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Gears of War 2 FAQ/Walkthrough
Copyright 2009-2011 by Brian Cirnitski


[1-0-0] I. Contents


I.    [1-0-0] Contents
II.   [2-0-0] Introduction
III.  [3-0-0] Walkthrough
         a. [3-1-0] Act I: Tip of the Spear
               1. [3-1-1] Chapter 1: Welcome to Delta
               2. [3-1-2] Chapter 2: Desperation
               3. [3-1-3] Chapter 3: Rolling Thunder
               4. [3-1-4] Chapter 4: The Big Push
               5. [3-1-5] Chapter 5: Roadblocks
               6. [3-1-6] Chapter 6: Digging In
         b. [3-2-0] Act II: Denizens
               1. [3-2-1] Chapter 1: Scattered
               2. [3-2-2] Chapter 2: Indigenous Creatures
               3. [3-2-3] Chapter 3: Disturbing Revelations
               4. [3-2-4] Chapter 4: Sinking Feeling
               5. [3-2-5] Chapter 5: Captivity
               6. [3-2-6] Chapter 6: Intestinal Fortitude
         c. [3-3-0] Act III: Gathering Storm
               1. [3-3-1] Chapter 1: Dirty Little Secret
               2. [3-3-2] Chapter 2: Origins
               3. [3-3-3] Chapter 3: Rude Awakening
               4. [3-3-4] Chapter 4: Ascension
               5. [3-3-5] Chapter 5: Displacement
               6. [3-3-6] Chapter 6: Brackish Waters
         d. [3-4-0] Act IV: Hive
               1. [3-4-1] Chapter 1: Priorities
               2. [3-4-2] Chapter 2: Answers
               3. [3-4-3] Chapter 3: Hornets’ Nest
               4. [3-4-4] Chapter 4: No Turning Back
               5. [3-4-5] Chapter 5: The Best-Laid Plans
               6. [3-4-6] Chapter 6: Royal Inquisition
         e. [3-5-0] Act V: Aftermath
               1. [3-5-1] Chapter 1: Escape
               2. [3-5-2] Chapter 2: Desperate Stand
               3. [3-5-3] Chapter 3: Free Parking
               4. [3-5-4] Chapter 4: Tenuous Footing
               5. [3-5-5] Chapter 5: Closure
IV.   [4-0-0] Deleted Scene: Road to Ruin
V.    [5-0-0] Collectibles Checklist
         a. [5-1-0] Act I
         b. [5-2-0] Act II
         c. [5-3-0] Act III
         d. [5-4-0] Act IV
         e. [5-5-0] Act V
VI.   [6-0-0] Appendix
         a. [6-1-0] Credits
         b. [6-2-0] Version History
         c. [6-3-0] Contact Information
         d. [6-4-0] Legal Information

[Jumping to a section is possible using the Find feature (Ctrl + F) and that 
section’s code.]


[2-0-0] II. Introduction


Welcome to my walkthrough for Gears of War 2! I have not submitted any guides 
or reviews to GameFAQs in a while, but on a whim I decided to take a look at my 
Contribution Hits. That’s when I realized the kind of staying power that an in-
depth guide like this has, even two years after its game’s release. I figured 
I’d take renewed interest in my work and do a comprehensive revision.

Throughout this guide’s initial composition, I had the benefit of being able to 
connect my Xbox 360 directly to my monitor, meaning that I typed even as the 
action unfolded in the corner of my screen. As a result, this guide is both 
highly detailed and accurate. During the revision process, I didn’t have the 
patience for another playthrough on Normal, so this walkthrough is now adjusted 
for Hardcore difficulty. The differences are minimal at most.

Finally, I would like to say that I have enjoyed writing (and revising) this 
walkthrough and I hope you continue to find it useful!


[3-0-0] III. Walkthrough


[3-1-0] Act I: Tip of the Spear

[3-1-1] Chapter 1: Welcome to Delta (Collectibles: 2)

You are given the option to either mentor the rookie, Benjamin Carmine (brother 
of Anthony Carmine, from the previous game), or skip training (and Chapter 1) 
altogether. This segment is intended as an introduction or a refresher to the 
controls and gameplay basics. By skipping it you will miss two collectibles and 
an achievement; if you are a completionist like myself, you’ll want to go ahead 
and show B. Carmine the ropes. Otherwise, feel free to jump ahead.

