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Fable III Side Quest Guide
By: Mr. 404 Error
Copyright 2010 Casey Gutierrez
Written Date: 10/31/10
Version: 0.3


To Find a section you can press Cntrl+F  and type the number.

Table of Contents

1.0-Demon Doors

2.0-Gold Keys

3.0-Gold Doors

4.0-Silver Keys

5.0-Silver Chests


7.0-Aurora Flowers

8.0-Rare Books

9.0-Dungeon Locations


11.0-Legal Stuff

12.0-Contact Info

13.0-Version History




Welcome! For those of you who dont know me, I'm 404 Error. This is my second  
guide I've written and put on gamefaqs. So let me know who well I did! Anyway
this guide will cover all the little nick nacks you, and goodies in the game
such as find that last Golden Key, or the question, "How the #&*! do I open
This Demon Door. Well instead of scowering the internet looking for the
answer. I went through the trouble to bring it all to one place for your
gaming pleasure. Enjoy!


1.0-Demon Doors
For the Demon Doors Fable III has an awesome feature that you can actually
set the Bread Crumb Trail to the demon door because it shows as a quest.
with that said you should be able to get to them I'm just going to tell you
how they openand what whats inside!

**Mistpeak Valley**

1. A Second Player, Either Xbox Live or Extra Controller
2. A Wedding Ring or Lover Expression Pack
3. Be First player or host of the game.

--How To--
When infront of the door preform all of the exprssions in the Lovers
Expression Pack, or marry the second player. He'll ramble on about his book
and then finally open.

Legendary Weapon


1. Either your biological child, or adopted child

--How To--
This one is pretty easy. Just take your kid to the door and he'll pop open
after he weeps for a minuet or so saying how pure your kid is. To be frank
no kid is and angel  >:D

3 Summon Creature Potions, Guild Seals

**Sunset House**

1.Becomt the ruler of Albion

--How To--
After you becom king or queen of albion return and he'll open up. because
only a true ruler may enter this door.

1,000,000 gold. (as if you didn't need it before becoming ruler...)


1. Getting either the Level 5 Melee or Range chest
2. Fully Upgraded Legendary Weapon

--How To--
Go to the Demon Door he'll ask if you have a powerful weapon to stop war.
pull out your fully upgraded level 5 weapon and he'll open.

Full Military Suit Clothing Set


1. Have 100% Good or Evil Moral

--How To--
To boost your moral status Up, catch criminal around albion,
Donate to the Treasury, or you can eat tofu which can be found in
the town of Mourningwood. To bring it down, Kill everything you see or you can
eat crunchy chicks which an be found in the mercenary camp. After gaining 100%
Head over to the door to open it.

Legendary Weapon


1. The Full Pajama Suit of the opposite sex
2. Have your fat level all the way up.

--How To--
You have to get your attractiveness down pretty low and the pajama suit works
pretty darn well so use that and you have to get as big as a house by eating
and drinking fatty things like Mutton Chops and Beer. Both can be found almost
anyway in Albion. After you become the most hideous thing ever to walk the
planet the door decides that was a bad idea and open just to get away
from you.

Guild Seals


2.0-Golden Keys

**Mistpeak Valley**

--How To--
In Mistpeak Valley when coming from Brightwall, Stay to your right till you
find the entrance to the Chillbreath Cave. Enter there and follow the path. Keep
right and go up the incline. When the path splits for a second time, again
take the right path. Exit the cave and the chest will be yours.


--How To--
After establishing driftwood(give the guy gold in Millfields.) And Delivering
the letter to the carpenter. There will be a flit switch at the eastern most
island when you enter driftwood. Hit the flit switch till you are on the
westren island with the culis gate on top. Go through the gate and the key is

**Shifting Sands**

--How To--
When you unlock Aurora. You will get a quest to go there and visit a
business man. Buy the 4,000 gold key. Head to the to the Shifting Sands
taking the path left and head for the ruins. Once there take the patch left,
down some stairs to where the key will be used. Enter and the key awaits you.

**The Veild Path**

--How To--
After unlocking Aurora head to the Veiled Path. Take the path most of the way
up and there will be a cave on the right hand side called The Enigma.
The first puzzle is pretty easy just light all the torches. The second is like
Simon Says. There will be torches light up diffrent colors starting from
left to right step on the corrisponding color panels on the floor and the door
will open to the key.


