Question from mysweatyfeet

Asked: 3 years ago

Where are the jobs?

Where are the side jobs located? I did a couple of them early on, but I can't find them now. I've gone to the blacksmith but he just smiles at me, and I don't see them on the big map. Please tell me where to go? Thanks, I need to make some pies!!

Accepted Answer

From: Jaysus41 3 years ago

There are generally jobs in every city, Lute Hero and Pie Making are in Brightwall, and i believe the first time you are able to do a blacksmith job is in Mourningwood. just keep your eyes open for signs with explanation points above them

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(Through my experience) The places available for jobs are Brightwall (Go through the bridge and turn right and you will see a few 'Gold bag' signs) . The jobs there are Pie Maker and Lute-ing. Bowerstone Market also have several jobs available near the clocktower. The jobs there are : Lute-ing, Pie-Maker and *possibly* blacksmith.

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