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Asked: 2 years ago

One room is not gold but doesn't show a secret or anything, what do I do?

It's 2 doors past the windmill.

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An area is only fully completed if it is gold-plated (has a gold fill and a shine effect added to it), you will have missed a puzzle or collectible in that area.

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There's something left to do in the room. You probably need to talk to some owls.

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If there are no symbols, chances are there's an attached room you haven't visited. Otherwise, talk to the wildlife.

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I'm having same problem in telescope room but i feel i did everthing i found the lights and did that to get the heart piece what else? i am still missing one anticube and every room is gold except that one and 64 bit one. is there a hidden room attached to the telescope room?

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If there are no symbols and the room doesn't have a gold border, it means there is a door you haven't opened yet.

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