3.0-Golden Doors

**Hero's Tomb**

--How To--
You actually pass this door on when leaving the castle at the begining of the
game. When you get your gold keys and are able to go through the tomb a second
time follow the path and the door will be on your left.

Guild Seals

**Brightwall Academy**

--How To--
You have to have opened the first room Saul takes you in the Reliquary. There
is a flit switch next to the silver door just above a book shelf follow it and
it will take you to the center of the dungeon. Kill all the hollowmen and one
of those platforms with the glowing arrows will appear. Follow it down to the
golden door.

Highway Men and Women's Suit Set-Multipule Chests


--How To--
You have to have done the quest "Gone but not forgoten." When you first enter
the Ossuary go up the stairs till you reach the top. Follow along the path and
the golden door will be on the left hand side.

Legendary Weapon

**Sunset House**

--How To--
You don't have to have the side quest done for this door. Just stick to the
rightside of the map after passing through the fence close to the house. The
path will lead you to the door.

Legendary Weapon


4.0-Silver Keys

**Bowerstone Castle**(2)
1. Head out into the gardens. Its past the Hero's Tomb on the left side next
to the statue.
2. Head into the Catacombs and take the path till it opens into the cavern.
Stay left and it will be in the center of an outcropping.

**Bowerstone Old Quarter**(2)
1.Fast travel to Old Quarter and head out of the gates behind you to the
water. As soon as the path starts to decend look right and there will be a
huge tree next to the wall. The key is next to it.
2.Find the Nightshade house on your map. The key is on the second floor. Keep
in mind I did Rebuild the town so let me know if the house is still
standing if the town is still in ruin.

**Bowerstone Market**(3)
1. Fast travel and head across and under the bridge. The key is on the right
side next to some crates near the water.
2. Find the Hauteville Heights house near the Bowerstone Castle Entrance.
You will find the key in the back yard.
3. Head down into the Hideout under the bridge. When you enter take your
first left till you get to the cells. Now make a right and there will be a
door on your right. Head down the stairs, make a left and the key is in one
of the cells.

**Bowerstone Industrial**(4)
1. Head over to the last bridge by the orphanage. Head around the back side
and into the alley.(Where you get the Catch a Criminal Quest.) Head through
the fence and the doors to the factory will be open. Head up the stairs to the
right, around the boxes. The key is in the elevator.
2. From there head back out the way you came and head across the bridge into
the factory in front of you. Climb the stairs and you will have to pull the
levers to get the steam turned off and nab the key.
3.Head into the sewers from under the crane near Reavers factory. Once you
enter take an immediate right. The key will be next to the grate.
4. From there head into the Cesspool. Dive into the water and take a left and
follow the path to the right. There will be a hole in the wall covered by some
wooden bords. Smash through them and claim the key.

1. From the fort head up the right path. You'll see a big boulder on the left
hand side. There should be explosive barrels there(unless you blew them up
durning the mortar shooting,) there will a small outhouse looking thing to the
left of the boulder. Smash through the wooden planks for the key.
2. In the village (facing the Demon Door) head left and around the wall. The
key will be in the sewer arch.
3.From there head into the Ossuary. When you enter there will be tombs lining
the right side. The key is in one of them.
4. From there head up the stair but keep left. There will be a vault spot and
and the key will be waiting.

**Sunset House**(2)
1. Fast Travel to the demon door. WHILE FACING the door head left and the key
is at the end of this path.
2. As soon as you pass the wall make a right and head toward the wall. Follow
the rock wall norht (toward the house). And the key is behind a tree just
above the golden door.

1. Head from Bowerstone Market into Millfeilds. That will put you on the right
track. Now head down till you get to the monorail station. hang a right from
the main path towards all the loggin equipment. there you will find Pepperpot
Cave. Head into the cave and just follow the path in there. The key is at the
2. Now head back onto the main road from Pepperpot Cave. Make your way toward
Millfields. When the path starts to curve around there will be a small wooden
fence to your left. Vault over that fence and head straight. Take the path you
find up to the factory. Go around the factory and the key will be in an
elevator box.
3.Now head back down and continue to Millsfield. When the street sign pointing
you towards Bowerstone Market appears make a right. There will be a path so
follow that down to the pond on the left. Jump in and make another left. There
will be a statue, make your way over and the key is on the bank.
4.From there get back onto the main path and look for a little road to the
left. You'll see the key on the ledge.
5.Now head into Reavers Mansion. Head up the stairs and into the bedroom to
the right. Move the bookcase next to the fireplace. Follow the stairs down to
Reavers second "Bedroom". The key is on the bed.
6. Now head into Dankwater Cave. Must have completed "Hobnobbing for Hobbes"
quest. Now head down into the water and make a right. Follow the right most
path thru the water to the key.
7.From there head back the way you came. While still in the water swim to the
left side of the cave. You will see a path to the right that is going up a
small hill. Head up the hill and make a left. They key is at the top.