After some discussion, you’ll be prompted to hold the Left Bumper to activate 
the Tac Com. Use this to refer to your current objectives and check the 
locations and statuses of your team. Next, walk to the end of the street (or 
roadie run, by holding A). Marcus will instruct Carmine to practice moving into 
cover - demonstrate for him by tapping A near virtually any wall or object. You 
can press the Left Control Stick while standing in cover to crouch.

Jack will finish cutting open the fence after you’ve taken shelter. Before you 
continue, look for [Collectible #01] (a newspaper) on the ground in the middle 
of the street. Dom will pop a few shots at an assortment of bottles ahead. 
Follow the prompts onscreen until you’ve successfully shot five of them and 
reloaded your weapon. At this point, Carmine will push aside a dumpster and you 
can pass through.

You will be prompted to hold Y, the point of interest button. After observing 
the Wretch, mantle over the barricade by entering cover and pressing A while 
tilting the Left Control Stick forward. Kick open the gate using X (or roadie 
run up to it to have Marcus kick it automatically) and pick up the grenades on 
the other side, to the right. Throw one into the building where the Wretch 
appears. Carmine, rookie that he is, will toss a grenade too close to the group 
and nearly put a premature end to your adventure.

Interact with your squadmates to revive them and head through the fence, taking 
a left and proceeding into the parking garage. Saw through the wooden planks by 
equipping your Lancer and holding B, then continue up the ramp and down the 
ladder on the other side of the structure. (That’s a lot of damage for one 
grenade, huh?) Turn right (not left!) and enter the building at the end of the 
street – [Collectible #02] is on the ground near a desk to the left. Leave 
through the gate at the opposite end to complete the chapter; you’ll earn the 
achievement “Green as Grass” for (hopefully) teaching Carmine a thing or two.

[3-1-2] Chapter 2: Desperation (Collectibles: 5)

After the opening dialogue with Anya, proceed through the power doors to the 
right of the reception desk. You’ll be introduced to a new character named Tai 
Kaliso. Follow Tai to the next floor and take position at the windows through 
the open doors. A group of Locust Drones will pile through the far entrance 
below; be ready to take aim at the explosive canisters in the center of the 
room and blow them all to hell.

Turn right at the end of the hallway and look inside the third door on the left 
for [Collectible #03]. Continue down this corridor, taking another right. There 
isn’t much of interest down the adjacent passage, just some grenades and 
ammunition. In the next room, dispose of the two Drones on the left side. If 
you claim one of their Hammerbursts (and are familiar with them from the 
original), you will find that the weapon has been heavily revised. The most 
conspicuous change is that it is no longer burst fire. Compared to the Lancer, 
the Hammerburst has a slower rate of fire, but it is stronger and more 
accurate, thanks in part to a slight zoom (press the Right Control Stick while 
aiming). You now have the choice of sweeping down the following hallway or 
accompanying Dom and Tai down the stairs.

If you stay on this floor, you'll run into a second pair of Drones, which are 
swiftly gunned down by a King Raven (nearly taking you out in the crossfire). 
More Locust occupy a room on the right. Seeking cover at the table inside 
prompts Marcus to flip it, making it viable. Eliminate the Drones. A Bolter 
will enter through a door to the right; Bolters are a variety of Drone that 
wield the Boltok Pistol. What the Boltok lacks in speed, it makes up for in 
firepower. Once you’ve killed the Bolter, you can give it a try.

If you take the staircase, you’ll encounter several Locust at a barricade. You 
can pick them off from behind cover at the door, or you can flank them through 
the left room. As on the floor above, one of the Drones is a Bolter, a variant 
specialized in the use of the Boltok Pistol. The Boltok is a high-caliber 
revolver, slower than the COG Snub Pistol but far more powerful.

