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Fable III Guide
By: Gamejust4u
Email: Gamejust4u@yahoo.com

Introduction (introductionx)

This is my first guide. I hope I do a decent job. I welcome
constructive criticism, advice and help. I will try not to give 
away any spoiler, but in turn paraphrase and not give too much 
specific details. To search for something specific press <ctrl> 
and <f>.I will have an 'x' after every title for easier 
searches. Also, I will update information as I move along.

Version 5.0
	*I will update as much as I can*

			Table of Content (tableofcontentx)

I.  	Story
II. 	Quests
III.	Area Information
IV.	Keys
V.	Chests
VI.	Demon Doors
VII.	Gnomes
VIII.	Dig Spots & Dive Spots
VIIII.	Real Estate
X.	Clothing (Includes Hairstles, Makeup and Tatoo)
XI.	Weapons
XII.	Interactions
XIII.	Achievements
XIIII.	Road to Rule
XV.	Jobs
XVI.	Books
XVII.	Side Quests
XVIII.  Sanctuary
XVV.	Tips/Hints

I.  	Story (storyx)

-These are the main story titles.

1. Life in the Castle
2. Leaving the Castle
3. A new hero
4. IN Wolf's clothing
5. Leaders and followers
6. Mistpeak Monorail
7. The Hollow Legion
8. Bowerstone Resistance
9. The Masquerade
10. Traitors
11. Darkness Incarnate
12. Blindness
13. Aurora
14. Battle for Albion
15. Coronation
16. The weight of the world

II. 	Quests (questsx)

-These are the major quest attached to the story

1. Life in the Castle

	a. Find Elise/Elliot
	b. Address the Staff
	c. Follow Walter
	d. Sign Contract
	e. Follow Elise/Elliot
	f. Choose who dies
	g. Escape the castle with Walter and jasper
	h. Road to Rule
2. Leaving the Castle

	a. Pick up the spell
	b. Escape through the underground tunnel
	c. Interact with the map

3. A new hero

	a. Follow Walter
	b. Buy appropriate Clothing
	c. Talk to Sabine
	d. Follow Walter
	e. Find the Librarian
	f. Show guild Seal
	g. open the door to Reliquary
	h. Enter reliquary
	i. Find your Mother's/Father's Treasure for Sabine
	j. Pick up Music Box
	k. Road to Rule
	l. open the Music Box

4. IN Wolf's clothing

	a. Meet Walter in the Pub
	b. Purchase Beard and Tattoo

5. Leaders and followers

	a. Find Captain Saker
	b. Defeat Saker
	c. Meet Sir Walter in Brightwall
	d. Need 30 Seals for followers
	e. Road to Rule

6. Mistpeak Monorail

	a. Meet Sir Walter at Mistpeak monorail station
	b. Follow Walter
	c. Use the Lift
	d. Find Monorail Wreckage
	e. Exit Cave
	f. Find a way around to the Summoner Hobbe
	g. Defeat Hobbes
	h. Enter Portal
	i. Road to rule
	j. Enter portal
	k. Exit Cave

7. The Hollow Legion

	a. Find allies in Mourningwoood
	b. Follow Ben Finn to the Mortar
	c. use the Mortar
	d. Defend the rear gate
	e. Defeat Lt. Saunders
	f. Promise Major Swift You'll restore old Guard
	g. Enter portal
	h. Go to Bowerstone

8. Bowerstone Resistance

	a. Follow Sir Walter
	b. Find the Bowerstone Resistance headquarters
	c. Enter Portal
	d. Gather 100 or More seals
	e. Return to Resistance Headquarters.
	f. Meet Paige at Reaver's Manor
	g. Wear Masquerade Costume
	h. Enter Reaver's Manor

9. The Masquerade

	a. Find the rebels
	b. Enter chamber (Hobbes)
	c. Survive
	d. Return to main chamber
	e. Enter chamber (Hollowman)
	f. Survive
	g. Return to main chamber
	h. Enter chamber (Mercanary)
	i. Survive
	j. return to main chamber
	k. Enter Chamber (sand Furies)
	l. Survive
	m. Return to main chambers
	n. defeat Balverine in main chambers
	o. Enter portal

10. Traitors

	a. Meet Ben Finn at the Castle
	b. Return to the Resistance Headquarters
	c. Follow Benn Finn
	d. Fight your way to the Docks
	e. Defeat Logan's soldiers
	f. board the Ship

11. Darkness Incarnate

	a.Search the Bodies
	b. Find a way out
	c. Melee your way to the other side and pull lever
	d. Find a way out
	e. Find walter
	f. Defeat the Sentinals
	g. Lead Walter into the light

12. Blindness

	a. Cross the desert

13. Aurora

	a. Speak to Ben and Kalin
	b. Explore Aurora
	c. Return to Kalin when you've finished exploring the town
	d. Promise
	e. Enter Portal
	f. Return to Kalin
	g. Board the ship

14. Battle for Albion

	a. Destroy Mortar
	b. Find Logan 

15. Coronation

	a. Go to the throne room
	b. Decide Logans fate

16. The weight of the world

	a. Follow Hobson
	b. Set Tax Policy
	c. Meet Reaver in Bowerstone Industrial
	d. Go to the Auroran Cave
	e. return to hobsom
	f. Set the child benefit level
	g. Go to the throne room
	h. More Decisions
	i. Meet Page in the Rebel HQ
	j. Go to the throne room
	k. Enter the portal
	l. Save the people
	m. Defeat the possessed Walter


III.	Area Information (areainformationx)

-This section describes what is in each area-
(besides individual quests)

Brightwall Village
	Silver Keys	|5
	Gold Keys	|0
	Gnomes		|5

Dweller Camp
	Silver Keys	|1
	Gold Keys	|0
	Gnomes		|1

Mistpeak Valley
	Silver Keys	|6
	Gold Keys	|1
	Gnomes		|7

Mercenary Camp
	Silver Keys	|1
	Gold Keys	|0
	Gnomes		|1

Silver Pines
	Silver Keys	|2
	Gold Keys	|0
	Gnomes		|2

	Silver Keys	|7
	Gold Keys	|0
	Gnomes		|5

	Silver Keys	|4
	Gold Keys	|0
	Gnomes		|3

Bowerstone Market
	Silver Keys	|3
	Gold Keys	|0
	Gnomes		|3

Bowerstone Industrial
	Silver Keys	|4
	Gold Keys	|0
	Gnomes		|5

Bowerstone Old Quarter
	Silver Keys	|2
	Gold Keys	|0
	Gnomes		|2

Sunset House
	Silver Keys	|2
	Gold Keys	|0
	Gnomes		|1

	Silver Keys	|2
	Gold Keys	|1
	Gnomes		|2

City of Aurora
	Silver Keys	|2
	Gold Keys	|0
	Gnomes		|2

Shifting Sands 
	Silver Keys	|5
	Gold keys	|1
	Gnomes		|4

The Veiled Path
	Silver Keys	|2
	Gold Keys	|1
	Gnomes		|4

			IV.	Keys (keysx)

-There are silver keys and gold keys needed to open chests and doors
-Once you use a Gold key, you can't use it anymore.

-Down the steps, turn left, you will see a pathway on the left,  
 there's the key

	Dweller's Camp

-Behind the Caraven of Poom, Right when you enter the gate.

	MistPeak Valley

-Near the cave "the hole" off to the left
-From Dweller Camp go towards the left, pass the bridge make a right,
 pass the second bridge make a right, pass the third bridge make a
 right, make a left inside Chillbreath Caverns (Green area) cross 
 the bridge
-From Dweller Camp go towards the left, pass the bridge make a right, 
 pass the second bridge make a right, pass the third  bridge make a 
 right, make a right after the Chillbreath Caverns (Green area) you 
 will be in a snowy area and there is a gold key before you vault.
-Turn around, cross the bridge (again), make right, cross the  bridge
-Behind the logs near the Mercenary Camp

-After the monorail, go pass the trees, When you see rocks turn to 
 your left, straight ahead.

	Mistpeak Monorail Station

-Down the elevator, follow the trail, after the locked door make a
left, behind the barrels is a key

	Bowerstone old quarter 
-From bowerstone industrial entrance make a right, after the entrance 
 make a right at the light post, by the fat tree there's a key
-Inside the Nightshade House

	Brightwall Village

-Go straight, pass the bridge, when you come across a house make a 
left, go down the steps and the key is under the bridge

-Enter the gate, stay straight (the barber shop to the right),
on the left side behind the well is the key.

