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Fable 3 How do I perform Weapon Combos with my sword and gun?

I probably sound like an idiot when I say this but other than flourishes how to I perform special moves with my sword and my gun? (BTW ive already maxed out swords but only at level 3 with guns) plz help

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Nei_Vale answered:

If you mean something like grabbing a wolf by the throat and stabbing it or breaking a bandit's neck, for me it's always happened when I did a flourish as the enemy was about to attack. Could be the counter move from fable 2.
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DMCfreak11 answered:

It's really just a case of mashing the attack button and pointing the left stick towards the opponent. If you want combos with the gun and melee attacks then point the stick towards the enmy you wish to attack and press the respective button. However if you mean big flashy combos then you will be disappointed because there are no real "Devil May Cry" combos here. However switching up direction of attack and attack type can end up with some pretty slick animation. Hope this helps :)
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Pointe_of_games answered:

Weeeellll, while playing, and jamming the buttons fiercely, i discovered a combo that involves doing a backflip onto enemies shoulders, then twisting their neck with your knees. Yes it is real,though i only acheived it by randomly pounding on the buttons as mentioned previously.... The actual combination to acheive this move, i have no clue. Good luck!
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