**Silver Pines**(2)
1. When heading to the village, you'll cross over the wooden bridge with a
small pond to the right. Cross the bridge and a little ways down the path the
fence bordering the left side will have a hole in it you can go through.
Follow this path till you reach the key.
2.From key make your way into the village. There will be a mine to the far
right of the village. Head into the mine and the key is at the back.

1.Head to the Center island and enter the cave there. Its and actually cave
NOT one of the mines. If its established there will be a ship floating in the
water in front of it. The key is in the mine.
2. Now head out of the cave and go to the island to your right. Head up to the
caravans. There will be on called Old Creaky. Next to it there will be a huge
tree. To the left of the tree is a vault action to reach the ledge and the
second key.

1. The first one in Brightwall you need to locate the house thats outside the
village. Head to the house. You'll cross over a small bridge. The key is under
the bridge.
2.Next head to the house that does the chicken races, (or has all the coops
pending on how far in the game you are.) It will be behing the tree next to
the chimeny.
3.Head up to the Academy. The house to the left of it called the Two-Knock
House. There will be a path to the right of the house. Follow it to the key.
4.From key 3, Head into the Reliquary. Just follow the main path along until
you reach the skeleton laying on the  ground. To the right will be a locked
door. Light the torches next to it and the door will open reviling to key.
5. For this one you need to get to the other side of the broken bridge you
jump into the water from. Just follow the main path till you get to the part
where it will take you to some elevated platforms. To you right there should
be a pile of rubble. Go around it and you are now on the other side. Follow
the small path to the right. Once at the top destroy all the Hollowmen. A
lever will apear, pull it and a set of stairs will rise where the floating
platfroms are at the chest on the far side. Vault down to the platforms, climb
the stairs and claim your key.

**Mistpeak Valley**(6)
1.From the fast travel point you should be facing the Mercenary Camp. Make an
immediate left. You should now be faceing a cleared out part of forest with
stumps everyway. There will be a pile of logs in front of you. The key is
behind the pile.
2.From the monorail station head right up the hill. The key will be at the top
where the "look out" point is.
3.This one is in the Chillbreath Cavern. Use the entrance above the Demon Door
and once inside follow the path to the key.
4. These next 3 are in the Hole. First make sure you have the Technicians Key.
Head down into the Hole from Mistpeak. Once follow the main path to the
Technicians Door. Looks like a golden gate. The key is behind the rack of
5.The next key is through the Technicians door. open the door and follow the
road to the key.
6. This next one take the entrance from Millfields. Follow the walkway to the
other side of the Monorail for the key.

**Mercenary Camp**(1)
1.Fast travel to the camp and just follow the main road up to where all the
cages are. There is a watch tower to the right and the key is under it.

**Dweller Camp**(1)
1.Head into where Sabines wagon is. Once you pass through the gate. Its behind
the caravan on the right.

1. From the Demon Door Head north Up the road. Just past the two flags there
is an outcropping. the key is in there.
2.From the 2nd key head down toward the village. Make you first left possible.
Follow along the wall till you reach the larg shirne on the right or the mine,
pending on what you did. There will be a small path that inclines to alone the
inside part of the wall or fence. From there you'll vault from roof to roof,
till the key is yours.

**Shifting Sands**(5)
1. From the Aurora Entrance, Head to the Fort(or large arch). There will be a
small path leading up a hill to the right just before you reach the arch or
fort. the key is at the top of the hill.
2. Now exit under the arch and follow the large rock wall to the left. The key
is at the far corner.
3. From key 2 head to the center of the dunes. There will be a large "T"
shaped rock formation. Its under the formation.
4. Next head into the Sandfall Palace. When inside walk along till you see a
locked door to the left. Shoot the flit switch to open it. The key is behind
the door.
5. Now head into the room where the diamond was.(Has the small square pool in
the center of the room.) The key is in the far left corner.

**Veiled Path**(2)
1.The key is at the end of the Veiled path to the right of the GIANT doors,
behind the fallen pillar.
2. Enter the Enigma. The key is on a small platform in the center of the 3rd


5.0-Silver Chest
If these are all that I've found if I'm missing any please let me know.