-Move towards the library, make a left, behind the house is the key

-Reliquary- after the dive make a right, Turn towards the door on the 
right.(light the torches to open the door)

	Sunset House

-Make a left and another left and there's the key

-Make a right, Behind a tree is another key

	Silver Pines

-Inside Silver Pines Mines make a left and there's the key
-Before the gate make a left and go up the hill

	Bowerstone Industrial

-From the entrance make a left, make a right, make a left and
 enter the first factory on the left. Go up the steps on the left.
 You must play with the (4)levers to grab the key.
-You must complete the animal rescue quest for this key.
-Accept the quest "One ring to find" for a key.
-In the cesspool, on the left, knock down the board, the
 key is on the right.
-In the sewers- stay to the left, where the crates are, dive 
 in the water, swim to the right

	Mercenary Camp

-Across from the second set of cages under the tower is a key


-After the Fort make a right, Near the exploding barrels is a key

-Follow the trail, after the small bridge and water stay to your
 left, on the left side is a key.

-In the Ossuary(Tomb)- Go up the steps, turn left then vault down

-In the Ossuary(Tomb)-From the entrance,turn to the right and
 the key is in an open tomb


-Before the cementary on the left path there's a key
-After the cavern, jump in the water and swim to the left
-In Reaver's Manor, in back of the bed of the secret bedroom
-Pepperpot Cave- across from the monorail entrance, knock
 down the boards,after you cross the water on your left.
-In Millfields Monorail there's a key 
-vault the picket fence on the left. follow the path to the
 barn in the back of the building

	Bowerstone Market

-Behind the fish stalls, Next to the boats, under the bridge
-In the backyard of the house "Hauteville Heights.
-In the Hideout make a left, go down the steps, make a right,
 go down the steps, turn tight and immediately another right,
 through the door, down the steps, turn left and inside the cage


-Follow the flit switches towards the cullis gate. get in and 
 on the other side you'll get the gold key (NOTE** you might have
 to perform a quest and invite the carpenter to build a ramp for
 the flit switch on a rock)

	Shifting Sands

-sandfall palace, The door on the left (has 3 flit switches to 
 open),Key on the right
-Before the fort there's an entrance on the right
-Inside the the crossroads of passing, is the Gold Key (need to
 purchase a key- Check other quests, below)
-After the fort make a left
-After the fort go forward slightly to the right, it's in front
 of a big rock

	The Veiled Path

-In the Enigma follow the pattern of fire to get the gold key
 (Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Red)


-Special Keys. Go to the santuary and into the trophie room. 
 Climb up the gold and the key is in the middle. You will need
 and average of 5 to million dollars to reach.
V.	Chests (chestsx)

	Castle (Garden Area)

- From outside go down the second steps, make a right, behind 
  the water fountain go up the steps.
- Enter the Catacombs, down the steps, turn left

	Dweller's Camp

-Next to the Crooked Caravan on the right
-Next to Wimpet's Sniffle house
-From Mistpeak entrance to the right there's a path. Behind old 
 reliable house there are 2 chest. One behind the other

	Mistpeak Valley
-From Dweller Camp gate when you come through the fork in the road 
 make a right, cross the bridge the chest will be on your right
-from the position above, get back on your path and stay straight,  
 you'll find the second chest
-Turn around, pass 3 bridges, at the post that says Dweller Camp make
 a left, cross a long bridge chest towards the right.
-Turn around, at the post (should be to your right) make a left,  
 make a left, cross the bridge before the chillbreath cavern the  
 chest in on your right.
-Turn around, cross the bridge, make a left towards Brightwall Village, 
 before the flags make a left and the  chest will be there.
-Right by "the Hole" towards the grassy area on the left, there's 
 a chest.

	Chillbreath Cavern (near Mercenary Camp)

-From the entrance, from the fork stay on the right, the 
 chest is straight ahead
-turn around, go straight, on the left there's a chest
-Pass the Ice, on the right there's a chest
-Go straight make a left there's a chest
-Go up the steps, stay straight and there's a chest
-Turn around, after the ice, make a left, cross the rocky 
bridge the chest is on the end of the path.
-Turn around, cross the rocky bridge, make a left there's a chest 
(need 15 keys)
- go straight, pass the circle, on the left there's a chest.

	Mistpeak Monorail Station

-After the curve on the second floor, there's a chest after the 
 bomb barrels
-After the arena make a left there's the chest (Technician key
 quest from reaver's manor)

	Brightwall Village

-The house next to the library on the right is a chest
-Inside Bumbler's Gruff house
-In Reliquary, Inside the Locked door on the right

	Mercenary Camp

-After the flags, pass the sandbags on your right, the chest will be 
on your right below the tower.
-Keep moving, when you see cages on your left make a right and 
head up the steps, straight ahead is the chest
-Turn around and make a right, pass the gate behind the house
"The cowards den" on the right
-Pass 2 gates, when you see cages to the left make a right the chest
is on the tower so go up
- keep moving forward, next to the cages on the left there is another  
-After the gate to the left( may be locked) towards the left there 
is a chest.

	Bowerstone Market

-chest in "Save the Princess" Game
-Behind the fish stalls, Next to the boats, under the bridge
-Behind the Tattoo shop (Need 15 Keys)
-In the backyard of the house "Mega Fun Mansion".
-On the Bridge in the middle.
-In the "hideout"

	Bowerstone Old Quarter

-by the light post make a left towards the left side behind the 
tree there's a chest.
-by the ocean, at the end of the path there's a chest
-before the statue, make an immediate right, there's a chest
-On the Balcony of House of Stains.
-In the Pub's " The cock in the crown" backyard
-Inside the house "The rock bibble mansion"
-Inside the house "The baubles".(You must swap the bookcase 
 for night stand).

	Bowerstone Industrial

-After the bridge make a left there a chest.
-Accept the quest "One ring to find" for a chest.
-In the corner when completing the "Animal Rescue" Quest
-In the Cesspool, before the second entrance make a left, then
 a sharp left
-From the entrance make a right toward's the dead end, make 
 a left and another left
-Before the main entrance of the sewers there's a chest (10 keys)


-Inside Revear's Manor, Enter the hallway of Hobbes
-Inside Revear's Manor, Enter the hallway of Hollow man
-Inside Revear's Manor, Enter the hallway of Mercenaries
-Inside Revear's Manor, Enter the hallway of Sand Furies
-Inside Reaver's Manor,In the secret bedroom, before the bed
-Behind the Pink House on the way to Silver Pines
-After the manor, towards Silver Pines, there's a pathway
 going up, follow it, then vault, make a right, there's a chest
-Next to the statue by the demon door (20 keys)
-Behind the Clixby House
-In Pepperpot Cave, towards the left there's a chest
-In Millfields Monorail there's a chest
-Dankwater caverns, Chest inside the main hobbes place


-From the entrance go straight until you reach the water,
 make a left and the chest is at the top of the hill
-Go behind the main island to the other island, make a right
 go around the island until you find a tree, there's the chest
-Go behind the main island to the other island, make a left,
 and go up the hill, vault and there's the chest
-Enter the second cave for the chest
-In the island where the first flit switch is there's a chest


-After the swamp make a right, the chest is on the right
-After the swamp, the second entrance on the right
-After the bridge make a left
-After the cementary,cross the bridge, stay to the left there's
 a chest
-Near the village, behind the tree is a chest
-Before the Bowerstone Industrial entrance, make a right, in the 
 mini cave there's a chest
-In the Ossuary(Tomb)- Go up the steps, make a right, after the
 bridge turn left, make a right there's the chest
-In the Ossuary(Tomb)- Far left where the tombs on the left,
 before there's a chest
-In the Ossuary(Tomb)- 2 chests after the spikes
-In the Dark Sanctum
-In the cementary, behind the statue open the tomb to the left

	Silver Pines

-After the "town" stay on the left path, the chest is behind
 the broken column
-After the Carpenter's cabin there's a chest

	Aurora City

-After the Chapel
-Before the Chapel (20 keys)
-From the Sandfall palace entrance, stay on the left path
-Inside the Desert View House

	Shifting Sands

-After the 2nd door, from the pool & gem, down the steps, chest
 on the left corner
-After the above, go through the door, make a left, down two sets
 of steps
- Sandfall Palace The door on the left (has 3 flit switches 
 to open), chest on left
-Fort, Through the door, make a left, go between the rocks
-Fort, From the entrance make a right, go up the ramp
-Before the fort, after the silver key, go up the path (10 keys)

	Veiled Path

-Next to the big door on the left

VI.	Demon Doors (demondoorsx)

	Mistpeak Valley

Located: The grassy area towards the left (before Mercenary Camp), 
under the bridge.
The door asks for 2 heroes Live
:Either co-op or through xbox live

	Brightwall Village

Located: Behind the tavern
The Door asks for 'innocent, happy and pure"
:Take your child there and interact with him/her
Treasure: Summoning Creature Potion 3X

	Sunset House

Located: to the left
The Door asks "For for the Ruler of Albion: you must be King/Queen
Treasure: $1000000


Located: On the left side after passing the path where the tombs are
The asks for someone that doesn't care about his/her appearance
:You must get Ugly and fat
Treasure: 40 Gold Seals


Located: behind the "village"
The door asks for a legendary weapon
:Fully upgrade your weapon and have a level 5
Treasure:Military suit: Jacket, Boots, Gloves,Trousers and
 Summon Creature potion


Located: on the left, before shifting sands entrance
The door asks for you to be 100% either good or evil
Treasure: Avo's Lamentation

VII.	Gnomes (gnomesx)

-Before you can the gnomes you must complete the "Gnomes are great"
quest in Brightwall Village. The go back to start the "Gnomes are
Evil" quest to capture them.

