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How do I get rid of an STD?

i had an STD and I was wondering if i could get rid of it?

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Thx man lets hope they bring the content up

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ChaozFlame answered:

Other it appearing during a load screen and someone else sees it and things become awkward for a few seconds, nothing at all. See how many you can get. Gotta catch 'em all.
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kingofgames007 answered:

Nope a STD stay with you for the rest of your life unless xbox live comes out with bonus content to cure them.
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arsenicsweet answered:

Hey is there a way to find out what STD i have?
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HerofJustice answered:

When you get the STD the game does not save when you initially get it, but it will if you switch files, join another game, or even switch between areas. The only way to negate it is to immediately sign off your profile (either by going to the Xbox Live button and push "X" to sign out, or turn off the Xbox) and it should revert to the last save before you slept with the prostitute.

It is also imoportant to note that this method does not work in real life, so just use a freakin condom.
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gcthemonkey answered:

What does an std do exactly, in fable?
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