Question from AznFool

Asked: 4 years ago

Sugar/Rum or Tobacco/Cigars?

One farm of each in the best possible conditions for either, what nets the most positive income?

By extension, which of (1 sugar farm + 1 rum factory) or (1 tobacco farm + 1 cigar factory) would make the most money?

Accepted Answer

From: AielGaidin 4 years ago

I prefer tobacco but either will work, 2 farms + 1 factory = payday

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Either would be a good choice for your income, but the only downfall to this is that the Farms that create the resources needed take around 2 Years, which could cost you more in Factory upkeep. Though, once the resources are arriving, you will see the buildings paying for themselves, especially if you create more Farms to grow resources around the island

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If the conditions are perfect for either it doesnt matter which one u choose

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