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I got the key from the sanctuary and opened the chest. I've been hearing that you get the dragon stomper .45 out of it. (or something like that name). Instead I got something called the Chickenbane. Anyone want to share about this? Was this a name change after the XBox patch?

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@ Dreadsword101: Normally I wouldn't ask about this, but 100% of the players that I have talked to about that particular chest said they got the same gun from that chest.

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Wow, thank you. :) I feel verry happy now.
yeah, my ranged is at 3 star and it has 99 atk right now. xD

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From: Vefnear 4 years ago

I have seen my friends get the swinging sword and the chickensbane. I got the dragonstomper .48. As far as I have seen the swinging sword and the chickensbane are the strongest sword and pistol in the game. respectively. So if you like using ranged count yourself lucky because the chickensbane is about 7 or 8 stats points higher. It just doesn't get the fire add-on.

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No, weapons you find in chests differ from player to player. Basically, you could find a LW in a random chest while your friends gets something completely different from the same chest (Either a LW or some other item).

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I heard people saying that they got The Swinging Sword from that chest and sometimes something completely different. I guess I was lucky since I found the Dragonstomper .48 in that chest. Although I heard that the Chickenbane is the best rifle if not, the best gun in the game.

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