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Asked: 4 years ago

Brughtwall Academy Gold Key Door?

Okay, so, I have every gold key, and have unlocked every door but one, the one under Brightwall Academy, The Requillarry, I think is how it's spelled. Anyways, a guide I have said I need to complete the A Special Delivery and An Ancient Key quests before I can get to it, and sure enough, I can't get to the door. The problem is that I've never seen either of these quests on my quest list. Does anyone know if there's certain quest(s) I have to do before I can get these quests? I've beat the main story, and am trying to get all the weapons and such.

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From: topher_gopher 4 years ago

Actualy you first get the special deliver quest when your gaining followers in Brightwall the special delivery quest starts in the dweller camp and its long before you start delivering books you have to deliver a package to Samual in the Academy then wait and escort him down into the Reliquary then come back again and then you can get into the Gold Door

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You have to find about 8 books, then the quest will apear through the guy where you drop the books off

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If you've gone all the way through to the end of the main quest, you should've seen the other quests on the list. i saw them on my list when i went about half way through, though i can't really tell you after what quest they show up. even if they don't show up on the list, you should still be able to go to the academy directly and be able to find the people that start the quests.

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