift, you can easily punish with elbow dash.
I would not recommend zoning for too long against Ermac unless
you hold a health lead. His teleport isn't the fastest so you
can bait him to do so by zoning. Once you are in Ermac's face,
you don't have to worry too much. His mixup game isn't great.
But beware, on wakeup he can teelift. To counter that, just go
towards the Ermac as he is down and block as he is getting up.
Then after the block, continue to combo him or elbow dash.
I also like to create some distance as he is knocked down
and shoot a forceball. This sometimes will catch him or the
timing can be off and you get caught in telelift due to its
armor on wakeup. Once you get used to fighting Ermac, he is not
hard to fight.

Difficulty- 6/10
Favored- Reptile

Sub Zero- Personally, Sub Zero remains to be one of my harder
matchups but after playing many good ones I realized that it's 
not that bad unless you don't understand how to fight him. You
can't be too reckless but at the same time you can't let him 
put you in a corner. If there is some distance between you two,
don't elbow dash in. You can outzone him from full screen but
beware of EX iceball because if they time it right, then you 
will get hit. Watch Sub's meter and try not to rushdown too
obviously. The key to this matchup is to avoid the iceclone 
and make Sub Zero work hard to get in close.

Difficulty- 7/10
Favored- Even

Mileena- Mileena is a horrible matchup for Reptile. Due to Reptile's
weird hit box, Mileena can divekick in and virtually not be punished.
You can't zone her and you can't rushdown easily. The best way to beat
her is to bait her telekick and ball with charging enhanced forceballs.
If she telekicks, crouch block and I believe you can D4-acid hand. When
you knock her down prepare for telekick on wakeup, so don't get too 

Difficulty- 8.5/10
Favored- Mileena

Smoke- Smoke can be annoying to fight. Teleport spammers are easy to
block and beat, but the good Smoke players can give Reptile fits. Many
will try to keep distance and throw smoke bombs at you. Smoke has a 
projectile counter, so trying to zone isn't a good idea. The best thing
to do is just dash-block towards him. Once you get just outside sweep
distance you can bait Smoke to throw a bomb and punish with elbow
dash. This is similar to baiting Ermac's telelift moves. Smoke up front
shouldn't be a problem. His combo looks like he is attacking low, but just
block high because it is an overhead. The only danger I know of up close
is his sweep, otherwise you can basically block high the whole time. Be
cautious of grabs because because then you will be forced to dash-block
to him again. His EX teleport has 3 hits so make sure you block the whole
thing. Both teleports are punished by a full combo.

Difficulty- 6.5/10
Favored- Reptile

Raiden- Raiden is a really good character, arguably the best character.
However, Reptile is not so bad against him. Whenever Raiden teleports,
immediately do an elbow dash behind you. This should catch him every time.
When you knock Raiden down, create some distance between you two and shoot
out a forceball. If he supermans as a wake-up attack, he should get hit.
But if you are too close he will bust through the forceball because of 
armor he gets on wake-up. Up close Raiden should be easy to beat. If
he starts zoning you, you can try to acid spit a lot to force him to 
teleport and then use elbow dash. It might take time to get used to, and
he is still hard to fight, but not impossible.

Difficulty- 7/10
Favored- Even

Scorpion- New Scorpion players should be easy to destroy. Block his 
teleport and he is easy to beat. However, good Scorpion players can be a
hassle. Scorpion has fast combos and he can jump and teleport once it 
finishes. Hellfire is unblockable and many players will activate it once you
get knocked down, so don't turtle up if you get knocked down. Scorpion can
end his combos with a spear or sweeping kick attack. I do not think he has
an overhead at the end of his combos so you should block low.

Difficulty- 7/10
Favored- Even

Kung Lao- Kung Lao is a hard match-up for every character. He can be at
any where on the screen and cause problems. If he tries to zone, you can
acid spit and try to force him to teleport. When Kung Lao teleports, you
should be able to punish with just about everything. Try not to turtle when
he teleports. Kung is very hard to fight against because even up close you
don't have a significant advantage. What I like to do when I knock a Kung
Lao down is to pretend like I am going to close in, then quickly dash back 
and fire a forceball. When he sees you getting close he might spin on wake
up so your forceball should hit him. The best thing to do against Kung Lao
is to just counter and punish. It's difficult to apply a lot of pressure
on him.

Difficulty- 8/10
Favored- Kung Lao

Liu Kang- Liu Kang is similar to Reptile in that he can zone and also be a
good rushdown character. Avoid projectile wars against him because Liu
Kang has faster ones and can hit low as well. Once you get close to Liu
you should be favored. Liu Kang players like to string combos over and over
even if you are blocking. You can elbow dash to punish if they contine to
use strings, but be aware that they can do the string then block and
basically bait your elbow dash. Up close Reptile doesn't have a significant
advantage if any at all.