**Brightwall Academy**


--How To--
Head into the Reliquary. The first room with all the book cases lining the
walls make a left and its against the wall waiting for you.

Dog Training Combat 2

**Dweller Camp**


--How To--
From Sabines tent take the path down to the first caravan on the left.
It behind it next to a rock.

Health Potion

**Mistpeak Valley**


--How To--
Head to Mistpeak from the Dweller Camp and follow the path till it branches.
Take the path that heads up the mountain. Follow it a ways and it will be on
the path next to a bridge.

Summon Creature Potion

**Bowerstone Industial**


--How To--
The chest is in Reaver's factory on the top most floor.

5 Slow Time Potions

**Bowerstone Industrial**


--How To--
Facing the Orphanage door, head right and go across the bridge. The chest is
behind the brick wall right in front of the bridge.

50,000 Gold



--How To--
Fast travel to Mourningwood and it will but you at The Hole exit. Follow the
path to the bridge. Stand in the middle and take a look to your left. The path
branches, one going up the other down. Take it up and follow along the rocks
to the chest.

Legendary Weapon



--How To--
Fast travel and take the path that goes to the Academy. When you reach the
part with all the stalls make a right and go up the wooden steps to the gift
vendor. The path continues around to the chest.

50,000 Gold

**Shifting Sands**


--How To--
From the Aurora exit take the path that leads to the dunes, or fort, pending
on what you have done. The path will spit on leading up a hill the other goes
into the dunes or fort. Take the path up the hill to the chest.

50,000 Gold

**Chillbreath Cavern**


--How To--
Take the Chillbreath cavern entrance near the Monorail. Follow the path and
follow it as far right as possible. The chest is in the middle of the road.

75,000 Gold

**Bowerstone Market**


--How To--
Go to the pub and head down the alley to the right. Its in plain view.

Guild Seals



--How To--
Facing the Temple where you get the flower quest, its to the very left of the

Legendary Weapon



--How To--
Head to the Demon Door, when you reach the path between the houses follow it
and keep to the left side of the path. there will be a second that branches to
the chest.

Legendary Weapon

**Bowerstone Castle**


--How To--
Fast Travel to the castle and head into the gardens. Its in the right most
of the garden past the Hero's Tomb.

Legendary Weapon, 2,000,000 Gold


First Finish the "Gnomes are Good" and "Gnomes are Evil" Quests befor trying
to find them all. And weather you are good or evil doesn't matter the gnomes
are in the same spots regardless. The landscape is all that will change.

**Bowerstone Castle**(3)
1. The first one is pretty easy, its in the kitchen on top of the wooden thing
above the gaint barrel in the corner, by the stairs.
2. Head out of the kitchen and into the garden. From there go to the Hero's
Tomb and look left. He's sitting on the fountain.
3. Now head into the Catacombs. Follow the path till it opens into the cavern
and there will be a pillar to your right. He is sitting behind the pillar.

**Bowerstone Old Quarter**(2)
1. From the Knight riding the Pig statue, head through the shops and make a
left when the path splits. The gnome is on the wall between the Cheese Cottage
and the Duckworth House.
2. From the gnome you just got head back to the pig statue. The House of
Stains will be on your right hand side on the corner of the street. He is on
the side of the house.

**Bowerstone Market**(3)
1. Fast travel to the market. The gnome is in the backyard of The Doghouse
to the left of the pub. Either brake in or my prefrence buy it, go to the back
and hes hanging to the right of the door.
2.Next head back out to the street and head back over the bridge. Take the
left path till you get to the stall vendor against the right side wall close
to the Bowerstone Industrial entrance. To the right of the stall there will be
a set of stairs that lead to the castle wall. It is in the corner next
to them.
3.After gnabbing the gnome(humor <----) head up the stairs and follow till you
get to the first round tower thing. Head inside flip around and it is on the
wall above where you entered.

**Bowerstone Industrial**(5)
1. When open your map and locate the bridge closest to the docks. He is on the
corner of the eastern building next to the bridge.
2. From the Bowerstone Market Entrance find the bridge closest to it. He is in
one of the small openings under the bridge.
3. You have to unlock the Pie Factory to get this one. It unlocks during the
quest Animal Liberation. The gnome is in a cage under the wooden balcony.
4. This guy is hiding in the sewers. Take the entrance under the crane by
Reavers factory. Take your first left and you should see a hole in the wall.
go through the wall and he is up in the grate on the ceiling.
5.This one is in the Cesspool. The entrance to the Cesspool is located in the
Wooble-Fuddlebuck-Glimbord Mansion. Enter the pool and dive in. Follow the
path till it forks. Make a right and follow it all the way to the dead end. He
is in the top left corner of the dead end.

