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Asked: 4 years ago

What benefit does smashing mailboxes have, if any?

During the first level I found roughly 3 or so mailboxes which you can strike. When you do, they flash white until after so many hits, they smash open revealing either a bag, or a skull. As of yet, I've received no cash or rewards from doing this that I am aware of. Any clues, or is it just random?

Additional details - 4 years ago

It definitely seems like no one is quite sure. The idea it adds pigs in subspace would be reasonable, but every time you smash these objects, the sprite can be either a skull or a bag of money (not real money, just a sprite in the mailbox). I will leave this open until someone has a more solid answer...

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There's no benefit in smashing it, it's just for fun.

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From what I've heard on the PS3 boards, the more scenery you smash in a level, the more piggybanks appear in sub-space.

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Try smashing the two parking meters. They drop at least 2 dollars. But otherwise there are no benifits in smashing the mail boxes in stage one. But there are other objects that drop money like the parking meters too, like the gold statues in stage 6

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