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"What the fudge is this?"

The second of two DLC packs for Mass Effect, Pinnacle Station was released in the latter half of 2009, nearly two years after the release of Mass Effect. By then, players were still playing Mass Effect, sure, but was there anything to look forward to besides Mass Effect 2? Bring Down the Sky, the first DLC, was released a year and a half prior in early 2008. Surely Bioware had an ace up their sleeve before ME2 was released, something that could possibly top Bring Down the Sky and effectively conclude Mass Effect 1. Right?

Wrong. Pinnacle Station has Shep simply engaging in training scenarios aboard an Alliance military station, mere combat emulators against holographic projections. Generally speaking, this DLC pack is like some silly novelty item one would find in a tourist trap. Nevertheless, it would be prudent to cover it in its entirety.

P.S. offers three achievements, and about 1-3 hours of gameplay. The player takes part in combat scenarios, fighting waves of enemies in challenge modes such as survival, time attack, hunt and capture. After finishing and beating all 12 scenarios, the player is rewarded with access to a villa on the planet Intai'sei, where they may restock grenades and medi-gel....wait, what?

...Yes. That's it. Pinnacle Station was designed to be combat heavy, while light on story, a "fight club" if you will, a side diversion purely for the hell of it. While Bioware certainly achieved that objective, players wanted something real, not some novelty DLC thrown at them for s***s and giggles.

So on the one hand, if players like 'nifty' diversions from the main campaign, they might find Pinnacle Station interesting. On the other hand, Pinnacle Station adds nothing concrete to the story, nothing solid - no memorable characters, no paragon/renegade option, not even new gear. While the design of the pack is at least aesthetically unique compared to the main game itself [the combat environments were a decent challenge], this reviewer feels the 400 MS points spent on this DLC was a waste. While obvious effort was put into the pack - Bioware achieved their objective of creating an arbitrary diversion from the lengthy main game, so a 1/10 would perhaps be too cruel - Pinnacle Station, at the end of the day, is an easily forgettable end note within the greater Mass Effect series of comics, novels, and games. Move along, move along...

Reviewer's Score: 5/10 | Originally Posted: 11/21/11

Game Release: Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station (US, 08/20/09)

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