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How do you increase your moral standing?

What exactly do I need to do? Trying to upgrade one of the legendary weapons.

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In a quick and general response, be a better person. when you see a beggar, give them money, when you own shops and houses, lower the rent/profit, either to low or lowest (0%), and when the choices rise up in certain quests, choose the more obvious 'good' decision. that's about it really, might take a bit of time but you'll reach those wings.

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Donate money from your personal funds to the national treasury. Complete good actions. Give money away(like dweller children)

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Just trade money between the royal treasury and your own money, if you want to change from pure to corrupt, you need to transfer from the royal treasure to your own about 5.000.000, and the from corrupt to pure its the other way arround

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Eat Tofu

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There are many ways;

1; complete any side quest's (except dark sanctum and quests that involve killing villagers)
2; Do good interactions with villagers eg. relationship quests
3; give to the poor when ever you have a chance
4; set rent in propertys to low or lowest ( this is a disputed fact but worked for me *i own every house and property*)
5; Transfer Treasury (must be king or queen first) :-

Give to Treasury 100,000 gold = 200 good Morality ** rise and repeat for more
Take from Treasury 100,000 gold = 300 Evil Morality **

Hope this helps

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