Question from Swanthered

Asked: 2 years ago

Do areas with negative cubes show on map?

Do the negative cubes show up on the map as anything?
I was under the assumption they showed up as "secret" but I'm no longer positive as there's very few secrets left on my map and i still need another 22 cubes total.

Accepted Answer

From: littlephobicidi 2 years ago

Most of the time, yes they will show up as ? indicators on the map. Some negative cubes aren't picked in a specific room, like the Achievement cube, which can be picked up at any time.
Keep in mind that not every single area of the game shows up on the map right away, or even after extensive play-through. If you have a large greyed cube on the map, it is likely an area that will branch out to many different areas.
There are also areas like the clock tower which shows up as one secret, but there are four possible negative cubes to collect.

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I am pretty positive that they do in fact show up as secrets. Perhaps you're still missing some areas of the map?

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