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Demon doors?

Can we have people chucking down the ways to open the demon doors?

For instance the Mistpeak Mountains door requires an affectionate guesture from two players during co-op.

Kizurue asked for clarification:

"Chucking"? Do you mean create a FAQ for how to open the doors?

Ancalador provided additional details:

By that I just mean writing down where they found the door and how they opened it.

mr_404_Error asked for clarification:

OKay so instead of posting all the info in the "Answers" part. Send me an email and ill write it up and give credit to all that do. and yes bring you kid to the demon door in brightwood and it opens. The party in there is pretty entertaining.

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KaneHikari answered:

Mistpeak - loving gestures to player 2, whether online or same system

Brightwall - bring your happy child to the door

Mourningwood - fully upgraded weapon(all 3 bonuses unlocked and level 5 skill in it, helps if the weapon is legendary that way you get an achievements too)

Millfield - fat, multicolored pajamas, basically make yourself as ugly as possible and he will open.

Aurora - be completely good or completely evil

Sunset house - be the ruler of albion

there is all the demon doors and how to open.
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mastergamer0415 answered:

In Brightwall you have to bring your kid to the demon door
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lemonlarry answered:

I heard for the mistpeak door the "affectionate gesture " thing you have to propose to another hero.THen again i haven't tested that out because im in school but i will when i get home.
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Whoops_Typo answered:

There is one nearer the eco camp outside the Bowerstone industrial swerers and i think it wants someone to sing or something
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Franchise227 answered:

You have to open the chest in road to rule that includes hugging. whoevers game world your in needs to iniate the contact. Go through all the gestures if you have that pack equipped and it will unlock. hugging, tickling ect. i got a legendary sword from the chest.
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billpaxton24 answered:

For the door in Millfields i just put on the pajama suit with mutton chops then ate mutton till I was fat and it oppened.
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chucky8913 answered:
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Krazybadger78 answered:

You perform all possible positive gestures with another online player at the mistpeak demon door
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monkies2 answered:

Mourningwood- it has to be a legendary weapon according to the guide
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