	-Inside the Catacombs make a right as soon as you enter

Dweller's Camp
	- Before the house "Wimpet's Sniffle", on the outside of
	the bridge

Brightwall Village
	-Inside the house next to the library on the right
	-Behind the clothing store on top of the rocks
	-On the outside of house of slats, on top of the Chimeney
	-In the Relinquary, before the dive, go down the steps,
	make a right
	-In the Relinquary, after the dive, make a right, through
	the door, before the steps, look to the right

Bowerstone Old Quarter
	-from Bowerstone Industrial entrance near the flag
	on the right
	-Next to Duckworth House, on the window

	-Under the bridge look up
	-After the monorail entrance, on the right, on top of rocks
	-In Dank water cavern, you will see it on the left
	-In Dank water cavern, make a right in the second entrance
	-Reaver's Manor, down the steps, turn right in the corner

Silver Pines
	-On the right side of the cave entrance
	-After the cementary make a right, gnome is on a "tower",
	near the key

Mercenary Camp
	- On top of the water tower next to the General goods shop

Sunset House
	-Next to the ghost house on the right between rocks

	-After the camp, make aleft,make another left, between 2
	rocks before the water
	-swim to the farthest right and you'll find an island
 	with big rocks. The gnome is there

Bowerstone Market
	-Make a left after Flower Bower (food) Stall
	-Inside the house "The doghouse" (next to the tavern).
	-On the bridge, go up the steps, make a left where the
	 the circle is, look to the right and up.

Bowerstone Industrial
	-You must complete the Animal rescue quest for this gnome
	-Under the bridge near the factory (where Reavor shot the
	- In the second sewer entrance (below water tower),
	In the middle of the sewers you'll find a room where the 
 	light shines from above, look On top 
	-Cross the first bridge, go toward's the wall, look to the 
	left at the top (hint- look for a poster)
	- In the cesspool- Where the light shines.

Mistpeak Valley
	-In the 2cd chillbreath cavern, from the entrance look up
	-The Monorial Station,the second level behind the burning
	train on the right
	-In the Monorail station, enter the circle where the 
	portal is, look to the right at the top
	-From the first chill breath cavern, under the bridge
	-After the monorail, go pass the trees, When you see rocks
	 turn to your left, go up the pathway,look to the right.

	-Behind the rocks, right before you go to Bowerstone
	 Industrial, turn right.
	-In the Ossuary(Tomb)- between two tombs on the left
         before the chest

Shifting Sands
	-On the Pillar on the left. From the aurora city entrance
	-After the flags, on the left, before the cave
	-In the Sandfall Palace, up the steps, make a right, on the
	 wall to the left
	-From the steps make a right, when you see a rock in the
  	 middle (looks like a finger) stay to the left, gnome on
	 the left

Aurora City
	-Across the Shrine near the bridge, Across the "Wanderer's
	 retreat" house
	-By the Ocean, outside of "The dunes" house

The Veiled Path
	- From the entrance look up on the right side
	- After the Enigma gnome on top of the pillar on the right


VIII.	  **Dig Spots (digspotsx)***

-Dig, dig, dig- the dog will find the spots. Just make 
sure you are near the areas. When the dog digs, you dig.

	Dweller's Camp

-Dig spot by the Broken pillars
-Dig spot by the gate on the right 

	Mistpeak Monorail Station

-Before the water there's a digspot
-After the arena make a right- there's a digspot

	Bowerstone Market
-dig spot next to "The old townhouse" on the right.
-dig spot in patch of grass before you get to "old quarter" home
-near the key by the ocean there is a dig spot.
-dig spot near the bird bath.

	Bowerstone Old Quarter

-dig spot next to the patch of grass by the house "Crumble’s Topping
-dig spot next to the house "Nightshade house".
-bowerstone old quarter- dig spot in front of statue
	Bowerstone Industrial

-dig spot next cage:Kipnapped Linda's fiancé quest
(Only if Elliot/Elise is alive)


-digspot after the monorail there's a rock and it's next to the rock
-digspot before you get to driftwood
-digspot before the Silver Pines entrance
-digspot behind Fackeney Hall House
-digspot near bower lake (from the demon door)
-Dankwater caverns- from the entrance make a right

	Silver Pines

-After the camp fire on the left there's a digspot before a tree
-After the camp fire on the right there's a digspot before a tree


-After the swamp, make a right to the second entrance
-After the Fort, straight ahead there's a dig spot
-After the bunkers, there will be 3 dig spots on the right side
 of the trail


-From the entrance toward's the water, make a left
-In the main island on the left corner there's a dig spot
-Go to the island behind the main island and make a right,
 swim around until you see a tree, there's the dig spot
- Swim to the far right to the last island with the big
 rocks, there's the dig spot

		**Dive Spots (divespotsx)***
-swim, swim swim- As you swim through the water you will see a tiny 
whirlpool. Press A to Dive.

	Dweller's camp

-Dive spot in the pond in back of Wimpet's Sniffle

	Mistpeak Valley

-Mistpeak Monorail in the water there's 2 dive spot
-Near Mercenary Camp there's a dive spot


-right as you get in the water make a left
-There are 3 more dive spots near the islands

	Bowerstone Industrial

-From the entrance make a right toward's the dead end, make 
 a left and another left, then dive in the water for the dive

	Bowerstone Market

-The market has 4 dive spots- Just get in the water and they 
 are easy to find.


-In bowerlake little behind the bridge and rest area
-After the Dank Water Cavern there's a dive spot

	Shifting Sands

-In the Sandfall Palace, on the other side by the wall

	VIIII.	Real Estate (realestatex)

- Includes Homes and Businesses, but remember to unlock the Land 
lording and entrepreneur pack
-Beware that prices vary- as your complete jobs prices will go up

Dweller’s Camp
	1. Name: Old Reliable
	   Owner: Rachel the Dweller
	   Price: 629
	   House Condition: 4%

	2. Name: Winter Wagon
	   Owner: Chik the Dweller
	   Price: 907
	   House Condition: 28%

	3. Name: Crooked Caravan
	   Owner: Layla the Dweller
	   Price: 603
	   House Condition: 0%

	4. Name: The house of riddles
	   Owner: Ben the Dweller
	   Price: 657
	   House Condition: 9%

	5. Name: Mrs. Tibbins Caravan
	   Owner: Rachel the Dweller
	   Price: 752
	   House Condition: 25%

	6. Name: Albion Ink (Tattooist)
	   Owner: Neil the Tattooist
	   Price: 3358

	7. Name: Summit Supplies (general goods)
	   Owner: Adrian the Trader
	   Price: 3249

	8. Name: Caravan of Poom
	   Owner: Angela the Dweller
	   Price: 611
	   House Condition: 0%

	9. Name: Obscure Reference House
	   Owner: John the Dweller
	   Price: 1182
	   House Condition: 95%

	10. Name: The Rat House
	    Owner: Neil the Tattoist
	    Price: 1213
	    House Condition: 100%
	11. Name: The slaughter house
	    Owner: Betty the Dweller
	    Price: 827
	    House Condition: 33%

	12. The raggle taggle (clothing)
	    Price: 3304

Brightwall Village

	1. Name: Bumbler's gruff
	   Owner: Karen the Housewife
	   Price: 2460
	   House Condition: 13%

	2. Name: Spurious Nuttock (outside the gate)
	   Owner: Paul the Village
	   Price: 16315
	   House Condition: 33%

	3. Name: Two-Knock House
	   Owner: Cathy the housewife
	   Price: 2693
	   House Condition: 35%

	4. Name: Mourir's Mansion
	   Owner: Alice the Housewife
	   Price: 1422
	   House Condition: 26%

	5. Name: The old Smokehouse
	   Owner: Gemma the housewife
	   Price: 1607
	   House Condition: 42%

	6. Name: House of Slats
	   Owner: Caroline the Furniture Seller
	   Price: 2041
	   House Condition: 21%

	7. Name: Brightwall Bling (Gifts)
	   Owner: John the stall vendor
	   Price: 2816

	8. Name: House of Clucks
	   Price: 9787
	   House Condition: 50%

	9. Name: Fabulous Furnishings (furniture)
	   Owner: Caroline the furniture Seller
	   Price: 47529

	10. Name: Moustache Mansion (Stylist)

	11. Name: Buy n'Sell n' Buy (trade items)
	    Owner: Kiernan The stall vendor
	    Price: 374 
	12. Name: Frou Frou Frocks (clothing)
	    Owner: Colin the Tailor
	    Price: 37999

