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Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
A Marriage of Inconvenience - Veronica is not impressed...? Open 4
Approximately how many quests are there? Open 2
Can I get Elise if I've already locked up Ferret? Open 5
Chicken collecting quest glitch? Open 3
Do you have to be online to find your villager? Open 3
Gone But Not Forgotten Glitch? Open 1
Hobnobbing with Hobbes bugged? Open 3
How do I complete the How To Get Ahead In Academia quest? Can't find target... Open 1
How do I find driftwood? Open 3
How do I get in the hole? Open 3
How do I get in the Red Baron's Tower? Open 5
How do i get the silverpine curse quest? Open 2
How do I open the Millfields Demon Door? Open 1
How do I opened one of bowerstone castle locked doors? Open 1
How do I reset the blocks with the blue arrows in the Reliquary? Open 3
How do I solve ( Dangerous Things: Stargazing in Remote Areas? Open 2
How do I solve (rare flowers quest?) Open 5
How do I solve (room behind bookcases outside Reavers bedroom?)? Open 1
How do I solve convict quest (glitch)? Open 6
How do I solve the golden key puzzle? Open 1
How do you finish the search quest? Open 2
How long is the chicken race? Open 1
I need the gnome at Sunset H. but i already did the House quest? Open 1
I need to get a teddy bear? Open 3
Is there any way to divorce your spouse without splitting the money? Open 2
Is there any way to reset a quest? [Marriage of Inconvenience glitch] Open 4
Is this a glitch? Any one else have this problem? Solutions? Open 4
Kidnapped - Freezing? Open 1
Missing Flower? Open 2
Missing whore? Open 1
Problems with holding Elise's hand? Open 2
Restoration Quest Possibly Glitched? Open 1
Shooting range glitch cant talk to Lemmy ? Open 1
Silverpines Ornate Door? Open 1
So there are no extra quests in uderstone? Open 3
Special Delivery for Mrs. Tibbins/Ancient Key w/ Saul missing? Open 1
Sunset House; No Stairs? Open 2
The Man Who Knew Just Enough? Open 2
The Salt Mines of Auroa? Open 2
What is going on with those gnomes?? Open 4
Where are the remains of the wolf in Silverpine? Open 2
Where can I find a ragdoll? Open 1
Where do I find the start of Pest Control? Open 1
Where Is the scroll digsite in dweller camp for fetch quest? Open 3
Why can't I get guild seals after completing Sunset house? Open 1
Will Elise disappear if I don't continue the quest right away? Open 4
Will Elise wait until I'm King? Open 1
Item Help status answers
2 questions: Legendary weapons and Morality in Co-op? Open 6
Achive We need Guns lots of guns? Open 2
Another dog? Open 1
Any one wanna trade a Skorm's justice for nomewreker or dragonstomper .48? Open 1
Anybody have a spare Dragonstomper? Open 1
Anyone done with game want to donate gold to me? Open 4
Anyone want to trade my Sandgoose (or anything else) for their Dragonstomper? Open 1
Auroran Dyes? Open 2
Avos Lamentation? Open 3
Avos tear? Open 1
Bloodsucker? Open 1
Bonus weapons and tags? Open 2
Bowerstone Market chest? Open 1
Bowerstone MARKET silver key hideout, can't open door? Open 6
Buying Dragonstomper .48? Open 3
Can anyone trade me the Bloodcraver Gun????? Open 1
Can We have different breeds of Dogs? Open 4
Can you get armors in the game? Open 3
Champions Hammer Trade? Open 2
Chest not there? Open 1
Clothing Trading? Open 1
Cook's Hat? Open 6
Costume ? Open 1
Day/Night ? Open 1
Different summoning potion summons? Open 1
DO the ppl in town stay the same even on different games ? Open 1
Do you get the same wepons? Open 1
Does anybody know if a certain sword becomes a Katana? Open 3
Does anyone have the Chickenbane? Open 2
Does anyone want to trade their swinging sword for my dragonstomper .48? Open 3
Does anyone whant a shrieking pilgrim for a avo lamintation? Open 2
Dog Outfit Not Appearing? Open 1
Dose anyone want to trade weapons? Open 1
Dragon stomper for any of these ? Open 1
Dragonstomper .48 and Old kingdom face tattoo? Open 2
Dragonstomper .48? Chest? Open 3
Escape route gold door? Open 2
Free weapon dlc? Open 3
Getting more guild seals? Open 4
Gifting? Open 1