Both routes lead to the same care unit. Dispatch the additional Locust and 
search the nurses station in the center for [Collectible #04]. (Grenades are 
through the opposite door if you remained on the second floor.) Proceed down 
the hallway through the adjacent door. You’ll arrive at a large courtyard, 
facing numerous grubs (a term referring to the various humanoid Locust) and a 
Reaver, which will land shortly. Reavers are highly dangerous. Their riders 
operate a mounted rocket launcher and machine gun; the Reaver itself also has 
an nasty habit of trying to impale you with its tentacle. If it closes, evade 
the attack and the tentacle will bore into the ground - you can then unload 
with impunity from underneath while the beast struggles to free itself. This 
one isn’t much of a threat, as it flies off after sustaining only a few hits. 
The safest way to spook it is to blindfire the Lancer while in cover. Reavers 
are large targets; most of the shots are bound to land.

Reenter the hospital once the enemy withdraws and turn right. Grenades can be 
found in a room to the left of the ammo box at the end. After restocking, clear 
the Locust in the next area, then continue through the right-hand door and make 
a left. Around another corner, you will find [Collectible #05] in a small room 
on the left. You will earn the “Collector” achievement at this point if you’ve 
picked up every collectible thus far. The opposite door is the cafeteria, where 
you can confront the Locust head on. Or, if you’d rather flank, enter the 
kitchen through the adjacent door. (There is a freezer in the kitchen you can 
kick open for ammo.) Eliminate the grubs. As you leave the cafeteria, you’ll be 
assaulted by more Drones from the walkway above. Flank them up either staircase 
and proceed through the power doors. In the following area, grenades are on the 
left while [Collectible #06] lies near a box of ammunition around the corner to 
your right.

As you pass through the lobby, you’ll find yourself once again without power 
and in the midst of another firefight. Two groups of Locust will breach: One 
through the left door and one from the back right. The order appears random or 
dependant on difficulty. The power is restored after the exchange and you can 
exit the hospital. Along the way, you’ll discover Carmine. What is he doing in 
here?! He was ordered to support the Gears outside! Escort the rook back into 
the thick of the action where he belongs. [Collectible #07], the chapter’s 
last, is located behind a pillar on your right as you step outside.

The best approach (once the Reaver soars off) is to flank the Locust from the 
left, taking cover behind the nearest car at the bottom of the steps. A Raven 
will assist you as you reach the street. Mantle over the windowsill of the 
store Marcus indicates and take cover at the other end. Kill the Drones 
outside, then leave the shop and fight your way to the corner to finish the 
chapter. You will receive the achievement “It’s a Trap!” for successfully 
defending the hospital.

[3-1-3] Chapter 3: Rolling Thunder (Collectibles: 2)

Be sure to look behind you amid the dialogue; [Collectible #08] is posted on 
the wall at the back of the rig. After a brief cutscene you will be under 
attack by Nemacysts, flying Locust serving as mortars. You don’t have to 
respond just yet, as these events are all scripted. Your cue is when a boulder 
crashes onto the road ahead (nearly swiping the derrick off the cliff). The 
most reliable method of detonating the incoming Nemacysts is the turret above 
the driver’s cabin. Its high rate of fire and long range make it easy to burst 
the creatures, provided you lead your targets. Note that the turret is capable 
of overheating, as indicated by the bar located where ammo status normally is. 
While not in use, the turret’s excess heat can be vented manually by holding 
the Right Bumper (this is faster than letting the weapon cool on its own).

Next, you’ll be assaulted by several Reavers; one will even pull alongside and 
attempt to ram the derrick into submission. The turret is definitely your best 
option. Take aim and blast them out of the sky!

The fighting will subside for a moment. However, the derrick soon loses control 
and crashes, requiring that you buy Dizzy time to patch up the rig while Locust 
surface from Emergence Holes. [Collectible #09] is to your left as you face the 
enemy, near an assortment of grenades and ammunition. A well-placed grenade 
from behind cover at the nearby right-hand column can close the E-Hole, cutting 
off reinforcements. Mop up the remainder as a second E-Hole opens - this one is 
susceptible to a grenade toss from behind the forward column on the left. 
Further E-Holes will develop on the platform to your right. You would be 
unprotected from this angle if it weren’t for another column that collapses, 
providing you ideal cover. Rigs will also arrive to lend a hand. One final E-
Hole forms at the end; you won’t need to pay it much attention, as Dizzy will 
have Betty repaired shortly. And just in time, with a second round of mortars 
incoming! Return to the derrick and the chapter will end after another short 
lull in the action.