	13. Name: Brightwall Medicinal Potations(potions)
	    Owner: Laura the Stall Vendor
	    Price: 2795

	14. Name: Misgomer House
	    Owner: Vacant
	    Price: 4712
	    House condition: 2%

Mercenary camp

	1. Name: the Thuggets
	   Owner: Vacant (After you complete a quest)
	   Price: Not for Sale  
	   House Condition: 100% 

	2. Name: Coward's Den
	   Owner: Vacant (After you complete a quest)
	   Price: Not for Sale  
	   House Condition: 100%

	3. Name: The Thuggles
	   Owner: Vacant
	   Price: 1861
	   House condition: 52%

	4. Name: Jango's Badger
	   Owner: Vacant
	   Price: 1942
	   House Condition: 55%


	1. Name: Raven's Nest
	   Owner: Flower the Stall Vendor
	   Price: 1533
	   House Condition: 1%

	2. Name: Peas & Love (Food & Potion)
	   Owner: Flower the Stall Vendor
	   Price: 7200

	3. Name: The mellon Emporium (General Good)
	   Owner: Gnoll the stall vendor
	   Price: 6300

	4. Name: Organic Ink(Tattooist)
	   Owner: Bryn the tattooist
	   Price: 4500

	5. Name: Drop out House
	   Owner: Gaia the Eco Warrior
	   Price: 1485
	   House Condition: 0%

	6. Name: Mourningwood Fort
	   Owner: Vacant
	   Price: 44960

	7. Name: Happy Hippies Hut
	   Owner: Autumn the eco warrior
	   Price: 2621
	   House Condition: 47%


Bowerstone Industrial

	1. Name: The Fair Trader(Trade item)
	   Price: 3360

	2. Name: The Riveter's Rest (pub)
	   Owner: Kiernan the Barman
	   Price: 27240

	3. Name: Bumfrey How
	   Owner: Debbie the Villager
	   Price: 1571
	   House Condition: 8%

	4. Name: Guildford
	   Owner: Claire the villager
	   Price: 2178
	   House Condition: 0%

	5. Name: House of Filth
	   Price: 1773
	   House Condition: 0%

	6. Name: The Plum House
	   Owner: Gareth the Villager
	   Price: 2062
	   House Condition: 0%

	7. Name: Rotter's Flump
	   Owner: Vacant
	   Price: 1342
	   House Condition: 0%

	8. Name: Sailor's retreat
	   Owner: Matt the Stall Vendor
	   Price: 1468

	9. Name: House of Bilge
	   Owner: Any the Villager
	   Price: 1659
	   House Condition: 8%

	10. Name: Crunge House
	    Owner: Charlie the Villager
	    Price: 1551
	    House Condition: 0%

	11. Name: The Smoogles
	    Owner: Bob the Stall Vendor
	    Price: 1479
	    House Condition: 0%

	12. Name: The Cruddocks
	    Owner: Dean the Villager
	    Price: 1723
	    House Condition: 0%

	13. Name: Flannigan’s Clump
	    Owner: Val the Villager
	    Price: 1509
	    House Condition: 0%

	14. Name: Hot, Yummy and Circular (Food)
	    Owner: Bob the Stall Vendor
	    Price: 840

Bowerstone Old Quarter

	1. Name: House of Stains
	   Owner: Phil the Househusband
	   Price: 4923
	   House Condition: 65%

	2. Name: The Cock in the Crown (pub)
	   Owner: Matt the Barman
	   Price: 82649

	3. Name: The Shambles
	   Owner: Gemma the Stall vendor
	   Price: 4261
	   House Condition: 48%

	4. Name: Tumbledown Arms
	   Owner: Doris the Stall vendor
	   Price: 4383
	   House Condition: 50%

	5. Name: Poggle's knocker
	   Owner: Carol the Villager
	   Price: 4845
	   House Condition: 48%

	6. Name: Fattie's Retreat
	   Owner: Wendy the Housewife
	   Price: 4225
	   House Condition: 33%

	7. Name: Shingle's End
	   Owner: Rick the Househusband
	   Price: 4072
	   House Condition: 39%

	8. Name: The rock bibble mansion
	   Owner: Sue the villager
	   Price: 4911
	   House condition: 55%

	9. Name: Harned House
	   Owner: Jo the Stall vendor
	   Price: 3581
	   House Condition: 38%

	10.Name: The baubles
	   Owner: Sally the Stall vendor
	   Price: 3304
	   House Condition: 40%

	11.Name: Sod House
	   Owner: Sam the househusband
	   Price: 4534
	   House condition: 46%

	12.Name: The krannocks
	   Owner: Aaron the stall vendor
	   Price: 4907
	   House condition: 48%

	13.Name: Curmudgeon's Cottage
	   Owner: Mark the houssehusband
	   Price: 5415
	   House condition: 56%

	14.Name: I know we can make this manor work
	   Owner: Tim the househusband
	   Price: 5219
	   House condition: 42%

	15.Name: Crumble's Topping
	   Owner: Tim the househusband
	   Price: 5537
	   House condition: 58%

	16.Name: Simmons house
	   Owner: Bert the househusband
	   Price: 4925
	   House condition: 46%

	17.Name: Duckworth house
	   Owner: Craig the villager
	   Price: 5629
	   House condition: 70%

	18.Name: Cheese Cottage
	   Owner: Adrian the househusband
	   Price: 4507
	   House condition: 32%

	19.Name: Eat it (food)
	   Owner: Sally the stall vendor
	   Price: 2339

	20.Name: Gimme Gimme (gifts)
	   Owner: Jo the Stall vendor
	   Price: 3948

	21.Name: Ms. Elaine Neous's Goods (general goods)
	   Owner: Aaron the stall vendor
	   Price: 1480

	22.Name: Nightshade House
	   Owner: Will the stall vendor
	   Price: 4836
	   House Condition: 62%

	23.Name: Potion Emotion (potions)
	   Owner: Will the Stall vendor
	   Price: 1966

	24.Name: Merchant's Mile (Trade Goods)
	   Owner: Doris the Stall Vendor
	   Price: 4742	

	1. Name: Clixby- Stanners Manor
	   Owner: Paul the Servant
	   Price: 215,116
	   House Condition: 100%

	2. Name: Timmins Tower
	   Owner: Andy the Servant
	   Price: 189,464
	   House Condition: 100%

	3. Name: Fakeney Hall
	   Owner: Ross the Servant
	   Price: 240,504
	   House Condition: 100%

	4. Name: Chavington Hall
	   Owner: Vacant -->Muriel the Noblewomen
	   Price: Not for sale -->128842
	   House condition: 92%