1. From the town of Mourningwood head to the Bowerstone Industrial entrance.
The gnome will be on a rock to the right of the entrance.
2. From Mourningwood fort take the path toward the cemetary. Just befor you
get there, look to your right when you hear him yelling. He is on the back
side of the ruins.
3. From there head into the Ossuary. Head through till you get to the area
where the tree is growing in the middle. Head down to the tree and make a
right. There will be a broken pillar on the right and tombs on the left. Head
down the rows of tombs. It will be between the 3rd and 4th tombs.

1. From Reavers Mansion, Head down the steps to the water. He'll be hanging on
the railing in the corner to the right (when your facing the water).
2.From there follow the path toward the Driftwood Entrance, But take the
bottom most path next the edge of the water follow it and there will be ruins
to the left. The gnome is hanging out there.
3. Enter Millfields FROM Bowerstone Market. Follow the path past the monorail
till the path starts to incline. Look to you right he will be on some rocks
next to a big pile of logs.
4. The next to are in Dankwater Cave. To get there from the thrid gnome just
continue following the path till you read the sign pointing to Bowerstone
Market. Make a right at the sign and a path will appear taking you into the
cave. Once inside follow the path till you see the two waterfalls. He will be
sitting on top of the first one to the right.
5. From the 4th continue up the path and you will enter a room with a giant
stalagmite in the ground. Head right and there will be a small trail off the
main one. The gnome is chilling on the left on some rocks.

**Sunset House**(1)
1. This gnome is pretty easy. Just head toward the right of the mansion. There
will be a few rocks around a small pond. He is on the rocks.

**Silver Pines**(2)
1. When you enter the town in Silver Pines. He will be sitting on some wooden
beams near the mine.
2. From there you will head toward the graveyards. Take an immediate right
and follow along till you reach the crypt. Move along the left side and you'll
find yourself along another path. Follow it to more mining equipment where you
will find your next gnome.

1. When you enter Driftwood (when you've established it), the first caravan to
the left, go around that and there will be a gnome sitting in his own caravan.
2. This one is pretty easy. From the gnome you just got head into the water
and swim between the 2 big islands to the sandy one with the big rocks
sticking out of it. (When established there will be a ship wrecked there.)

1. The first one you get here starts the quest and its in Brians house in the
2. The second can be found behind the Bumbler's Gruff house. The gnome is
sitting on the rocks next to the stairs.
3.Now go to the house next to the all the chickens. He's on the chimney about
half way up.
4. For the last two head into the Reliquary. Just take the path all the way to
where the floating platforms are. go across till you get to the platform that
lets you valt down to the next part. He is on the right side of this platform
behind the pillar.
5.From there go ahead and valt down and then dive into the water from the
broken bridge. Follow that till the path goes to the left where the skeleton
is laying down. Look over the railing and he is hanging on the wall.

**Mistpeak Valley**(7)
1. This one is pretty easy Fast travel to the Demon Door. The gnome is on top
of the frozen waterfall.
2.From the monorail station head up the mountian to the right. You'll come to
a spot with a small railing that looks out into the mountains. The gnome is
next to a tree on the right.
3.From the dweller camp exit make your way down the mountain and cross the
first bridge. Go down alittle more till the path splits and the right path
goes back up the mountain. Follow it till you reach a small camp site. The
gnome will be toward the back on the left side on some rocks.
4.Now head into the hole. Go down to the monorail wreckage. The gnome is on
the back side hanging from a post before you cross the bridge.
5. Next head to the center of the arena. Flip around and he is above the
entrance on the left.
6.The last 2 are in Chillbreath Cavern. This one is in the entrance next to
the monorail. When you enter follow the main path it it starts to branch off.
take the left most path down to the ice. He is hanging on the stalagmite.
7. You have to enter the cave from the entrance above the Demon Door. Fast
travel to the Demon Door and follow the path. Go up and around and follow that
path till you reach a giant rock with 3 trees growing next to it. Go through
the trees and across the bridge to the cave entrance. Once there the gnome is
in front of you hanging on the stalactite.