Help with finding a specific item? Open 2
How can I look like the Jack of Blades? Open 1
How Come My Inquisitor Sword Isn't In My Sanctuary? Open 1
How do i get legendary weapons? Open 3
How do I get the Swinging Sword? Open 5
How do I get the sword out of the stone in Driftwood? Open 5
How do I make a profit from the fort in Mourningwood? Open 1
How do i sell weapons? Open 4
How do you get to that chest?! Open 1
How much money do I need to make for my weapon to turn gold? Open 1
How Random are the treasure chests? Open 1
How the heck do you get to the chest behind the Tattoo Parlor in Bowerstone Market? Open 1
I need help find the gold keys and doors? Open 2
I want to find Jack's Hammer? Open 2
If I upgrade one weapon can I upgrade the others? Open 1
If you trade a weapon do you lose the augmentaions for that weapon? Open 3
Im lookin for legendary weapon trades? Open 3
Is it possible to trade weapons on LIVE? Open 4
Is there a bookseller in Bowerstone? Open 2
Item design permanent? Open 2
Kill 5 people who love you help? Open 2
king dressed as a CHICKEN achievement ? Open 1
Large enemies for trollblight? Open 2
Last flower not there? Open 3
Legendary Weapons? Open 1
Leveling legendary weapons? Open 1
Looking for a list of ALL available items? Open 1
Looking for a marksman 500??? Open 2
Losing Morale for Weapon? Open 2
Missing treasure? Open 2
Mistpeak Valley Key? Open 1
Need Champion's Hammer - Trade for Channeler Sword? Open 1
Need help with maxing out a weapon? Open 2
Orange Flowers? Open 2
Pre order weapon and tattoo? Open 2
Reaver's Perforator? Open 1
Reliquary Gold Door? Open 2
Removing furniture?!?!? Open 1
Sanctuary Goldpile weapon? Open 7
Sancuary treasury gun?? Open 3
Skorm's justice Need help? Open 1
Skorm's justice? Open 2
Swinging sword? Open 1
Tattoo's and Hairstyles? Open 1
Thundersword ? Open 1
Trading Sandgooses for the rest of the legendary weapons that i need? Open 1
Trophy case? Open 1
Types of weapons? Open 1
We need guns lots of guns achi? Open 2
Weapon Help? Open 1
Weapon lines? Open 2
Wepon Upgrade? Open 1
What bonuses does the Champions Hammer and the Reaver Sword provide? Open 3
What is the point of the toy sword found in the graveyard? Open 3
What is the Reaver's key for? Open 1
Where can I Buy or Find Make Up? Open 2
Where can I find (Long Hairstyle), willing to trade Bob Hairstyle for it? Open 2
Where can I find (silver keys, gnomes, etc)? Open 2
Where can I find (the 30 flowers in the desert)? Open 1
Where can I find all Legendary Weapons avaliable per game? Open 1
Where can I find ALL of the legendary weapons and tattoos possible? Open 1
Where can I find all of the silver keys? Open 1
Where can I find Beadle's Cutlass? Open 5
Where can I find Kalin's portret? Open 2
Where can I find my DLC on another profile? Open 1
Where can I find the 5 Star Dog Potion? Open 2
Where can I find the adoption place? Open 1
Where can I find the different sets of clothes? Open 1
Where can I find the girl in the dwellers camp that fell in love with me? Open 3
Where can I find the long hairstyle? Open 11
Where can I find The prisoner's outfit? Open 1
Where can I find the purple flowers? Open 2
Where can I find The Thunderblade & Swinging sword? Open 6
Where can I find the unique outfit for the limited edition? Open 2
Where can I find toy bow? Open 2
Where can you always find men to kill? Open 2
Where do I get the mercenary right leg tattoo??? Open 2
Where do I pick up my DLC reaver sword in game? Open 5
Where do you buy or find toys for when your child asks for a gift? Open 2
Where is the Channelor Sword? Open 2
why does Jasper keep saying i have a special gift? Open 6
Will someone please help me? Open 2
Wilmageddon??? Open 1
Technical Help status answers
"Crime & Punishment" Glitch? Open 2
'The game' glitch? Open 6
(spoilers) I am unable to hold walters hand during part of the quest line? Open 3
Am i totally screwed now?? Open 1
Bowerstone Market, haggling for warrior clothing, glitched? Open 1
Can't interact with wife? Open 3
Cant Escape Auroran Cave? Open 1
Cant play online?? Open 2