	5. Name: Katie- Coos Pet Supplies (Dog Books)
	   Owner: Katie the stall vendor
	   Price: 3480

Silver Pines

	1. Name: Finkelhouse Farm
	   Owner: Vacant
	   Price: 1641
	   House Condition: 41%

	2. The were house (General Goods)
	   Owner: Sonya the Shop Keeper
	   Price: 25000

	3. Name: Lupine Lodge
	   Owner: Bob the house husband
	   Price; 1985
	   House condition: 48%

	4. Name: The Skidz
	   Owner: Tim the House Husband
	   Price: 2079
	   House Condition: 52%

	5. Name: house of Holshoff
	   Owner: Ruth the housewife
	   Price: 1949
	   House Condition: 49%

	6. Name: Moonshine Cabin
	   Owner: Emma the housewife
	   Price: 1762
	   House Condition: 32%

Bowerstone Market

	1. Name: Infestation Cottage
	   Owner: Abby the Villager
	   Price: 3494
	   House condition: 52%

	2. Name: Black Stack Shack
	   Owner: Charlie the Stall vendor
	   Price: 4628
	   House condition: 61%

	3. Name: Treacle's Slump
	   Owner: Becky the stall vendor
	   Price: 3583
	   House condition: 78%

	4. Name: Num Num Pres(Food)
	   Owner: Craig the stall vendor
	   Price: 1058

	5. Name: The Gate House
	   Owner: Anna the Furniture Seller
	   Price: 3339
	   House condition: 67%

	6. Name: The Bricks
	   Owner: Adam the househusband
	   Price: 3401
	   House condition: 45%

	7. Name: Shackleton Rickets
	   Owner: Marv the househusband
	   Price: 3282
	   House condition: 52%

	8. Name: Gifts & Gumf (general goods)
	   Owner: Hazel the shop keeper
	   Price: 43401

	9. Name: We've Got Wood (Furniture)
	   Owner: adrina the furniture seller
	   Price: 54210

	10. Name: The Magic Bottle (Potions)
	    Owner: Ronald the Alchemist
	    Price: 32619

	11. Name: The old town house
	    Owner: Philip the Stylist
	    Price: 4913
	    House condition: 73%

	12. Name: Mega Fun Mansion
	    Owner: Vacant
	    Price: 4648
	    House condition: 58%

	13. Name: Hole in the head house
	    Owner: Rachel the stall vendor
	    Price: 4244
	    House condition: 53%

	14. Name: Bowerstone Storage
	    Owner: Vacant
	    Price: 110678

	15. Name: The Antique Roadhouse
	    Owner: Robin the pawn broker
	    Price: 4952
	    House condtion: 78%

	16. Name: Bowerstome Broker (pawn broker)
	    Owner: Robin the pawn broker
	    Price: 277357

	17. Name: I'll cut You (stylist)
	    Owner: Philip the stylist
	    Price: 17718

	18. Name: The Iron Hoof (weapons)
	    Owner: Davo the blacksmith
	    Price: 70875

	19. Name: House of cards
	    Owner: Davo the blacksmith
	    Price: 14833
	    House condition: 86%

	20. Name: Hauteville Heights
	    Owner: Gemma the Villager
	    Price: 19201
	    House condition: 62%

	21. Name: The Fat count
	    Owner: Vacant
	    Price: 11714
	    House condition: 56%

	22. Name: The doghouse
	    Owner: Gareth the househusband
	    Price: 20346
	    House condition: 68%

	23. Name: Tat's the way to do it (tattoo)
	    Owner: Jim the tattooist
	    Price: 6800

	24. Name: Riverside Studios
	    Owner: Craig the stall vendor
	    Price: 6516
	    House condition: 56%

	25. Name: The salt Bolv
	    Owner: Jim the tattoist
	    Price: 8278
	    House condition: 82%S

	26. Name: Watery Grove
	    Owner: Kirnan the villager
	    Price: 6777
	    House condition: 65%

	27. Name: The old trout (Food)
	    Owner: Charlis the stall vender
	    Price: 1063

	28. Name: The dollhouse
	    Owner: Kiernan the villager
	    Price: 3258
	    House condition: 44%

	29. Name: Lollipop Lodge
	    Owner: Annette the stall vendor
	    Price: 5376
	    House condition: 86%

	30. Name: The Shrine
	    Owner: Ruth the tailor
	    Price: 3094
	    House condition: 46%

	31. Name: House of a thousand roofing nails
	    Owner: Ted the villager
	    Price: 3506
	    House condition: 69%

	32. Name: Bower Threads (Clothing)
	    Owner: Vacant
	    House COndition: 62429


	1. Name: Drifter's (Fishery)
	   Owner: Ailex the store vendor
	   Price: 2000

	2. Name: Drifter's Miscelleny (Gen Goods)
	   Owner: Jay The Stall vendor
	   Price: 2700

	3. Name: The sticky caravan
	   Owner: Adam the crate vendor
	   Price: 768
	   House Condition: 66%

	4. Name: The wobbly wagon
	   Owner: Angela the worker
	   Price: 806
	   House Condition: 35%

	5. Name: Cart Solution
	   Owner: Danior the eco warrior
	   Price: 892
	   House condition: 62%

	6. Name: The caravan of damien brundish
	   Owner: Jivin the eco warrior
	   Price: 870
	   House Condition: 54%

	7. Name: Tradewinds (Trade Items)
	   Owner: Emma the stall vendor
	   Price: 4000

	8. Name: Sparrow's Caravan
	   Owner: Emma the stall vendor
	   Price: 862
	   House Condition: 48%

	9. Name: The caravan of corvus
	   Owner: Ben the eco warrior
	   Price: 986
	   House Condition: 65%

Aurora City

	1. Name: House of Quiet
	   Owner: Malin the shop keeper
	   Price: 3319
	   House condition: 50%

	2. Name: Desert View
	   Owner: Vallo the Stall vendor
	   Price: 2556
	   House COndition: 18%

	3. Name: Wanderer's Retreat
	   Owner: Han the Shopkeeper
	   Price: 2951
	   House Condition: 34%

	4. Name: Sandsky House
	   Owner: Falin the Auroran
	   Price: 3228
	   House Condition: 54%

	5. Name: Curious Cottage
	   Owner: Wallis the Shopkeeper
	   Price: 3044
	   House COndition: 36%

	6. Name: Warrior's rest
	   Owner: Vacant
	   Price: 2602
	   House Condition: 23%

	7. Name: The Armoury (Weapons)
	   Owner: Wallis the Shopkeeper
	   Price: 55718

	8. Name: Ka-Lev's Cottage
	   Owner: Opal the Stall vendor
	   Price: 3526
	   House COndition: 48%

	9. Name: The Junes
	   Owner: Raman the Stall vendor
	   Price: 3218
	   House condition: 43%

	10.Name: Hermione's Hermetic Hermitage
	   Owner: Gatt the Stall vendor
	   Price: 3392
	   House Condition: 40%

	11.Name: Styles of Aurora (stylist)
	   Owner: Han the Shopekeeper
	   Price: 20020

	12.Name: Delectable Delights(Food)
	   Owner: Lami the stall vendor
	   Price: 2224

	13.Name: Vegetables of Aurora(Food)
	   Owner: Opal the stall vendor
	   Price: 2224

	14.Name: The curiosity SHop (Gifts)
	   Owner: Raman the Stall vendor
	   Price: 4449

	15.Name: Sketchy Tattoos (Tattooist)
	   Owner: Vallo the stall vendor
	   Price: 5549

	16.Name: Robes are US (Clothes)
	   Owner: Juna the stall vendor
	   Price: 35515

	17.Name: Honest Omar's (Gen goods)
	   Owner: Malin the shopkeeper
	   Price: 26636

	18.Name: Flotsam's Jetsam (pawn Broker)
	   Owner: Josh the pawn broker
	   Price: 166121

	19.Name: Cold Star Manor
	   Owner: Marnus the Auroran
	   Price: 3286
	   House condition: 56%

	20.Name: Shackleram House
	   Owner: Josh the pawn Broker
	   Price: 2803
	   House condition: 18%

	21.Name: Misca Tonics (potions)
	   Owner: Gatt the Stall Vendor
	   Price: 5513

	22.Name: the of Tannar the great
	   Owner: Falin the Auroran
	   Price: 3187
	   House Condition: 51%

	23.Name: House of Platitudes
	   Owner: Juna the Stall vendor
	   Price: 2744
	   House condition: 29%
X.	Clothing (clothingx)
-click to examine for details on specific items of the outfit-
-Prices may vary depending on economy-

	Dweller Camp
1. Dweller Men's suit
   Total Value: 301

	Individual Item	|Value
	a. Bandana	|56
	b. Coat		|94
	c. Trowser	|75
	d. Boots	|38
	e. Gloves	|38

	Brightwall Village

1. Women's Mercenary Suit
   Total Value: 610/ Normal Value: 872

   Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. Hat		|131	|188
	b. Jacket	|197	|281
	c. Shorts	|164	|234
	d. Boots	|66	|94
	e. Gloves	|52	|75

2. Men's Highwayman Suit
   Total Value: 8269/ Normal Value: 11812

   Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. Hat		|1969	|2812
	b. Jacket	|2953	|4219
	c. Trowser	|2461	|3516
	d. Boots	|492	|703
	e. Gloves	|394	|562

3. Military Gloves (found in tunnel/Academy)
   Total Value:

4. Women's Highwayman Suit
   Total Value: 8269/ Normal Value: 11812

   Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. Hat		|1969	|2812
	b. Jacket	|2953	|4219
	c. Trowser	|2461	|3516
	d. Boots	|492	|703
	e. Gloves	|394	|562

5. Men's Pyjama Suit
   Total Value: 391/ Normal Value: 558

    Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. Night Cap	|92	|131
	b. Long John	|115	|164
	c. Bed Socks	|46	|66

6. Women's Pyjama Suit
   Total Value: 391/ Normal Value:558

   Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. Night Cap	|92	|131
	b. Nigh Shirt	|138	|197
	c. Bloomers	|115	|164
	d. Slippers	|46	|66

7. Chicken Suit
   Total Value: 136/ Normal Value: 748

    Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. Head		|40	|220
	b. Body		|60	|131
	c. Feet		|20	|110
	d. Gloves	|16	|87

8. Women's Magic Suit
   Total Value: 14356/ Normal Value: 19139

   Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. Magic Hat	|3087	|4167
	b. Magic Coat	|4631	|6174
	c. Magic Skirt	|3859	|5145
	d. Magic Boots	|1544	|2058
	e. Magic Braved	|1235	|1645