**Dweller Camp**(1)
1.Enter Dweller Camp from Mistpeak. Cross the bridge and make your first right
up the hill. Go untill you hear him yelling at you. His hat will be poking
over the railing. You can either go to the caravan at the end og the path to
get him or head back down and look over the wooden fencing at the bottom of
the hill.

**Mercenary Camp**(1)
1. He is at the highest point you can get to in the Mercenary Camp so just
follow the path till you see a water tower next to one of the houses with
your little friend sitting on top.

1. When you fast travel you will end up at the docks. Turn left from your fast
travel posistion and head to the end of the dock. Look up and he is perched
between the two buildings on the right.
2. From the Shifting Sand entrance head down the path. When it forks take the
left path. Go under the arch and turn around he is in the right hand corner.

**Shifting Sands**(4)
1.Enter the Shitfing Sands from Aurora City. He will be on the left pillar.
2. Turn right toward Sandfall Palace and take the left path to head to the
dunes(or fort if you finished the game pure good.) He is on the left and side
of the path high up on the wall.
3. Now from there double back and head down the actual path to Sandfall.
you'll go about 3 quarts the way and he will be low on the wall to the left.
4. This one is in Sandfall Palace. Take the path to the second room across
the bridge. Go up the stairs and follow it around. It will be hanging on the

**Veilded Path**(4)
1. Fast Travel to the Veiled Path. Once there spin to your right. He is high
up on the wall.
2. Is all the way up by the Enigma entrance. Just before the path curves
around to the Enigma he will be sitting on some rocks just to your right.
3. After the 2nd gnome head up till you get to the two gaurdian statues and
you can go right or left around them. There will be a broken pillar to the
right of you and he is standing on top.
4. Is in the Enigma. Once inside go into the room past the chest. After that
head into the room on the left. From here there will be a door that in fromt
of you. Head through the door and he is in there to the left.


7.0-Aurora Flowers
These are all listed in order and goes from one flower to the next. that was
the easiest way to write this so just follow the directions and you'll have
them all in no time.

**City of Aurora**(5)
1. From the Docks, jump into the water and swim to your left. There will be a
path out of the water with the flower waiting.
2. After climbing out of the water head straight down the path. The next
flower is next to the house on the right behind the pillar.
3. From the house head back down the path and keep to the left through the
market. Follow the path till you get to the ark over the path. Look right and
should be a path that leads between some building. Follow the path through the
doorway looking thing and the flower is on the left.
4. From the third flower go back to the street and continue to follow the path
to the right. Pending on what you did there will be a rod iron fence for the
mine, or a crumbled down fence if you built the fort. Find the opening and
make a right. It either behind the building (mine), or the shrine looking
5. For the last on here head to the Shifting Sands entrance and the flower
will be on the right hand side.

**Shifting Sands**(7)
1. From Aurora enter the shifting sands and immediatly make a left for the
first one in shifting sands.
2. Head back toward the stairs and follow them down to the pillar with flower
sitting next to it.
3. Go towards the Sandfall Palace and take the left path. There will be a
pillar next to the far wall with a flower next to it.
4. Continue to follow the path till you reach where it splits. Hang a left and
go around the cliff edge for the 4th flower.
5. Head out into the dunes under the arc/fort. take and immediate right and
the next flower is along the wall.
6. This one is kinda tricky. Face out toward the dunes again facing the ruins
in the distance. Head toward the dunes and you should come to a rock sticking
out of the ground crooked, with a square stump of a pillar with the flower.
7. Now head toward the the ruins with the hand coming out of the ground. It's
the Hindu Statue on your map. And when you reach the path opening, between
the hand and the cliff. The cliff top holds the 7th flower.

**Sandfall Palace**(5)
1. Enter the Sandfall Palace from the Shifting Sands. Once inside take the
path to the flat landing right before the landing with the tree thing in the
middle of it. It to the right of the stairs as you head down.
2. From there take the stairs to the left down to the water. The second flower
is behind the tree thing.
3.Head back up the stairs and across the bridge into the room straight ahead.
Hang a left and cross the pool. There will be a giant statue head on the
ground. make a right just passed the head to the 3rd flower.
4. Head back toward the entrance of this room and make a right at the pillars.
Go around to the back of the stairs and the flower will be next to the alter
in the wall.
5.Now head up the stairs into the next room with the pool in the center of it.
There will be an archway to the right of the pool toward the back of the room.
the 5th flower is just inside the archway to the left.

