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Bothiel Stuck?

After i had retrieved all the needed quest items for the quest "Repairing the Orrery" i headed to the Arcane sanctuary to turn in the quest to Bothiel. upon going inside i dont find her. but the arrow points to her inside the orrery door. so i wait for her to come out. and i wait, and wait, and wait. but she NEVER comes out and i also notice that the whole tower seems to have a problem no one seems to be going about there regular schedules there all staying on the upper floor of the arcane sanctuary tower. iv gotten to a potin in the game where i REALLY dont want to restart. Is there anyway to fix this glitch?

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Thanks for the input .I't didn't work but ill keep multiple saves in the future. thanks again.

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Tanis__13 answered:

I'm going to say that, no, there is no way to just FIX the glitch. It may not be a help to you, but this is why you should have many different saves throughout your game. The only thing I can say might work is to uninstall the orrery DLC, go to the tower to check on Bothiel, and then reinstall it. Remember it's free once you have bought it once before. SAVE FIRST!
Hope that helps.
Everyone else - MAKE MULTIPLE SAVES (I have about fifteen for this game and twenty for Fallout 3)

Go here,
It has a section at the bottom about glitches and the first is your problem. It pretty much says what I said. Good luck.
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