[3-1-4] Chapter 4: The Big Push (Collectibles: 0)

Countless Locust will pour from tunnels in the lava fields. (One has to marvel 
at the upgrades the engine received to make this display possible.) Resume your 
position on the turret and begin chewing them up. A Brumak will also emerge, 
but you won’t have the opportunity to destroy it, as Dizzy will ram the monster 
and press forward. You will next be confronted by “Ava,” a hijacked rig. Return 
fire at the Locust onboard.

Ava travels the high ground when the path forks, leaving you the low road. Two 
grubs will use the height advantage and jump aboard your derrick from the 
nearby ledge - help Dom and Carmine fight them off. As the road joins and 
branches over more lava fields, grubs will attempt boarding on both sides of 
the derrick using grappling hooks. You can wait for them to climb into your 
chainsaw, or you can shoot the hooks to prevent them from reaching the deck 

The path joins and forks again prior to converging one last time. You will need 
to put Ava out of commission before you reach a narrow bridge ahead. The 
driver’s cabin is protected by bulletproof glass, so Dizzy rams Ava instead - a 
few hits and the glass shatters, exposing the Locust operator. Drop him quickly 
to ensure that Betty crosses safely.

On the other side, a Brumak will appear from the tree line to the left. Blast 
away if you want, but a Centaur ultimately finishes it off. You will encounter 
a second Brumak on the left, which you actually can kill yourself. Afterwards, 
decimate the Drones swarming around Betty and be ready to repel any that 
survive and try boarding. Another Brumak will charge the leading rig, toppling 
it. Dizzy forges ahead, denying you the chance to avenge the fallen derrick. A 
Corpser will emerge directly in front, only to retreat. Unfortunately, the 
Corpser on a ridge to the right doesn’t back down, instead pouncing on and 
sinking another derrick. You’ll encounter a final Brumak ahead – nuke it to 
complete the chapter and unlock the “Escort Service” achievement.

[3-1-5] Chapter 5: Roadblocks (Collectibles: 4)

Welcome to Landown! In these cramped quarters, danger can approach from behind 
any corner. We must therefore fan out and escort Betty to the town’s center on 
foot. Give the door ahead three swift kicks, then mantle over the counter 
inside and head upstairs. [Collectible #10] will be on the floor lying next to 
a selection of spare ammo and grenades. Go back downstairs and proceed through 
the structure to be formally introduced to a new foe: The Ticker. Those ahead 
will scurry outside and you will be rushed as you reach their end of the 
building. Tickers serve as landmines, detonating when nearby, so maintain a 
safe distance as you pick them off. I advise the shotgun, with its high spread. 
If a Ticker gets too close, you can melee the creature to send it flying 
backward, then kill it as it lies helpless on the ground. In fact, there’s an 
achievement (called “Takes a Licking”) that requires you to melee 30 Tickers.

Continue outside and behind the opposite buildings. After the dialogue, use 
your Lancer’s chainsaw bayonet to bring down a wooden barricade. Tickers will 
pour out of a hole in the wall directly ahead; others will dart toward you from 
down the street. Exterminate the pests, then proceed to the corner. To the 
right will be a small graveyard, with an inscription on the large monument 
acting as [Collectible #11]. Extra grenades can be found to the statue’s left.

Turn around and advance up the street. Nemacysts are stationed in the skies 
above, with more bombarding your position from the distance. Take cover and 
detonate the passive Nemacysts; once the long-range barrage also ceases, a 
Raven will use the opening and eliminate the Troika turret on top of the fuel 
station. The surviving Troika is a greater threat. Pick off the Drones around 
the station during gaps in the suppressive fire. (The fuel pumps will explode 
if shot, taking out any Locust foolish enough to have chosen them as cover.) 
After the station has been cleared, a Centaur will ram the Troika nest from 
behind, demolishing it. You can find [Collectible #12] on the ground at the 
back of the station. Mantle over the opening in the fence, as indicated by the 
point of interest, and enter the tunnel.

Inside, you’ll face countless Tickers. It’s difficult to acquire targets in the 
dark; stay close to Betty for the light. You’ll come to a blockage of wrecked 
cars halfway through the tunnel. [Collectible #13], a set of COG tags, is in a 
small room to the left of the nearby staircase. Up the steps, a couple Tickers 
attack from a hole at the other end of the hallway. Dispatch them, then head 
down the next flight of stairs and back into the tunnel, killing Tickers as you 
progress. At the end, you will be confronted by a Reaver that’s not afraid to 
stay and fight. Take cover at a wrecked car and retaliate, or bait the monster 
into getting its tentacle embedded in the pavement and unload from beneath. The 
gate blocking the exit will open upon the Reaver’s death.

