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Item Help status answers
"The Perfect Drug"? Answered 1
Just another band out of boston? Answered 1
Live Free Or Die? Answered 1
Plot Help status answers
How do you unlock the second "Cut scene."? Open 1
Other Help status answers
"The Music Fan" goal's worth? Open 1
Can guitar hero drums work? Answered 1
Can you buy Gibson guitars? Open 1
Can you keep track of two peoples' high scores? Answered 1
Can you make your own achivment? Open 2
Can you replace the screws on the brackets for the cymbals expansion? Answered 1
Can you use a real guitar for Pro Mode? Answered 4
Can you use Guitar Hero drums to play pro-drums on rock band 3? Answered 1
Can your own Avatar in your Xbox 360 be select as the player in the game? Answered 2
Clear Bass guitar? Open 1
Do songs imported from previous games have pro mode and/or keyboard tracks? Answered 2
Does anyone have a list of all songs that are in this game that have also appeared in GTA (series)? Open 1
Does The Game Come With The Full Band Kit Or You Have To Buy Them Separately? Open 1
Double Bass drum difficulty? Answered 1
During the Endless Setlist 3, if you fail a song? Answered 1
Hardest song in rock band 3 for EACH instrument for basic and pro? Open 1
How can i make Slipknot Members ? Unanswered 0
how do I hit the big rock ending as a singer? Open 1
How do I import the songs from other Rock Band games? Answered 3
How do you change the sorting method from song title to something else? Answered 2
How do you unlock all songs (for a party)? Answered 1
How do you unlock the endless setlist? Answered 3
How to achieve the in-game goals? Open 1
how to actually play drums on Rock Band 3? Unanswered 0
Is it possible to assign specific members in your band to specific instruments? Answered 3
Is there a limit to how much dlc you can have? Answered 3
Is there any charge kit or rechargeable battery for the keyboard? Answered 2
Is there any way to look at a pro guitar chart without a pro guitar? Answered 2
Online score duels? Answered 1
Poker face? Answered 1
Pro mode? Answered 2
Questions about No Fail and scores from RB2 to RB3 (Expert Guitar)? Answered 1
Shameless Self-Promotion (15)? Answered 2
Should i get this or need for speed most wanted ( the new one )? Open 1
What do all the different modifiers do? Open 3
What ever happened to versus for guitar or an other instrument? Open 3
What is OOS music? Answered 1
Will RockBand 3 drums work with Band Hero? Open 2

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