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Hero status growth?

Does anyone exactly know HOW the strength,stature and magical Auras grow? or how fast exactly?

and does it really have any impact on the game?

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hasonish answered:

Your status grow depending on how often you use their corresponding attacks in battle. Strength = Melee, Stature = Range, Magical = Magic. They dictate the appearance of your character as well as provide bonus damage multipliers for their corresponding attacks.

So the more Strength you have, the beefier your appearance will be, and the more damage you'll do with melee.

More Stature, the taller you are, and the more damage you do with rifles/pistols.

As for Magic, I believe (I'm not quite sure as I haven't studied this one as much) that you get more glowing tattoos, which you see when you charge up magic or any other attacks. I don't think that the tattoos are visible without the charge-up at Star-level 5, but I'm not sure, as I have yet to get my magic that high. Anyways, high Magic also allows you to deal more damage with Magic, of course. xD
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akersmaria answered:

Are you talking about the 5 stars?
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