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Games Similar to fable / fable 2 & fable 3?

I have been playing the Fable games on XBOX and was wondering if there are any similar games available? I like the RPG element and the fact that you can control good / evil, buy houses etc and the extramly easy fighting style. I have little to no co-ordination and strugle with alot of the games that require a more complex control system. I have tried Obilivion elder scrolls and alas even this proved too difficult (so much so i couldnt get passed the first gate) so i am basically after fable 4 but until this is released any sujestions would be much appreciated?


kuvuplan answered:

Bioware's line of RPG's may work out for you. Baldur's Gate, Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age.
They are RPG's, usually with a morality line. Purchasing houses, not so much. The battle system isn't as simple/easy, but they all have an auto-pause option so that when an enemy is seen, it can pause and give you a chance to coordinate what you want to do. Resume, wait for events to occur, Pause again and re-arrange your plan/tactics, etc...

Fable is rather unique though.

However, if you are done with Fable III already, and waiting around for Fable IV, then there isn't much I can do to help you as you finish games too fast. Though there are a lot of Action/Adventure games out there that have simplistic combat, I'm not so sure if they will have land barons, Morality choices, or even strong RPG elements.
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Kingbenford answered:

A good game is Fallout 3. I mean, if you like shooting lasers and making deals with vampires.
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