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Dark Sanctum Flipswitch puzzle?

I'm trying to do the flipswitch puzzle in Dark Sanctum and have got in the room after activating all the flipswitches and I lit the first cauldron and fought the hollow men that spawned after you do, went and lit the second one and the whisps are still floating around the now lit cauldron, was wondering if anyone new how to solve this problem, or am I just screwed out of not getting the legendary weapon in that chest???

TheplanB asked for clarification:

do you have all of them lite? because I have 2 and it won't let me go any further. when I go over to the area that I need to go my dog growls and I can't find any hollowmen I missed. It's pissing me off.

Zefaorth provided additional details:

yea i figured it out I just shot fireballs at the cauldrons till they lit up and the platform rose for me to get the legendary weapon, so it happens to anyone else, try just shotting fireballs from a distance and eventually they will light up and you will get it

Accepted Answer

TheplanB answered:

wow, I litarally just figured it out right after I posted that last one. So I was shooting fire at the middle bottle one and a pilliar popped up. but then I realized you have to jump down. I did try that but for some reason it didn't work
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