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Why o' why lionhead did you have to leave out one of the greatest things ever in a game.i loved that in fable 1 and 2 that your actions changed your looks and how people saw you.i know we get those semi cool wings for like.5 seconds and if your an evil king you look more pale.but come on!!!!!!!Some shed some light on my misery

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......maybe i just need to start slaughtering villagers for a change.See if that works.

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Just go on a killing spree, went to Brightwall and killed about 50 people and got pure evil. You still wont get your wings till the final battle but you will look evil as hell. And when you flourish your melee/gun/magic will glow red and if you used alot of magic you will get will marks around your body that glow when you charge up your magic.

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I'm 100% good and i have will marks. They're very faint though.

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If you charge a flourish and you're good you'll glow blue.

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My character has lots of tattoos (I like lots of tats, both in-game and IRL). I've got good/purity mostly maxed out, and they glow blue. IDK when that started, but I've only gotten as far as the masquerade ball, and I've been noticing the glow for a few quests so far. And when I say glow, I mean, the glow is visible in the dark.

If you're evil, maybe they glow red?

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Yes if you're evil your glow is red and if you're good it's blue but I'm the king now and I myself have not seen these wings i hear so much about.

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You need to use spells if you want glowing tattoos. You get wings when you're finished with the story.

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Yes, you don't get the wings until you complete the main story, and even then, they only show up when you perform a flourish (or during certain interactions -- I think maybe "Heroic Pose," or whatever it's called).

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