Combo FAQ by Gunsmith

Updated: 03/20/00 | Printable Version

Mark of the Wolves : SNK
Best of the Best Combos
compiled by Gunsmith

For those of you who thought Hotaru's combo was not there, it was, just listed
under Jenet's.  Hohoho, yes, laugh at the Gunsmith, he messed up again :)
I must add that TOP mode gives the extra damage.... hmmm so chances of pulling
these combos are slim... which is a good thing, really.

           Rock. (opponent facing Rock, Rock with back to corner)
           AB (cancel into) 360' +AB (brake) QCB + A, QCFx2+D, Rising Tackle!
           Rock does his overhead cancels into the grab,cancels, does knuckle, 
           does super does RT! 

           Kevin's TOD 100%
           yes it was obvious now, eh?
           Jump C, dwn C, QCFx2 + B, Jump C, dwn C, QCFx2 + B, jump C, Stand C 
           cancelled into Fwd +A+B cancelled into Dwn + C cancelled into QCF + B 
           braked by A+B into DP+ A

           Jump D, Dwn + A+B, QCB + B, Dwn C, QCFx2 + C (this combo takes most energy)

           (Jump C,B) A+D, QCF D (AB Brake), Dwn Fwd D, QCFx2 + D 

           Jump C, Down + D,D,D,D,QCFx2 + D

           Hotaru 90% (possibly most damaging combo in the game?)
           Jump D, D (cancelled by Fwd A+C), A, QCB B (AB Brake), jump,
           QCB + B, QCFx2 + D

           Kim Don Huan de Marco
           stand D cancelled into Fwd A+C, Jump A, QCFx2+A, QCFx2+A, DP + C
           (but it don't take much energy!)

           Kim Jae Hoon 80%
           Jump D, Dwn B, (Hold)Dwn Up + D (AB BRake) QCF QCF +C, (hold) Dwn up D,D

           Marco 75%
           Jump D, C, DP + A (AB Brake) QCF B, QCFx2 + D

           how about Fwd Fwd C, 3 feint cancelled stand Cs followed by a low C 
           into QCFx2 + C! BUSTER WOLF!