9. Men's Magic Suit
   Total Value: 11269/ Normal Value: 15023

   Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. Magic Hat	|2973	|3965
	b. Magic Coat	|4631	|6174
	c. Magic Trouser|3859	|5145
	d. Magic Boots	|1544	|2058
	e. Magic Braved	|1235	|1645

10. Elegant Prince Suit
    Total Value: 4009/ Normal Value: 5343

     Individual Item	 |Value	|Normal value
	a. Prince Jacket |1909	|2545
	b. Prince Trouser|1591	|2121
	c. Prince Gloves |509	|679

11. Men's Warrior Suit
    Total Value: 13312/ Normal Value:17751

     Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. Warrior Hat	|2863	|3817
	b. Warrior Coat	|42941	|5726
	c. Warrior Trouser|3579 |4772
	d. Warrior Boots|1431	|1909
	e. Warrior Gloves|1145	|1527

12. Women's Warrior Suit
    Total Value: 13312/ Normal Value: 17761	

    Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. Warrior Hat	|2863	|3817
	b. Warrior Coat	|42941	|5726
	c. Warrior Trouser|3579 |4772
	d. Warrior Boots|1431	|1909
	e. Warrior Gloves|1145	|1527

13. Practical Princess Suit
    Total value: 2321/ Normal Value:3095

    Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. P.P. Blouse	|954	|1272
	b. P.P. skirt	|791	|1055
	c. P.P. Boots	|317	|422
	d. P.P. Gloves	|253	|338
14. Practical Prince Suit
    Total Value: 2311/ Normal Value: 3081

     Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	a. P.P. Blouse	|954	|1272
	b. P.P. skirt	|791	|1055
	c. P.P. Boots	|317	|422
	d. P.P. Gloves	|253	|338

15. Dweller's Men Bandana
	Digspot in the catacombs

16. Mistpeak Valley Monorial
	Women's Pyjama Slippers

17. Mourningwood
	Women's Highwaymen Gloves (CHEST)

18. Bowerstone Industrial
	Men's Pyjama night cap (in the pub shelves)

19. Brightwall village
	Women's Pyjama Bloomers
	(House next to the library on the left)

20. Brightwall village
	Women's Pyjama night shirt
	(House next to the library on the left)

21. Brightwall Village
	Men's Pyjama
	(House across from the Marriage inconvinience quest)

22. Brightwall Village
	Men's Pyjama night shirt
	(In The house out the gates)

23. Silverpines
`	Men's longjohn
	(In the homes)


	*** Makeup***

-Most of the makeup you can buy. Other's through dip spots and 
 gifts. You'll need them for two types of achievements		

Bowerstone Market
     Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	1. Aristocrat	|157	|210

Dweller's Camp
     Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	1. Dweller's 	|163	|218

	Inkblot makeup (digspot)

Brightwall Village
     Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	1. World's Oldest |188

	1. Noble Makeup (digspot)

Mistpeak Valley
	Monorail- Goth makeup (digspot)

	*** Hairstyles & Facial Hair ***

-Most Hairstyles you can buy. Other's through dip spots and 
 gifts.You'll need them for two types of achievements	

Bowerstone Market
	 Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	1. Long Bun Hairstyle	|197	|262
	2. Short Ponytail 	|197	|262
	3. Short Fringe 	|197	|262
	4. Full Beard		|157	|210
	5. Short Bun		|197	|262
	6. Standard Moustache	|157	|210

Brightwall Village
	 Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	1. Mercenary Beard	|500
	2. Mutlon Chops		|188
	3. Short Wavy		|235
	4. Tied Bun		|235
	5. Long Thick		|235

	Short Fringe Hairstyle
	(Chest in dankwater caverns)

	*** Tattooes***

-Most tattoes you can buy. Other's through dig & dive 
 spots,chests and gifts.

Brightwall Village
	 Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	1. Mercenary Right Arm	|500

Dweller Camp
	 Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	Dweller's Tattoo Set Total:1183
	1. Face			|169
	2. Chest		|169
	3. Back			|169
	4. Left Arm		|169
	5. Right Arm		|169
	6. Left Leg		|169
	7. Right Leg		|169

Bowerstone Market
	 Individual Item	|Value	|Normal value
	Royal Tattoo Set Total: 833/1106
	1. Face			|119	|158
	2. Chest		|119	|158
	3. Back			|119	|158
	4. Left Arm		|119	|158
	5. Left Leg		|119	|158
	6. Right Arm		|119	|158
	7. Right Leg		|119	|158
Mistpeak Valley
	Monorail- Chest- Mercenary Left Leg tattoo

	Digspot- Mercenary Back tattoo

	Chest- Mercenary Right leg tattoo

XI.	Weapons  (weaponsx)

-You will have three types of weapons to engage in combat
-Press Y to view which upgrade you're missing
-Some weapons comes from chests, Quests or you can buy them

1. Melee:

	i. Sword:
		a. Hero Sword
		   Damage: 10
		   Value: 4000

		b. Soulddrinker
		   Damage: 66
		   value: 8300	

		c. Avo's Lamentation (Chest in Aurora City)
		   Damage: 75
	           value: 12700	

		d. The Love Sword (Purchase in Bowerstone Market)
		    Value: 3307/4409

		e. The Splade (Purchase in Brightwall)
		   Value: 900/2400

		f. The Cassanova (Purchase in Aurora City)
	           Value: 4587/10193

	ii. Hammer:

		a. Hero Hammer
		   Damage: 10
		   Value: 4000

		b. The Typo
		   Damage: 61
		   Value: 11700

		c. Scythe's Warhammer
	           Damage: 96
		   Value: 11800

		d. Mallet's Mallet (Purchase in Bowerstone Market)
		   Value: 6299/8399

		e. Trollblight(Purchase in Aurora City)
		   Value: 1175/2610

		f. Aurora Shield (Purchase in Brightwall)
	           Value: 818/2182

2. Range/Firearm:

	a. Hero Pistol
	   Damage: 14
	   value: 4000

	b. Hero Rifle
	   Damage: 19
	   value: 4000

	c. Bonesmasher Rifle (Chest in Mourningwood)
	   Damage: 30
	   Value: 8200
	d. Ice Maiden Pistol (Sunset House Gold Door)
	   Damage: 50

	e. The Equalizer (The Ossuary Gold Door)

	f. Swift Irregular Rifle (Purchase in Aurora City)
	    Value: 4531/10068

	g. Hero's Companion Rifle (Purchase in Brightwall)
	   Value: 3313/8835

	h. Mirian's Mutilator Rifle (Purchase in Aurora City)
	   Value: 1287/ 2859

	i. The sandgoose Rifle

	j. The Equaliser Rifle

	k. The Barnumificator Pistol (Purchase in Bowerstone Market)
	   Value: 6142/8189

	l. Desert Fury Pistol(Purchase in Brightwall)
	   Value: 900/2400

	m. Gnome Wrecker Pistol
	n. Ol' Malice Rifle (Purchase in Bowerstone Market)
	   Value: 1732/2310
3. Spell:
	a. Fire Spell
	   Value increases with each use
	b. Shock Spell
	   Value increases with each use

	c. Vortex Spell
	   Value increases with each use

	d. Force Push Spell
	   Value increases with each use
	e. Ice spell
	   Value increases with each use


XII.	Interactions (interactionsx)

-Interaction with people is extremely important for the status that 
 you want and for the progress of the game.
-To interact with someone get close and press A.
-As you unlock more packages on Road to Rule, the more options you
 will have.
-If someone fears you they will give you a gift to go away.
-As you are ruler more and more people will give you a gift 
 regardless of if they like you or not

1. Dog
 	Press A to whistle at the dog to get his attention
	-Then you have 3 choices-

	1. Press A to Pet
	2. Press X to Tell Off
	3. Press Y to Fetch
	4. (EXTRA) Press up to teach the dog tricks (need books)

2. Adults
	Press A to interact or press LT to Hold hands
	-If pressed A you have a few choices-

	1.Press A to Shake Hands/ Whistle/ Chat/  
	Dance/ Pat-a-Cake/ Tickle
	2. Press Y to Belch/ Chicken
	3. Press RB to give money

