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How to earn guild seals when king?

Hello, i recently became king on fable 3 and for some reason every single quest i do has only a small reward of something like 5 guild seals? and i've looked at all the citys and i can't find any more than 15 :S. I need alot more guild seals because the last 3 chests to unlock require 240 each to open!!!!! and getting 5 seals per quest would for ever just for 1 chest :( Please help !!!! thanks

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misterxcrowley answered:

To earn guild seals talk to everyone each person will give you one full seal.
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SnakeEyes170 answered:

IKR i cant get anymore to!!! i think the 5 guild seal quests are side quests and they reward little prizes... the ones over 15 HAVE to be main quests,,,,,,,, so i dont think we can get any higher than 5!
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Vefnear answered:

I just want to note that if the last 3 chest cost you 240 guild seals it is because you haven't unlocked the previous combat skill and magic chests. If you have all the level 4 upgrades they will only be worth 100 guild seals.
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Poez34 answered:

I already have magic level 5 melee cost 100 and ranged cost 280... The best way to get guild seals is by talking to everyone and doing the small quests
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