You will be presented with two choices: To sweep over the Rooftops or through 
the Hotel. I’ll cover each individually.

~~ Split Path #1: Rooftops ~~

Turn left at the top of the stairs to engage the first group of Locust. Kill 
them, then make a right and climb the ladder. A Bolter operates a Mortar above 
– you’ll have the chance to run up and chainsaw or otherwise creatively dispose 
of him before he notices you. The Mortar is a fun and interesting weapon. You 
don’t swap one of your current weapons for it, but it slows movement speed 
significantly. To fire the Mortar, plant it on the ground with the Left Trigger 
and use the Right Trigger to scale the distance of your shot. Dom and Tai 
require an opening on the opposite side of the street; take aim at the damaged 
roof and hold the trigger until the indicators reach the top of the reticule.

It’s not worth lugging the Mortar; there are more upcoming anyway. Slide down 
the ladder and Jack will rip a door to your right. In the next room, you can 
get the drop on the grubs outside from the windows to the left, or you can 
leave the building and take them head on. After all targets are eliminated, a 
Brumak will emerge from the tunnel. Take shelter and rapidly bombard the 
monster with a Mortar. If not stopped, the Brumak will turn the corner and 
light up Betty. The chapter concludes after it dies.

~~ Split Path #2: Hotel ~~

You will encounter one Drone at the top of a staircase and several outside. 
Dispose of them, then move to the opposite end of the roof. Dom will drop a 
mortar on the next part of the structure, allowing you back inside. Continue 
left and bust down the door. Dispatch the Locust on the other side and kick 
open another door to confront the mortar team outside. (If you can get a clear 
shot, you may want to fire from the windows first.) After the area is clear, a 
Brumak will emerge from the tunnel ahead. Seize one of the Mortars the Locust 
were using and take shelter! (As discussed above, the Mortar is a heavy weapon. 
It does not occupy a weapon slot, but you move at a crawl with it. Plant the 
weapon on the ground using the Left Trigger. Hold the Right Trigger to scale 
the distance of your shot and release when appropriate.) Shell the Brumak, and 
rapidly, too. As soon as it can it will round the corner and light up Betty. 
The chapter concludes with its death.

[3-1-6] Chapter 6: Digging In (Collectibles: 0)

The derricks have finally assembled at the drilling zone in the town center and 
are preparing to deploy the grindlifts, which will deliver Gears into the heart 
of enemy occupied territory. But first, we have a massive assault to repel. An 
Emergence Hole will open directly ahead; it’s possible to close it with a well-
placed mortar. Next, enemy mortar crews will race into position. Their ordnance 
is severely damaging to the rig and your squad - take them out fast! The turret 
is available until it’s shelled; if you’re on it at this time, you’ll be thrown 
off your feet, but you’ll recover. (If you’d rather utilize your own Mortar, 
the teams are close enough as they take the field to be nailed with a single 
shot.) Also be ready for additional Grappler Drones.

The fight escalates with a pair of Boomers appearing at the far right. Boomers 
are large creatures that wield a grenade launcher called the Boomshot. Pick off 
the newcomers using your weapon of choice - just be sure to duck whenever a 
grenade may be streaking toward you. The final arrivals are a pair of Reavers. 
Quickly rain down mortars and the chapter will end with one last cutscene. You 
will be given access to Dizzy in multiplayer and receive the achievement “Girl 
About Town,” both for completing Act I. Congratulations!

[3-2-0] Act II: Denizens

[3-2-1] Chapter 1: Scattered (Collectibles: 0)

Caverns in the original game were bland and uninteresting. The same cannot be 
said for this environment, a well defined cave network adorned with lush flora. 
You have multiple trails to choose from; they are not worth detailing, as there 
are no enemies in sight. They converge where Carmine is under siege. Slice 
through the vines using the Lancer and eliminate the Drones, then regroup with 
Carmine on his rocky perch. It would appear he endured whereas quite a few 
Gears didn’t. Not too shabby for a rookie, eh?

