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Can you use a real guitar for Pro Mode?

Since they have Pro Mode, can you use any guitar or do they only allow the Mustang and Stratocaster?

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The_Haggler answered:

The Mustang will be playable on normal and pro mode, but the Squier can be played on an amp. The downside to the Squier (besides price) is that you can ONLY play pro mode on it.
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Smappellation answered:

No, only the Mustang and Squier guitars.
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CycoMiko138 answered:

No, unfortunately you can't just use any guitar. The only real guitar available will be the Squier. This is because the Squier will have enhancements that allow it to be used in the game (sensors in the neck, MIDI functionality) and will need a MIDI adapter to hook up to your console. It also won't be released until sometime next year. The only other Pro option is the Mustang controller.
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samsonite4791 answered:

You can actually use any midi guitars for pro mode, but not just any guitar off the rack. It HAS to be midi ready
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