Question from MIZZTATO

Asked: 4 years ago

Is the Game (Mortal kombat) a 4 Player co-op and online game?

I realy would like to know if the game is going to be 4 player so i can play with my family. or is it sistim link like for an exsample i buy 2 games and play tag team on 2 xbox 360??? can anybody answer

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From: RaaaJon 3 years ago

Locally(offline) tag team is up to 4 players. However, online, you can only tag team with two systems, meaning you and somebody else using your same system and someone through xbox live and somebody else playing on their system too can play.

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There will be 4 Player co-op! Each player picks a character and then fights tag-team style.

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This game has 2 on 2 tag team fights online and offline. So, it can be played with 1 to 4 players.

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