Jack will begin repairing the grindlift so it can be used to carve a passage 
through the wall. Meanwhile, you must defend as Locust climb from E-Holes. In 
addition to the average Drone, this wave consists of Grenadiers - Tickers will 
also appear momentarily. Watch the frags and don’t let one of the buggers 
blindside you! After the final E-Hole closes, activate the grindlift with X and 
follow it through to the next cavern.

Race to the sandbags below and help Omega Squad. As in the previous encounter, 
Tickers will join Drones and Grenadiers. (The Reaver flyby is merely for show.) 
The skirmish culminates with a pair of Boomers entering the fray. The audio cue 
(“Boom!”) indicates precisely when they intend to fire; keep your head down 
when they do! Once the dust settles, collect a Boomshot if you are so inclined 
and give it a try. You’ll find it has limited ammunition, but it packs a punch 
(just be mindful of the blast radius).

Proceed onto the walkway the Locust originated from. Jack will flip on his 
lights as the environment darkens, though it won’t be ideal coverage. Fight off 
the imminent Wretch pack as well as possible; if they close, standard melee (as 
opposed to the chainsaw) is an effective method of holding them at bay. You can 
also preempt the strike by planting grenades in the ground (tap B while looking 
down with some equipped), then luring the “monkey-dog things” into the traps. 
The chapter concludes through the vines ahead.

[3-2-2] Chapter 2: Indigenous Creatures (Collectibles: 2)

One of the creatures the chapter title alludes to will appear before you, 
crawling out of the wall to your right. It’s called a Rockworm, and you will be 
tasked with luring it by shooting a piece of glowing fruit off of the ceiling. 
This creature is virtually impervious to small arms fire. Globes of fruit are 
the mechanism by which you will progress behind others like it, using them as 
cover. Just don’t get too close to the mouth. As the Rockworm rears up it will 
seriously injure you, requiring that an ally revive you. On higher difficulties 
it will kill you outright.

The path curves to the right; you’ll notice a grindlift on a secluded platform 
to your left as you follow it. You can reach it, and [Collectible #14] at its 
base, by slicing through a set of vines. Past a second Rockworm you will come 
to a fork in the road. The centerpiece in the upcoming fight is a Troika 
turret, which is supported by a substantial number of grubs. Left is the high 
ground, while the right features a Rockworm for cover. I suggest the left, as 
it will prompt another Rockworm to emerge from the wall anyway. This one will 
be significantly closer to the enemy, providing optimal cover from behind which 
you can drop a grenade into the Troika nest. Just be aware that other grubs can 
man the turret after its previous operator dies. Also, reinforcements will drop 
down the ladders. Eliminate all Locust and then climb to the upper level.

A Ticker will detonate an obstruction to your right. Dispatch the additional 
Tickers that come scurrying in and proceed through the opening. You may be 
interested to note that the left wall ahead appears to be shifting. Whatever 
the disturbance is, it knocks loose a rock formation. Use it or the Rockworm 
for cover as an E-Hole opens at the other end of the chamber. Dispose of the  
grubs scaling it, then pass over the sealed E-Hole and follow the path as it 
arcs right.

A sniper takes a shot at you before hastily pulling back. Be cautious in 
pursuing him - overlooking the pathway around the corner is a Troika turret and 
additional snipers on a large outcropping. Scattered around the grindlift next 
to the sandbags are a couple of Longshot sniper rifles. Claim one if you wish 
(just note that any movement or turning eliminates accuracy) and slay the two 
snipers on the walkway. You can then begin picking off the grubs on the 
outcropping (turret operators are easy kills with a Longshot), or you can take 
a more subtle approach. A Rockworm appears as you advance down the path. Get 
behind it and follow closely (you will be ejected from cover if it moves too 
far ahead). A point of interest will eventually reveal a Locust explosive on 
the platform. Pop out of cover and put a hole in it to initiate a chain 
reaction that annihilates all remaining targets.

