• Fly

    In New Game +, tap Up, Up, Up, Up+A at any point to fly.

    Contributed By: SelurOpnek.


  • First Person View Sunglasses

    Complete the game and select New Game + from the main menu. When you reach the point in the story where you recieved the Fez on the first play through you will get a pair of sunglasses instead. These allow you to view the world in first person by pressing in the left analog stick.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    First Person View SunglassesPlay New Game+ and reach the point where you recieve the Fez

    Contributed By: megafire123.

  • Red/Blue 3D Glasses

    Collect all 64 Cubes and then go back through the Star Gate in the 32 Cube room for a different ending. After the credits, select New Game + one again from the main menu. When you reach the point in the story where you received the Fez and the Sunglasses the first two times you now get a pair of red/blue 3D glasses instead. These automatically enable Stereoscopic Mode, which can then be disabled in the Settings menu should you not want to use it.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Red/Blue 3D GlassesEnter Star Gate with all 64 Cubes and then start a New Game + again.

    Contributed By: Mr_Miyamoto.


  • Achievements

    A numbers gameFind the Counting Cube artifact.10
    Achievement unlockedRTRTLTRTRTLTLTLT15
    CryptographerBreak the code.15
    Equal and oppositeFind an Anti-Cube.15
    Get a cubeFind your very first cube shard.10
    Haikus not epicsFind the Tome artifact.10
    HexahedronautCollect all 32 Golden Cubes and 32 Anti-Cubes.25
    Kill screenGet to the end.25
    Mightier than the swordFind the Writing Cube artifact.10
    PhrenologistFind the Skull artifact.10
    Sum totalFind ALL collectibles.40
    Warp zoneReactivate all 5 warp gates.15

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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