3. Children
	1. Press Y to Belch
	2. Press RB to give money


XIII.	Achievements (achievementsx)

	-warning *spoiler alert*

1. Hand in Hand- Grab Someone's hand
2. The Guild Seal- Grab the Guild Seal
3. Wizard's revenge- Kill 500 enemies using magic
4. Gunning Warrior- Kill 5000 enemies using firearm
5. chest Grandmaster-unlock all chests on Road to Rule
6. Brightwall Book club- Collect all 30 rare books for 
the Brightwall academy
7. And so it Begins- Win support of the Dwellers
8. Swift Justice- Win support of the Swift Brigade
9. The Resistance- Win support of Bowerstone
10. For Albion- *Spoiler* when you defeat the darkness
11. Distant Friends- Win support of Aurora
12. The Ruler of Albion- Become the ruler of Albion
13. Tragical/Comical/Historical- Help celebrate thespians Lamber 
and Pinch put on the world's greatest play
14. save the Princess- Rescue the princess from evil Baron
15. Ghost Brothers- Make sure max and Sam get home in time for tea
16. The Dark Sanctum- Reinstate an ancient evil temple
17. Coronation Chicken- Perform a royal judgment while dressed 
as a chicken
18. Island Paradise- Establish the island of driftwood
19. Knight Jumps Chesty- Defeat Chesty at his own game
20. Spell weaver- Combine two gauntlets to cast a "woven" spell
21. Arch mage- Cast all 15 possible spell combinations
22. Total Warrior- Kill enemies with melee, ranged and magic
23. Pull- Send an enemy flying into the air and kill him while 
he's airborne
24. If it Bleed, we will kill it- Kill 500 enemies with Melee attacks
25. Super Hero- Fully upgrade your melee, ranged and magic 
abilities from the Road to rule.
26. You can't bring me down- Complete Fable III without being 
knocked out in combat
27. My weapon's better than yours- Complete 3 unique upgrades on
1 of the Legendary Weapons around Albion.
28. I am the Key master- Collect all 50 silver keys and 4 gold keys
29. Flower Power- Collect all 30 Auroran Flowers
30. Gnomes Invasion- Destroy all 50 gnomes
31. Digger- Dig up 50 items
32. We need guns, lots of guns- Collect all 50 Legendary Weapons. 
They won't all be in your world so trade
33. Fashion Victim- Collect every item of clothing
34. He's a woman, She's a man- Wear a full set of clothing 
intended for the opposite sex
35. Dye hippie, Dye- Dye each part of an outfit you're 
wearing a different color & have long hair
36. Long distance relationship- Get married to another 
Xbox live player
37. Cross Dimensional Conception- Have a child with another Xbox
live player
38. Online Merger- Enter into a business 0partnership with
another Xbox live player
39. Barrel of laughs- Kill 30 enemies with explosive barrels
40. We can be Heroes- Earn 1,000 gold in henchmen wages in 
another hero's world.
41. Kaboom- Score 2000 on the mourning wood fort mortar game
42. Lute Hero Tour- Play in each town as a 5 star lute player
43. Touched by a hero- Use the touch expression to interact with
20 different people
44. Popularity Contest- Make 20 Friends
45. Remodeling- Remodel 5 different homes by changing furniture
46. Magnate personality- Build a property empire worth 
2,000,000 gold
47. Crime Spree- get a 15,000 gold bounty placed on your head
48. Henry VIII- As ruler of Albion, get married 6 times	and kill
2 of your spouses.
49. Touch Love- Save the Maximum amount of Albion citizens
50. Adopt or Die- Adopt a child.

XIIII.	Road to Rule (roadtorulex)

-Road to Rule is where you unlock many packs such as 
land lording and upgrades. To unlock the chests you 
must accumulate seals by engaging in combat. Also 
Interaction with different people will add seals.
a. The first gate
	1. Fire Ball Spell 
	Value:1 Seal

b. The second gate
	1. Melee level 1
	value: 20 Seals

	2. Ranged level 1
	value: 20 Seals

	3. Dye Pack 1
	Value: 2 seals

	4. Friend Expression Pack
	value: 2 Seals

	5. Magic Level 1
	value: 20 Seals

	6. Landlord Pack
	value: 2 Seals

	7. Shock Spell
	value: 40 Seals

c. The third gate
	1. Lover Expression Pack
	value: 5 Seals

	2. Melee Level 2
	value: 40 seals

	3. Family Pack
	value: 10 seals

	4. Ranges Level 2
	value: 40 Seals

	5. Upgrade Blacksmith to level 2
	value: 5 seals

	6. Upgrade Pie maker to level 2
	value: 5 seals
	7. Upgrade lute to level 2
	value: 5 seals

	8. Magic Level 2
	value: 40 seals

d. The fourth gate
	1. Ice Storm Spell
	value: 40 Seals

	2. Upgrade Lute to Level 3
	value: 10 Seals

	3. Upgrade Pie Maker to Level 3
	value: 10 Seals

	4. Upgrade Blacksmith to level 3
	value: 15 seals

	5. Dye Pack II
	value: 5 Seals

	6. Joker Expression Pack
	value: 5 Seals

e. The fifth gate
	1. Dye Pack III
	value: 5 Seals

	2. Entrepreneur Pack
	value: 5 Seals

	3. Spell Weaving
	value: 50 Seals

	4. Vortex Spells
	value: 40 Seals

f. The sixth gate
	1. Bully Expression Pack
	value: 5 Seals

	2. Theft Pack
	value: 5 Seals

	3. Upgrade Blacksmith Level 4
	value: 25 Seals

	4. Range Level 3
	value: 60 Seals

	5. Upgrade Pie Maker Level 4
	value: 25 Seals

	6. Upgrade lute to level 4
	value: 25 Seals

	7. Magic level 3
	value: 60 Seals

	8. Melee level 3
	value: 60 seals

g. The seventh gate
	1. Force Push Spell
	value: 40 seals

	2. Good Parenting Pack
	value: 5 Seals

	3. Hooligan Expression Pack
	value: 5 Seals

	4. Upgrade Blacksmith to level 5
	value: 85 Seals

	5. Upgrade pie maker to level 5
	value: 85 Seals

	6. Upgrade lute to level 5
	value: 85 seals

h. The eight gate
	1. Melee Level 4
	value: 80 seals

	2. Range level 4
	value: 140 seals

	3. Magic level 4
	value: 140 seals

	4. Scary Expression pack
	value: 5 Seals

i. The ninth gate
	1.Blade Spell
	value: 40 seals

j. the tenth gate
	1. Magic level 5
	value: 180 seals

	2. Melee level 5
	value: 100 seals

	3. Range level 5
	value: 100 seals

XV.	Jobs (jobsx)

- We all need money. Here is the 411 on that- Use the
A, X and Y buttons to clear the blocks. Each round gets
faster and faster and the gold multipliers grow quickly as well.

Brightwall Village

	-Pie maker, Lute Hero 

Dweller's Camp
	-Lute Hero


Bowerstone Market

	-Blacksmith, Lute Hero, Pie Maker

Aurora City

	-Lute Hero, Blacksmith
XVI.	Books		(booksx)


-In the royal bedroom, baby room on the right, on top of the baby 
 on the left "Alchemy and Immortality"

	Brightwall Village Academy
- In the reliquary turn right, make a left and there is a stand 
  with an individual book "How to be a Master Swordsman"

-In the tavern on the second floor, on top of the chair
 "Famous Kings of History: Marcus Ivy"

-Behind the furniture store on the window "Attack of the Killer puffins"

- In the Reliquary- In a stand on the corner of the secret library-
  "Famous Killers: Carl Tendency"

-In the house next to the library on the second floor- "The very
  unsafe book for boys vol 2:Ovens"

-In the Reliquary- Downstairs, make a right, open the door, follow the path
 "The Book of Doom" (quest)

	Mistpeak Valley
- Near the "the hole" on the left side "How to be a crack shot" 
- In the chillbreath cavern (near mercenary camp) after the first 
  fork make a left, turn right, after the dig spot, walk 
  forward there's the book "Famous Killers: Xavier Medley"
- Quest: In the chillbreath caverns, pass the ice and go up the hill,
  make a rightat the intersection and go stright.on the table there's 
  a book."The Book of Mysteries"

	Bowerstone Industrial

- Inside the Pub on the table - "Famous Killers: Terrance Posture"
- In the Cesspoola book dangerous things :gunpowder? (kidnapped 
  Linda fiancé quest)


- Inside Reaver's Manor, from the entrance make a left look on the
  table to the left- "Dangerous Things: Lightning"
- Inside the tomb in the cementary- "Adventurer's Quest: A Select
  your own endeavor"
- In Dank Water Caverns- on the table- "Liver of Darkness"

	Bowerstone Old Quarter

- In the Celler "The invocation of watchers" (Quest)

-On the Statue(Man) near tree before the bridge
  "Dangerous Things: Industrial Machinery")

	Bowerstone Market

-In the pub, on the 2nd floor, on the table-"The Tyranny of Tyrants"

-in The Doll House On the baby bed- "The Grasping Avarice of Kings
 & their Lackeys"

	Dweller's Camp

-Inside Wimpet's Sniffle wagon (next to the pond)-"Famous Kings
 of History: King Cedric"