Character Change? Open 1
Chickens keep following me? Open 2
Dark Sanctum Glitch: No Lesley, door unable to be opened?. Open 1
DLC not working? Open 1
Dog glitch? Open 2
Driftwood didn't fully develop? Open 1
Fable 3 needs update in order to connect to Xbox LIVE? Open 2
Game got glitched, help? Open 1
Game stuck in Traitor's Keep, help? Open 1
Game won't load? Open 1
Glitching at the end? *spoilers* Open 1
How do i delete a save game? Open 1
How do i drop a quest? Open 2
I got stuck in a rock in the city of aurora. Help? Open 2
I seem to be stuck under the playing enviorment??? Open 1
I try and get married? Open 3
Mission : The Masquerade - mission will not progress.. help? Open 1
My clothes are not in the sanctuary? Open 2
My fable 3 disc is unreadable Every since the new XBL update, what should i do? Open 1
My quest to establish driftwood is glitched anyone know what to do? Open 1
My wife wont become any happier than happy? Open 2
Online friend orb won't appear...why? Open 1
Quest Glitch? Open 1
Randomly resetting stats? Open 2
Same xbox Co-Op? Open 3
Statistics from deleted character not going away? Open 2
Stuck in Reaver's Manor!? Open 1
Stuck on "The Weight of the World" 'Meet Reaver in Bowerstone Industrial" Help anyone? Open 1
Trapped in the Sancutary?? Open 2
Villager disappearance? Open 1
Why can't I progress in the road to rule? Open 1
WHy cant i open the door?? Open 1
Why does the game keep giving me friend a female character ? Open 1
Why doesn't my dog fight? Open 1
Why have people stopped giving me gifts? Open 5
Why is my Hero so pale? Open 2
Why won't the game start up? Open 2
Why wont it let me leave the treasury room? Open 2
Won't load my saved game, it freezes as it's loading? Open 1
Other Help status answers
*Spoiler* The Countdown? Open 3
50/50 Weapons Need Full Inventory? Open 3
About character stature? Open 1
Armour help? Open 1
Aurora? Open 3
Best legendary weapon? Open 2
Blue lines? Open 8
Can anyone help? stuck in a factory!!!! Open 2
Can I have an illegitimate child? Open 3
Can I still get Fable: The lost chapters off XBL or do I need to ebay it? Open 2
Can somebody explain how Business Partner works? Open 1
Can you get your gift back? Open 2
Can't earn guild seals? Open 3
Can't we have the best of both worlds? Open 5
Cannot read fable 3 after upgrade my Xbox 360? Open 1
Cant play online with a friend because of different DLC, can anyone help?? Open 2
Changing your child's color? Open 3
Clothes? Open 1
Clothing questions? Open 1
Combat - still unbalanced? Open 3
Crossroads of Passing bug.(or maybe i'm missing something?) Open 1
Dark Sanctum sacrifices: Are they worth anything? Open 1
Data Transfer? Open 2
Destroyed sunset manor? Open 1
Does anyone know where the children would be found in the castle? Open 1
Door in veiled path? Open 1
Duplicating and Profiles? Open 1
Elegant or Practical? Open 3
Eliot *possible spoilers*? Open 2
Elliot/Eloise? Open 2
Engima? Open 1
Everyones dead? Open 1
Fable 3? Open 2
Fable III Collector's Edition Save Transfer? Open 1
Falling in Love ?? Open 1
Family house problems? Open 2
Faraday's Diaries Glitch? Open 1
Fell through ground cant get out? Open 1
Finishes? Open 1
First spouse (Elliot) teleporting to you after second marriage? Open 1
Games Similar to fable / fable 2 & fable 3? Open 2
Gender? Open 1
Golden doors? Open 2
Good and Evil? Open 1
Guild seals wont show up? Open 1
Help ! My Castle ..? Open 1
Help me? Open 1
Help? Open 1
Hero plinth in Road to Rule? Open 3
Hero Plinth in the Road to Rule help? Open 1
Hidden easter eggs? Open 1
How do I activate the melee seal in Driftwood when it gets on the ledge behind the rocks? Open 2
How do I decorate my house? Open 1
How do I find a disappearing spouse? Open 2
How do i find Driftwood island? Open 1
How do I find Hunters Lodge? Open 1
How do I get in the room past the chest in The Egnigma? Open 1
How do I get the downloadable content? Open 1
How do I get to the Island? Open 1
How do i give gifts to people ? Open 2
How do i go back to storyline? Open 1
How do i loose weight? Open 1