Difficulty- 7.5/10
Favored- Liu Kang

Kano- Kano's knives are incredibly fast. His upball also limits your ways
to get to him. If you find yourself far away from him, your best option
is to dash block to him. If you crouch without holding block, the knives
will go past you and you won't take chip damage. When you get close, Kano
should easily get destroyed. All you really need to watch for is his xray
that does 41% damage and is unblockable. If Kano is able to zone you out, 
then it will be a very difficult battle for you. 

Difficulty- 7/10
Favored- Even

Johny Cage- Cage is a rushdown character. He has very fast combos and has
good damage. His anti-air is prety good, so do not jump alot.
With the recent buffing of his EX Shadow Kick, the matchup is even imo
or possibly in Cage's favor slightly. His kick makes your projectiles
worthless and you really have to be cautious when he has meter built up.
Cage's ability to constantly combo seemingly nonstop (Johny "Frametrap"
Cage) also makes it so Reptile doesn't have a distinct advantage when
up close. However, if you are cautious about Cage's meter and can even
bait the kick, then the matchup isn't too bad. You can try to bail out
through elbow dash but it can be hard to do in lag online.

Difficulty- 7/10
Favored- Even 

Noob Saibot- On paper, it seems like Reptile will be horrible against Noob.
Since Noob will try to shadow tackle you to death, you probably think it 
will be a pain getting to him. Once you get used to block dashing without
thinking, Noob should be easy. When you get close, do not jump. He has an 
anti-air attack and you do not want to make your closing in go to waste.
Up close Noob is easy to beat. His combos are slow and he doesn't have
great mixups. Refrain from blocking too much up close because he will try
to grab you and start zoning again. If you find yourself far away and with
an xray, just bait him to send a clone and finish him off with an xray.

Difficulty- 6/10
Favored- Reptile

Cyber Sub Zero- CSZ has good specials which can be frustrating to fight
against. Specifically his dive kick can be annoying because on block,
you get stunned a bit and he pushes himself away. Elbow dashing should hit
him but I am not 100% sure. Up close he can be a bit tricky. He has a low
kick move which can be switched to an over head and can combo off that.
Do not jump close to him because of dive kicks and his xray is an done in
the air. You can try to zone him from far away, but he has a teleport and 
his dive kick can go about mid screen. I tend to have problems fighting
good CSZ because of his combo mixups and divekicks.

Difficulty- 7/10
Favored- Even

Kitana- Kitana can be outzoned and her square boost is punished by elbow
dash. Just don't jump against her and once she gets close, watch out for 
that D1. Best way to fight her is to throw out forceballs and spit and 
force her to square boost in. If she gets close, try to knock her away
and repeat the zoning strategy.

Difficulty- 6.5/10
Favored- Reptile

Jade- After playing a couple of good Jade players, I have to say that Jade
despite being underused, is a very good character if played right. Her shadow
glow essentially negates your EX forceball shenanigans. This can disrupt your
pressure and she can bait you into her combos like this. Still, you don't
have to worry about her zoning you but you have to be careful on rushdowns.
As long as you are careful, you should be able to outspeed her, but it's not
as easy as I first thought it was. 

Difficulty- 7/10
Favored- Even

Baraka- Baraka should be easy to beat. He lacks a good projectile so you can
destroy him with acid spits/forceballs. Mid range you have to be careful of
his blade charging move because it is pretty fast. When approaching Baraka,
do not jump because he has an anti-air move where he chops like crazy and it
does a ton of damage. He has some strong combos, but he isn't particularly
fast so you should have an advantage.

Difficulty- 5/10
Favored- Reptile

Sonya- Sonya can be annoying to fight up close and far away. Her projectile
isn't particularly great but she can close the distance quckly with her
arc kick. Jumping against her is a bad idea due to that kick. Up close Sonya
has some nasty combos too. I tend to rushdown Sonya players and have mixed
results. Zoning with projectiles might be a better idea, but not too sure.

Difficulty- 7.5/10
Favored- Sonya

Stryker- You can easily turtle against Stryker. His combos aren't fast and 
his projectiles are easy to predict and acoid. Up close you should be able
to beat him down without much effort. If you find yourself far away and
trying to close in, just dashblock or duck under the gun. Beware midrange
he has a rolling attack that does good damage. Once you get close you should
smack him down.

Difficulty- 6/10
Favored- Reptile

Jax- Jax should not be too hard to fight. His projectile isn't that good
so you can acid spit/forceballs to chip away health. Mid range he has a 
superman punch which comes out fast and does decent damage. Do not approach
with a jump because he can command grab you. Up close he doesn't have much
to offer. His xray is just like Kano's, unblockable and does 41% damage.
He has an unblockable ground smashing move that has multiple ranges. You
can jump to avoid getting hit.