**The Veiled Path**(11)
1. Fast Travel to The Veiled Path, or enter through the Shifting Sands. Turn
right immediatly and its up against the wall.
2. Now head up the stairs. The second flower will be on your right near the
cliff edge.
3. From the cliff edge keep left till it inclines the flower is on the left
near a closed door.
4. Head down the incline and continue on the path. the next on is on the left
next to a statue and a fallen pillar.
5. The path will split, take the left up the stairs to the next flower.
6. Hop off the ledge and follow the wall down to the next one.
7. Continue up the path and its in plain sight to the right.
8. Go farther up the path and its in plain sight as well.
9. Head farther up the path past the 2 statues and the flowers on the left.
10. Keep going and flower 10 is on the left next to the rock poping out of the
11. At the end of the path (FINALLY!!!) it to the right of the big doors near
the silver key.

**The Enigma**(2)
To get here it hafway or so up the Veiled Path on the right side.
1.In the middle of the room past the chest.
2. Light all the torches with fireballs and its in the door on the left
side in the middle of the room.


8.0-Rare Books
These are all the books you find around Albion. I'm not going to put the quest
books in here cuz frankly they are quests. The crumb trail will take you to

**Bowerstone Industrial**(2)

Famous Killers: Terrance Posture

--How To--
Head into the Riveteer Rest Pub. It on a table next to the piano.

Danerous Things: Gunpowder

--How To--
Enter the Cesspool. It will be sitting on a table to the left neat one of the
giant barrels.

**Bowerstone Castle**(1)

The Alchemy and Immortality

--How To--
Fast travel to the castle head up stairs till you get to the throne room
entrance. Hang a left and go into the bed room. The book is on the bed in the
room to the right.

**Bowerstone Old Quarter**(1)

Dangerous Things: Industrial Machinery

--How To--
From the knight riding the pig statue head through all the venders and make a
left at the end of the path. Follow it to the fenced in garden area with the
statue of a man with a telescope. The book is at the base of this statue.

**Bowerstone Market**(2)

The Tyranny of Tyrants

--How To--
Enter the Cock in the Crown Pub. The book is up stairs around the balcony on
the table next to the window.

The Grasping Avarice of Kings and Their Lackeys

--How To--
Head across the bridge from the pub and out the city gates. Find the Dollhouse
on your right hand side. Go to the second floor and it is sitting on the bed.


The Mibbs-Spagno Theory of Gluttony

--How To--
Head into the village and the book is sitting on some creates next to the
tattoo shop.

Famous Kings of History: Old King Oswald

--How To--
This one is in the Ossuary. The book is sitting on the ledge of the blacony
just passed the golden door.

**Sunset House**(1)

The Extraordinary Homunculus of Baron Von Orfen

--How To--
Head to the gazibo with the statues. Its on the bench on the right side.


Adventure Quest: A Select Your Own Endeavour Book

--How To--
You have to enter the cemetary where you did the "Bored to Death" quest.
its in the tomb where the leader of the hollow men that attacked you
came from.

Dangerous Things: Lightning

--How To--
Enter Reavers Mansion. Go into the room on the left and the book will be on
the table to the left near the window.

Liver of Darkness

--How To--
Enter Dankwater Cavern AFTER completeing the "Hobnobbing with Hobbes" quest.
The fence will be gone and you can go down into the water by taking the left
path. Now enter the water and make a left. You'll go passed the waterfall and
into a little cove with the book sitting on a table.


The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol. 3: Boxing

--How To--
The book is on some crates next to the Finkelhouse Farm.


Dangerous Things: Stargazing in Remote Areas

--How To--
You have to complete the quest "Gift Wood for Driftwood" quest before you can
get this one. After you do follow head to the western most island and enter
the mine. Its on a crate to the left.


The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol. 2: Ovens

--How To--
Head to the Two-Knock house next to the academy. Head to the second floor and
the book is on the railing.

Attack of the Killer Puffins

--How To--
Head down to the furniture shop. Make your way around the left side ont the
bulding and its sitting on the window seal.

Famous Kings of History: Markus Ivy

--How To--
Go to the second floor of the pub and head into the room on the right. The
book is on the night stand.

How to be a Master Swordsman

--How To--
You need to enter the Reliquary for these 2. When you first enter take your
first right and the book is on a pedestal on the right.

Famous Killers: Carl Tendency

--How To--
You need to complete the "An Ancient Key" quest. Head into the library that
Saul ahs you escort him to. The book is on a pedestal.

