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How do I get to the BFG in new ep. level 6 (Inferno of Blood)?

This is regarding level 6 of the new episode of Doom 2 on XBLA.

The big open area with a pool of blood near the center of the level has a small set of steps leading up to a BFG, but there are metal barriers in the way with three different faces on them.

I found at least one "face" switch in an underground tunnel, which is accessible from the aforementioned pool of blood (close to where the BFG can be seen). In the room at the end of the tunnel, there is a series of switches that you have to figure out in order to reveal the "face" switch.

After activating the face switch, I went back to the small steps. Now all the faces on the barriers are lions. I can't figure out what to do after that.

I found the Area Map, but I can't find any other switches. I must have spent an hour running through the level again-and-again.

Anybody figure it out yet?

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Orange_Apple answered:

starting in the large room where you can see the BFG-9000 drop into the river of blood run to the end nearest the BFG the back wall is a secret panel

in the next room you'll see an ammo box (green) and a shotgun shell box with 2 switches 1 raises the platform the shells are on the other lowers it

raise the shell platform 2 notches (1 notch higher than the bullets) use the run command to "hop" from the platform with the bullets to the shell platform to the platform along the wall make your way to the top (SAVE NOW!) and hit the switch

after killing the horde you'll find 2 more switches that do the same to the bullet platform as the first 2 did to the shell platform reverse the platforms (drop to ground raise shells by 1 bullets by 2) run from the shells to the bullets to the smaller platform with a switch on it push this switch

a wall in the direction you're facing will lower head that way and activate the head shaped switch that will then lower into the floor

congratulations your half way there

now go back to the area where you got the yellow skull

head to the room with the green armor on top of a waterfall of blood

as you enter the room go to the far right the back wall here (right hand side of the room facing as you entered the room the armor will be to your left) the back wall is a secret panel

head up the stairs grab the armor if needed the wall that's directly in front of you as you climb the stairs is another secret panel

follow this hallway drop down turn to the right and activate this face switch that will again lower into the floor

the BFG is now yours to take to get it return to the first large room when facing the BFG move to the left (the same way that leads to the yellow door) on the right a path that had a bunch of face panels blocking it is now open walk on up ad get your toy
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