Difficulty- 6/10
Favored- Reptile

Nightwolf- Nightwolf is a good all around charactr like Reptile and also has
an anti-projectile move. Do not try to zone him with projectiles too much.
Up close Nightwolf does good damage and has relativley fast combos. At
midrange you have to watch out for shoulder charge. However on a blocked
shoulder charge you can punish with elbow dash. Nightwolf has an unblockable
lightning move so do not turtle from far away and don't block after you get
knocked down. Nightwolf's EX shoulder charge busts through EX forceball
so don't get too used to using that when you knock him down.

Difficulty- 7/10
Favored- Even

Cyrax- Cyrax can due high damage if he nets you or grabs you. If you are far
away or mid distance, prepare to block a net. Once you get close, don't 
block too often or else he'll grab you. Both the net and grab are your worst
enemies against Cyrax. What I like to do is get mid range and bait him to 
net. After a blocked net he is open to get elbow dashed. Up close you should
be able to outspeed him with combos. I would save my breaker in this matchup
because of how much damage he can do if he catches you with a grab or net.

Difficulty- 7/10
Favored- Even

Sektor- Sektor's missiles are a pain in the ass. Once you get knocked down,
it is a bad fight for Reptile. You can't compete with his zoning. Jumping
against Sektor asks for an ass whooping so your best bet is to close in.
Once you start getting close, Sektor might try to flamethrower so don't
aautomatically assume you will be jumping over a missile.

Difficulty- 7.5/10
Favored- Sektor

Kabal- Kabal has better projectile options and is no slouch in close combat.
He can shoot his projectile in the air, so don't jump too often. He has a 
high and low projectile. If you can get your projectiles off first, you will
be able to out zone him. But once Kabal gets started with his own projectiles
you can find yourself having a hell of a time trying to close in. Midrange
he can dash attack you which leaves you open to get combo'd. I like to 
elbow dash immediately once in range. Up close Kabal has an overhead so
don't block low all the time. Kabal isn't too fast up close but he can be
tough to block against because of his dash canceling and his low projectile.
On wake-up Kabal players tend to use his low saw move. I like to shoot a 
forceball and take the saw hit in order to get him with the forceball. I 
think you should do more damage this way.

Difficulty- 7.5/10
Favored- Kabal

Shang Tsung- Shang Tsung has some nice projectiles and flashy combos. It's
better to fight him up close then far away. However, if a good Shang Tsung
keeps you at one side of the screen, you are boned. Once you get close, 
you should have no problems. IF you are in the crappy position of being
across the entire screen, prepare to eat chip damage as you have to slowly
move towards him. Refrain from jumping much, instead just dash-block. If
He keeps shooting the ground skull or from the air skull, elbow dash to 
cover a lot of ground.

Difficulty- 6.5/10
Favored- Reptile

Quan Chi- WOOLAY. Quan Chi is not hard to fight against. His projectile
isn't too fast and his combos aren't too fast. He does have a low launch
and an overhead so be careful of those. I think his low move is a kick,
so if you see a kick coming out during his combo, block low. From sweep
range Quan Chi players like to use trance. Block this and you get a free
elbow dash. You should be able to rushdown QuanChi and beat him. His
teleport stomp is punishable but if you get hit, he gets to combo you.

Difficulty- 6/10
Favored- Reptile

Sindel- Sindel players most likely will try to zone you. She has a plethora
of projectiles so it's better to just stalk her down and beat her up. Not
much advice to give besides to approach with caution then unleash combos
when you are close to her.

Difficulty- 6/10
Favored- Reptile

Sheeva- I have not faced a good Sheeva player. Most players online are just
trolling with her unblockable stomp attack. If you see her go offscreen, 
jump away and punish when she lands.

Difficulty- 5/10
Favored- Reptile

Reptile- I hate mirror matches. You have to watch out for the same tricks 
you use. From mid distance, expect a slide or elbow dash. It's better to
just block low in this distance because Reptile won't hit you with an 
overhead. If the enemy starts zoning, it is better to fight back with
forceballs than acid spit. Once you get hit with a forceball, the enemy
will be able to zone you out. Close range try to be the one rushing down.
Don't end combos in slide unless you know they won't block it.

Difficulty- 7/10
Favored- Reptile...


[6.0] Contacts

Ask any questions and I will try to help the best I can.


[7.0] Credits

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- for a lot of combos and ideas. for Reptile discussions forums for sharing ideas and playing others and putting my guide
up. gamefaqs users who frequent the 0GFAQS and 0JUSTICELEAGUE lobbies for
good matches (Krebs, THTB, JGuthrie, Spartan CHAOS, Vlad the Bunny, Ishimura

The Justice League (Milky, Lion, Shady, K7, War Mouse, SSJGrim, LadyLyn, 
Altair, Cilander and others if I forgot anyone sorry) for providing a lot
of good matches

Black_Rex for destroying me the first week I had the game and
showing me the elbow dash njp combo.



Netherrealm Studios for making this game.