How do I stay short (spoilers)? Open 1
How do i tell my family im leaving?/Have a new child? Open 2
How do you command the guards? Open 2
How do you have sex with more the one person? Open 2
How do you increase your moral standing? Open 5
How do you level up your magic ? Open 1
How long is this game?? Open 1
How much money does a single pawn broker make? Open 1
How to create an Eureka 7 character? Open 1
How to crouch? Open 1
How to send items across? Open 1
How to start a new hero? Open 1
How to View Your Income? Open 2
How unlock those hidden island on map? Open 1
How's the "sim" life here in Fable 3 and what's new/different? Open 2
I accidentally divorced Elliot, How do I get him back? Open 1
I am good and all my villagers are gone how do i get them back? Open 2
I am trading the dragonstomper 48,chickenbane, and the swing sowrd.? Open 3
I need help on Silver keys? Open 1
I want black wings but have good wings? Open 5
If I purchase Fable 3, Collectors Edition, will it fix the games glitches? Open 1
If you turned bowerstone lake to a mine can you still go to driftwood? Open 2
If You Use Alot Of Magic Will Your Skin Start Changing Like In Fable 2? Open 5
Im in a white on white relationship but my wife had a black baby,why? Open 1
Invisible family? Open 3
Is Elise gonna die? Open 2
Is it possible to change the difficulty settings for the game? Open 1
Is the marriage system glitchy like Fable 2? Open 3
Is there a potion of transmogrification? Open 1
Is there going to be a fable 3 demo available for a free purchase on the xbox live marketplace? Open 2
Is this game worth the buy? Open 3
Kidnaped Mission Need Help. Anyone? Open 1
Kill 40 nobles? Open 2
Left game running? Open 1
Leveling up magic? Open 2
Location? Open 2
Long hair? Open 2
Merc tat issues??? Open 1
More than two kids? Open 1
Moving into a new house with the family? Open 1
My game is glitched. What did i do? Open 1
My spouse wont love me? Open 1
Opened all the demon doors but did not get the achievent? Open 2
Ravenscar keep and clockwork island? Open 1
Reaver and the throne? Open 3
Restocking? Open 1
Saving? Open 1
Scars? Open 2
Setting high rents and sales on property you own make you evil? Open 1
Sex question? Open 1
Should I make money, or just respawn people after crawler attack? Open 1
Skorm's Justice glitched? Open 1
Special flourishes? Open 1
Spouses dying? Open 1
Story progession in co-op? Open 2
Stuck in Reavers mansion? Open 2
Stuck in weird "no mans land"? Open 1
Sunset Manor (Glitch with mirror) Or just something is Just Wrong. Please help!? Open 1
The attack of the darkness ? Open 3
Traitor's Keep DLC outfits? Open 1
Two online achievements need help? Open 1
Ummm new character in multiplayer? Open 2
Villager creator? Open 3
Villager interaction help? Open 2
Voices sound quality? Very low volume? Open 1
Weapons? Open 1
What are the insentives for pre-order from Best Buy,Game Stop,, and the book? Open 2
What does the channeler sword do? Specs? Stats? Open 1
What happens if your spouse dies? Open 3
Whats inside the millfields demon door? Open 1
When are we gonna see the continuation of Master Chief's story? Open 2
When is it better to use my collectors edition codes? Open 1
When should I stop doing quests if I want to make money? Open 1
When will the game be released in episodes...? Open 1
Where can i find elise after divorce? -spoilers- Open 6
Where can you find Ben Finn after the game ends? Open 2
Where do I find my pre-order code if I ordered from Open 4
Where do you find the kidnapped fiance after the quest? Open 2
Where is my family? Spoilers, i think Open 1
Where is my wife Elise? Open 1
Who is the female hero voice actor for fable 3 and why does she not get any credit for it? Open 1
Why did people fear me? Open 1
Why did people hates me? Open 1
Why do my villagers keep being sick ?? Open 1
Why isn't the treasury bigger? Open 2
Will Fable 3's co-op allow the other player to play as his/her own hero unlike the default character in Fable 2? Open 5
Wings in co-op? Open 3
Worker quests? Open 1

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