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How do I marry Elise?

I saved her, and have visited the orphanoge for days. I did a couple of quests after I saved her but they couldn't have taken three days. Am I doing something wrong am I suppose to go to the resistance mission first? Or something glitchy like that?

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SpartanBlueFour answered:

You just have to wait until that "quest" becomes available. After I saved her for the second time, I just continued playing the game until I noticed a message pop up on the top of the screen "Meet Elise."
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Whoops_Typo answered:

I'm sure you need to go to Aurora first before you can.
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GameAprentice answered:

turns out when you push morning when I already slept till morning doesnt make you sleep till the next morning. so when i thought i had slept for days it turns out no time was pacing when it showed i was sleeping.

why do all these new games have so many glitches? Fable 3 mechanics are rather clunky.
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tw1ztedkid answered:

you have to wait till a quest pops up on the top of the screen "A Lost Romance" and you need to empress her till it says this person wants to marry you, you also need a wedding ring
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MorbidOutrage answered:

After you save her a second time I found her in the bowerstone industrial pub. I never got a quest to meet her there I just found her and married her.
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chevyracing3000 answered:

I waited a couple days after rescuing her, but still visited the Orphanage looking for her inside. She never appeared, but after a few days later, I came out of the Orphanage and the words 'Meet Elise' appeared at the top of the screen. She appeared right in front of me afterwards, and then we spoke and got married afterwards. Granted, I already had a wedding ring in my possession at the time. You can purchase them at the Bowerstone Market.
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