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Can an online tag team be composed of two people using different 360s? 2
Can I do the hidden Kombatant fights on Tag Ladder? 2
Can someone give me a list of all the characters in this game? 2
Can you fight against motaro? 1
Customizable character? 3
Did anyone else see it in the Krypt? 8
DLC anytime soon? May's almost over 1
Do i have to own the 2nd fatality code for them to work? 1
Do you need Gold to play online? 1
Does anybody know when an MK DLC is coming out? 4
Does the Kombat Pass expire? 2
Easter egg/secret help...not sure what it was..? 1
How do I access my Season Pass Characters? 1
How do I change the fatality tutorial? 1
How do I get more fatalities for Freddy Krueger? 1
How do i use the King of the Hill mode in Mortal Kombat? 1
How do you do reptiles original fatality that comes with the preorder? 1
How to get the button combonations in the fatalities moves list instead of ??? 1
How to unlock Kratos? 1
If u download the second compatability pack do u get kenshi? 2
Is it true that kratos will only be playable at the ps3 version? 4
Is the Game (Mortal kombat) a 4 Player co-op and online game? 3
Is there a character on MK exclusive to the 360? 2
Is there an exclusive character for 360 ? 1
Is this game worth buying right now??>) 1
It it true that Sub Zero`s "Spine Rip" fatality from the first MK literally invented the ESRB? 2
Klassic Fatalities don't have codes? 1
Krypt Question? 4
Ladder Master achievement? 1
Making "Toasty Guy" appear? 2
Mortal Kombat 2011 Liu Kang ? 3
Need help preforming babalities on bosses? 3
Question about the Season Pass DLC? 1
Save game in Ladder mode? 2
Season Pass? 1
Sektor and Cyrax DLC? 1
This or Portal 2? 3
Total number of coins needed? 2
Tutorial achievement won't unlock? 2
What are the fatalities for the new season pass charecters? 1
What do the random phrases mean? 2
When is the demo coming out ? 8
When is the next DLC coming out? 2
Who are the characters in the background? 3
Who are the unlockable characters and how do you unlock them? 2
Why is there two Cyber Sub-Zero slots? 5
Zombie liu kang? 2

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