**Mistpeak Valley**(2)

How to be a Crack Shot

--How To--
Head to the monorail station. Its in the build to the right next to the cash

Famous Killers: Xavier Smedley

--How To--
From that book head into Chillbreath Cavern. Follow the path all the way down
and there will be an iced over waterfall and a small frozen creek to the
right. Head across the creek to the large crates and sleeping bag. The book is
on the crates.

**Dweller Camp**(1)

Famous Kings of History: King Cedric

--How To--
Find the Wimpet's Sniffle caravan on your map. Head inside and the book is on
the right hand side.


The Amazing Exploits of Baron Barnaby Beadle

--How To--
This one is sitting on the alter inside the temple.

The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol 1: Hang Gliders

--How To--
From the temple head on to the street and take the right most path. Follow
along till you reach the arch that goes over the path. The door is on the
shrine to the right on the wall.

**Shifting Sands**(1)

Dangerous Things: Ladders

--How To--
Head into Sandfall Palace. Go across the bridge in the first room adn make a
right. The book is on the railing.


9.0-Dungeon Locations


Bowerstone Castle Gardens

--How To--
Head into the gardens and go into the Hero's Tomb.


Bowerstone Industrial

--How To--
The entrance is located in the Wooble-Fuddlebuck-Glimbord Mansion. Its
across from the orphanage.

**Chillbreath Cavern**

Mistpeak Valley

--How To--
There are a couple entrance. One is located next to the Monorail Station.
Another is above the Demon Door. And the third is at the top of the mountain.
They all paths that lead straight to them so there isn't really any searching
for the entrances.

**Dankwater Cavern**


--How To--
Enter Millfields FROM Bowerstone Market. Follow the path till you reach
the sign that point to Bowerstone Market next to a street lantern. Make a
right at the sign and a path will appear and take you to the entrance.

**The Enigma**

The Veiled Path

--How To--
The entrance is located on last staircase near the end of the path.
You have to hit a flint switch to unlock the door once inside, equip your
fire spell and light all the torches. Each torch opens the door its closest to.
In the next room there will be colored platforms on the ground and you have to
step on them in order: yellow,blue,yellow,red,blue,red,blue,red.

**The Hideout**

Bowerstone Market

--How To--
Fast travel and head across and under the bridge. Its the door on the right.

**The Hole**

Mistpeak Valley, Mourning Wood, Millsfield

--How To--
The hole can be accessed through the Monorail Stations, or fast traveling to
Mourningwood which puts you at The Hole entrance.

**The Ossuary**


--How To--
This becomes accessible during the "Gone but not Forgoten" quest that you
do for the ghost brothers. When Coming from Mourningwood Fort head up the path
till you reach the first graveyard. Make a left through the headstone and
enter the tomb straight ahead. The entrance is in the tomb.


Brightwall Academy

--How To--
Enter the Academy and make a b-line to the back and down the stairs. Make a
right and the door to the dungeon is dead in front of you.

**Sandfall Palace**

Shifting Sands

--How To--
Enter the Shifting Sands FROM Aurora City.Make and immediate right and follow
that path. You know its the right one when you see the red cloth hanging above



**Technicians Key**
Enter the Hole from Mourningwood. Directly to the right is a path that leads
down to a chest containing the key.

**Special Key**
In the Sanctuary, There is a key high up in a window. You need 5 million
to get the key. Then lose it all to get the chest. I deposited the money
into the treasury. You get a Lengendary weapon from the chest.

**Link Outfit**
You need the green dye for this obviously.
Alright these are the clothes you need to wear.
Head: Mens Pajama Hat
Upper Body: Practical Prince Suit
Lower Body: Practical Princess Suit
Hands: Millitary Suit
Feet: Practical Prince Suit
Now just dye it all the darkest green you can and BAM you have the
Hero of Time!

**Sunset House**
You can actually own the sunset house with a little side quest and some
enemy killing. First when its night, head to the Sunset House Gazibo.
There will be 4 statues there. interact 4 times with each statue and then
poof, its day time and the house is still standing. Enter the house and
head up the stairs. Sleep in the bed and you'll be taken to a big chess board.
There will be a Chest called Chesty in the center and he'll want to play a
game. After a few moves Chesty will change the rules. Kill all of his piece
and the house is yours.

**Video Guide**
If anyone is having trouble with finding anything in the game. I found a
wonderfuly done guide by some extrodinary players.
They have done a video walkthru for just about everything. SO


11.0-Legal Stuff
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12.0-Contact Info
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13.0-Version History

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