Question from ultimew

Asked: 3 years ago

Zombie liu kang?

I've heard a rumor going around that there is a secret unlockable zombie liu kang. i dont know if its an alt. costume or what, but i need/want to know.

Accepted Answer

From: waschbaerjohann 3 years ago

No, there is no costume for Liu Kang as a zombie.
Only way to play him as a zombie would be to enter the zombie code (6-6-6/6-6-6) before a player match (arcade ladder, tower and ranked match doesnt work). This will turn both fighters into zombies. Note that there wont be any possibility to use finishers after the match, since the loser will just explode upon the last hit instead of entering the fataility state.

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Put 666 666 in before you fight someone and you make all fighter look like zombies

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