Question from amazedgorilla21

What is the best defenses to beat 40 waves of survival endless mode?

Those miner guys always screw me up, so If anybody has any ways of beating this thing let me know!


Seven_Zombis answered:

Gloom shrooms and garlic, research the gold farming method on youtube, or search for it in the pc version faqs, use magnets for metal, and spikeweed/spikerocks help quite a bit, pumpkins for defense, and about 2 rows sunflowers, and finish off with corn pults for slowing effect, if you have enough spots i would use jalapeno or squash for instants
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Elf_420 answered:

I find winter melons, corn cannons, and cat tails to be very effective. Pumpkins to protect the back row from miners, cat tails take care of them.(winter melon x6, corn cannon x8, cat tail x12 = boo yah)
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ChicaBommba answered:

Gloom shrooms, magnets, winter melons, spikerocks, cattails, and at least 8 cob cannons helped me get past 40 waves, i couldnt go farther because i ran out of sun next time I'll make sure to plant many many sunflowers the first few levels before i replace them with the rest.... This is where I went to get ideas hope it helps.
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SmokeRulz answered:

Check out evilbob's Endless FAQ here on GameFAQs. It's got a couple builds. I tried out his "Fuming Arrow Head" build and lasted 61 waves. I could have very easily lasted much longer, I just got really unlucky with some Lane 2 & 5 Jacks.
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