Question from ThatUnFunnyDude

Asked: 3 years ago

How do I get Cyber Sub Zero now?

Well, I was playing story mode on my account, but the other controller was signed into my brothers (who had beat story mode), anyways, after I beat Cyber Sub Zero, the other controller had been turned off for a while(the one on my brothers account) so it was off and I beat Cyber Sub Zero, but it didn't say that I unlocked him, so I quit, wennt to the tower, and it said he wasn't unlocked, so I signed off my brothers account, and beat the game later and got Quan Chi. So how do I unlock Cyber Sub Zero now?

Accepted Answer

From: 007ocarinalink 3 years ago

Your going to have to play the story over again, but at least you can skip cutscenes :/

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