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How do you heal Vampirism at The Vile Lair?

Where is the Vile Lair located?


SenorChurro answered:

The Vile Lair (Deepscorn Hollow) is located in the south-east region of the map, south of Leyawiin.
If you Fast Travel to it, you'll spawn on shore, looking out at sea. Dive into the water and swim down towards the log.
The log is hollow, the door to Deepscorn Hollow located at the back of the hollow log.

To cure Vampirism at The Vile Lair, you'll have to explore Deepscorn Hollow until you find a room with a small pool of water with an obelisk in the center of it. In on of the corners of this room, there will be mines of Purgeblood Salts. Take the Purgeblood Salts, approach the obelisk (named Font of Renewal) and activate it. I believe a prompt pops up, asking you if you're sure you want to cure your Vampirism. Select yes, and your Vampirism is cured.

NOTE: You can still become a Vampire, even after curing yourself in Deepscorn Hollow. To permanently cure Vampirism, you must do the Cure for Vampirism sidequest. To begin the quest, become a Vampire and talk with the Count of Skingrad.
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Samantha_X99 answered:

Thanx SenorChurro, I was reconsidering being a vampire until read your answer about the purgeblood salts. Someone I know (who introduced me to this game), thought the purgeblood salts causes a permanent cure to vampirism.
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