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Bowerstone MARKET silver key hideout, can't open door?

Many people are getting this confused with the bowerstone INDUSTRIAL hideout, (the one with the rebels and page)... But, I am talking about the silver key found in a hideout in bowerstone MARKET. I cannot open the door. Here is a video of the key im talking about, (the last key shown in video)

So the problem is I cant open the door, has this happend to anyone else / how do I get in?


rincewind1990 answered:

have you done the quest with page where you have to chase that ferret guy? If not then you probably have to wait and get it during that quest.

if you've already done that then it's either missable and can only be gotten during the quest or your game glitched.
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wolfgang2k4 answered:

You can only open the door once you have become king/queen and have been given the quest to go meet Page at her hideout.

She will first give you a quest to go save people in a pub, then you get a follow-up to go into the market hideout.
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NinjaRKO answered:

*Slight Spoilers* you need you be king of albion first, and on one of the quest you have to stop some guys from attacking bowerstone market. After you do that, you get a letter telling you to go to the hideout. That's the only way to get in there, and the only way ever. Once you get in there, you should get the key because after the quest, there's no going back.
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MrTibbs009 answered:

Sorry but what was just said is not true. There is NO missable collectable in this game. I know this from personal experience that you are trying the wrong door. There is a second door which gets you back in to the hideout right next to the one you are probably trying. Its to the right with the hatch spin lock. But you do have to be King first.
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pcobra answered:

Dear MrTibbs--I'm having the same issue as the OP, however neither door allows access. I am currently queen of Albion. Sexism?
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AnewAwareness answered:

Maybe you have to be good. Both my good king and good queen with awesome evil wings got in the door on the right. You can go back. There will be five or six mercs in the first room. Make sure you check out the hobbe worshiping the box with a heart painted on it.
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