Question from mesmerwolf

How do I beat (Icon of Sin)?

The boss appears to be glitched. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

FinalFantastic5 answered:

If you fire your rockets at its brain when the elevator (the one in the lava pit right in front of the icon) is at the very top, they'll actually hit the wall right above it, so as you're riding the elevator on the way up, right before it gets to the top, fire your rocket then and with the right timing, you'll be lined up with the brain and score a hit. You can also try falling off the elevator once it gets to the top, and as soon as you start to drop, fire a rocket and hope you get a hit that way, too. Four good hits should be enough to kill it.
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singhellotaku answered:

After you ride the last lift to the top of the map fire rockets into the hole in the boss's forhead to kill it. Its very hard to line up properly but keep trying and you'll get it eventually
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