	Silver Pines

-On the side of the first house on the left.- "The very unsafe book 
 for boys: Vol 3: Boxing"

	Aurora City

-In the cave, after the steps (Where the priests are)- "The Amazing
 Exploits of Baron Barnaby Beadle"

-On the Shrine(The shrine is in a corner) to the left- " The very unsafe
 books for boys Vol 1: Hang gliding"


-In the cementary- (Quest)-"The Pangs of Sunset"

-Under the storage house, Organic Ink. The book is on crates outside
 the circle. "The Mibbs Spagno Theory of Gluttany"

-In the Ossuary, on the rail after the gold door. "Famous Kings:
 Old King Oswald"

	The shifting Sands

-After the Fort go straight, slightly to the right. You'll see a pile
 of books, crates and shovel. This is a dig spot. (quest)
 "Reaver on Reaver"

-In the sandfall palace, after the second set of stairs look to the
 right on the ledge- "Dangerous Things: Ladders"


-In the cave with the wood in front. If you have the bridges, go to
 the left, Follow the bridge to the mini island, main island, then 
 make a left. At the tree go right. The book is on the crate to
 the right. "Dangerous things: Stargazing in Remote Areas"

	Sunset House

- The book is sitting on a bench where the statues are.
  "The Extraordinary Homunculus of Baron Von Orfen"

XVII.	Side Quests	(sidequestx)

-These are optional quests that can help you make friends 
which will give you gifts. Most quest you will  receive a seals.

	Brightwall Village

-Many of the relationship quests involve searching for an 
item or giving an iteem to someone else. Then you must return

Relation Quest- Find hidden item in Mistpeak Valley 
for Louisa. Follow the glowing trail- it's before Mercenary 
Camp to the left. Return to her when complete.

Take a Gift to a friend in Mistpeak Valley for Rob. 
Follow the glowing trail- Right before you reach 		 
Mercenary Camp you will see a Man standing there. 
give him the gift. Take him to Brightwall Village.

Escaped Prisoner's Quest- Run toward's the prisoner and grab
his hand. When you get closer to the guard grab his hand again
so the prisoner won't run away.

Gnomes are great Quest- Go to Mistpeak Valley and find the 
gargoyle head that is behind the broken carriage.

A Marriage inconvinience- A quest within a quest. Follow the
series of tasks (choose evil or good)


Restoration- A man will ask you for 750 to restore Millfield

Animal rescue- A woman wants to rescure animals from a
factory in Bowerstone Industrial

The Hobnobbing with Hobbes- Take Dans Mourir to the Dank Water

	Sunset House

Investigate the curse, Play Chess and Battle your way out

-Bored to Death- Help Max and Sam find the Normanomicon Book
-Once above is completed- Gone But Not Forgotten- Help Sam
 find Max (Needed to open the Tomb)
-Peace, Love and Homicide- Dark Sanctum; help rebuild an old
 evil temple
-Dark Sanctum- Excavation- Give 5000 Gold to Lesley
-Fort, Use the mortar. Need 2000 points for an achievement
 10 Points each; Time 199 Seconds
 Between 1200-1500; Rank Sargeant
 Between 1501-1700; Rank Liuetanant

	Aurora City

-The desert star- Find the auroran diamond
-Arctic of Ages Past- Find the Relic of Tannar the great. It's 
 after the fort in the desert.
-Key to a greater buy- Buy the key for 4000 gold
-Temple's Treasure- Help Priestest Mara restore the lost treasure.
-The new world- Finance the voyage for 8000 gold pieces
-The prophetic hermit, Take the brain to the hermic in the desert


XVIII.  Sanctuary	(sanctuaryx)

-The sanctuary is the heart of the game as it contains 
information on your progress. It has many rooms with several
tasks and the main room where the map is.

	In the Map room
1. the Gift section- Here is where the gifts that people give you are 
stored. You can open them here one by one. it is next to the dog bed.

2. The Map- is in the middle of the room. Takes you anywhere you 
want to go and shows you the quests available

3. Contracts- are on the wall, every time you sign a contract.

4. Options- are for the game mode such as save/ load and changing 

5. Hero Status- Shows your hero's strength, Stature, Magical Aura,
Morality, Attractiveness, weight and the weapons you are currently
equipped with levels

6. Portal to "Road to Rule"- When you have enough seals and don't 
want to wait go can use this portal.

7. The Dog- Shows the dog's status- Aggression level, Exploration
level and charisma level

	Armory Room

1. Melee Weapons- Interchange weapons
2. Range Weapons- Interchange Weapons

3. Gauntlets- Interchange Magic

	Dressing Room

1. Change Suits

2. Hairstyles

3. Makeup

4. Facial Hair

5. Tattoo Sets

6. Dyes (on the right side of the wall)
7. Manikins (on the left side of the wall) for custom outfits

	Achievement Room

1. Trophies- On the left side of the wall
2. Achievement- on the right side of the wall

3. Book- is the Ledger that informs you of Personal Finances,
Previous Balance and Recent Transaction such as Gifts, 
Treasure, Job and rent

4. Money- A big pile of money that we all would love to roll 
around in

	Online Room
1. For all of your Live needs and pleasure
XVIIII.		Misc	(miscx)

-This area is for extra information

-Wedding Ceremony
	1. Garden Wedding
	   Price: 6000

	2. State Wedding
	   Price: 12000

	3. Royal Wedding
	   Price: 20000

-Gauntlet Combos
	1. Fire & Shock
	2. Fire & Ice
	3. Fire & Vortex
	4. Shock & Vortex
	5. Shock & Ice
	6. Vortex & Ice
	7. Force push & Fire
	8. Force push & Shock
	9. Force push & Ice
	10.Force push & Vortex
	11.Force push & Blades
	12.Blades & Fire
	13.Blades & Shock
	14.Blades & Ice
	15.Blades & Vortex

-Flower Dyes Meanings
	1. Orange- Strength
	2. Green- Growth
	3. Yellow- Prosperity
	4. Red- Love
	5. Blue- Sorrow
	6. Purple-Dreams

-Lute Hero Tour (Must be level 5 for achievement)
	1. Brightwall Village
	2. Bowerstone Market
	3. Aurora City
	4. Dweller's Camp

-Flower Locations (flowersx)
   Shifting Sands
        1. Purple- Next to the pillar on the steps. Near a gnome
	2. Green- In Sandfall Palace, by the water on the right
	3. Green- In Sandfall Palace, after the second entrance
	   make a left, pass the water, behind the tree on the left side
	4. Red- In Sandfall Palace, After the room with the pool and gem
	   turn right at the door to the left
	5. Purple- After the fort, make a right & keep straight
	6. Blue- After the fort, near the Crossroads, make a right. you'll
  	   see it on the right
	7. Yellow- Before the fort make a left
	8. Yellow- Behind the statue after the steps
	9. Orange- After the steps make a left
	10. Blue- In Sandfall Palace, Where the shrine is next to the 
	    second set of steps
	11. Orange-After the fort stay straight until you see a rock.
	    It's behind the rock

   Aurora City
	1. Yellow- Next to the house- Sandsky House
	2. Green- Going up the steps make a right
	3. Blue- Swim towards the island on the left, behind tree
	4. Green- Before the entrance to Shifting Sands, make a right
	5. Orange- after the mini cementary, there's a shrine, 
	   behind the tree
	6. Purple- In Cold Star Manor House, behind a Rock & Shrine
	   (After the water, the corner house on the right)

   The Veiled Path
	1. Purple- By the first door on the left
	2. Orange- After the second set of steps
	3. Blue- By the entrance near a gnome
	4. Red- Before the statues on the left
	5. Orange- Going up the steps to the left
	6. Purple- Before the door
	7. Yellow- Right before the door to Enigma
	8. Yellow- After the door to Enigma
	9. Green- In the Enigma, after the door
	10. Red- In the Enigma, in the second area from the 
	    second door on the left
	11. Green- In the Enigma, In a door near the gnome

-Book of heroes
	For Jasper, in the sanctuary

-Technician Key
	In the Mistpeak valley, in the monorail, after the
	circle make a left and follow the path to a chest.
XVV.		Tips/ Hints (tipsx / hintsx)

- Here are just some friendly advice

1. Take your time- There's lot to do
2. Before you rent a house, buy and move in- That way you can get
   all the "goodies" for free
3. Repair the homes from the map view- You can also purchase 
   property there too.
4. Keep going back to see the guy for the gnomes, so that he can 
   give you a gift.
5. Purchase old and broken furnitures so that upgraded ones 
   can be placed
6. New digspots will appear to go back to each city and explore
7. In the Mercenary Camp, if you note a guy looking for something,
   it's NOT the neclace you just found


XVVI.		Special Thanks

1. Microsoft Game Studios
2. Attilus1352 for two of the books