Regardless of which upcoming fork you choose, you will have an opportunity for 
sniper practice on a Locust patrol far below. Try to drop five. Trust me, it’s 
worth it! The two paths lead up different sides of a large outpost, complete 
with two Troika turrets. They guard opposite ladders, but their fields of fire 
overlap. Clear all grubs and a Reaver will descend - killing it offers you a 
moment to replenish ammunition. Behind the Troikas next to one ammo box at the 
rear is [Collectible #15]. You may want to plant a grenade or two near the 
doors to the left of the collectible, as they will soon fly open and Tickers, 
Wretches, Boomers, and a Drone will pile through. The nearby Troika is risky, 
if grenades fail to decimate the fresh arrivals. It doesn’t offer much 
protection from direct Boomshot hits and the Tickers and Wretches will flank 
you with ease. Cover may be the wiser alternative.

Proceed through the opened doors after the engagement. Further down the path, 
your view is drawn to several incoming grindlifts. Their occupants (Alpha Two) 
will come under heavy mortar fire - bolt ahead to engage the mortar crews. Even 
with the artillery neutralized, Alpha Two is still in trouble; hordes of grubs 
are overrunning their position. Pick up a mortar or man the Troika. If you 
acquired a sniper or a Boomshot, that will also come in handy. Wipe up the 
Locust to overcome the final encounter of this chapter.

[3-2-3] Chapter 3: Disturbing Revelations (Collectibles: 1)

Beyond the fungi-filled pool, it seems the Locust have constructed vast stone 
architecture. Here we combat a new enemy: The Kantus. He’s noisy as hell and it 
looks as though his breath could kill. Drones answer his bellowing screech, 
entering through two doors at ground level. Put the Kantus out of commission to 
stop the flow of Tickers, which it summons from the ground. Sniping is the 
simplest method of execution; a Longshot is available at the bottom of the 
stairs if necessary. Once the Kantus dies, another enters from the central 
doors, flanked by Wretches. Drop the Wretches and then the Kantus, prompting 
any remaining Drones to retreat. Two new pieces of equipment are dropped by the 
second Kantus: An Ink Grenade and a Gorgon Pistol. Ink Grenades disperse clouds 
of poisonous gas that inflict damage over time. Gorgon Pistols are likened to 
machine pistols.

Continue through the opened doors and look for [Collectible #16] on your right, 
next to a box of ammo. A set of Split Paths lie ahead.

~~ Split Path #1: Right Path ~~

Collect the grenades and ammunition if you need them. In the following chamber, 
you can use the Rockworm for cover as it pursues fruit, or you can rush 
straight past the creature to the other end. Troikas lack a decent turn rate, 
allowing you to slip past and quickly flank. After dispatching the operators, 
pull the lever and proceed through the door.

Pick one of the ladders ahead and be ready to confront the next turret operator 
at the top. Get the drop on the final Troika gunner, stationed halfway down the 
flight of stairs at the end. Man the turret, and as you begin tearing the room 
apart, the large doors on the right will slide open to permit a Boomer and 
additional grubs. Mop up and you’ll earn the achievement “That Sinking Feeling” 
as a cutscene ensues.

~~ Split Path #2: Left Path ~~

If you haven’t already grabbed one, I recommend taking the Longshot resting on 
the ground. You don’t need a sniper rifle, but you will be somewhat handicapped 
otherwise. Inside the next room, be sure to plant a grenade near the crates on 
your left. Dom and Carmine require the cover of a Rockworm below; shoot the 
globes of fruit hanging on the ceiling outside so that they can proceed.

Wretches will now attack from a hole behind the crates; finish those not killed 
by your grenade. (If you don’t mind the cheap tactic, you can repeatedly reload 
the last checkpoint to plant additional grenades and quickly unlock the 
achievement “Said the Spider to the Fly.”) Two Wretches also jump through a 
window to the right of the sealed door. Once you and your allies below have 
cleared the room, pull the levers in unison to move forward.

If you have a Longshot, you can snipe the Troika operator in the distance. If 
not, you will need to wait for Dom and Carmine to climb the ladders and take 
him out. Your team may or may not be of much help with the next turret. If not, 
and if you didn’t acquire a sniper rifle, you’ll have to either pick off the 
gunner with whatever you’ve got from the sandbags, or make a mad dash for the 
Rockworm that emerges from the left wall. Watch for surprise Tickers from the 
Kantus; also, the large doors part as the room is cleared to permit a Boomer 
and additional grubs. Silence the chamber to earn yourself the achievement 
“That Sinking Feeling” as a cutscene follows.

[3-2-4] Chapter 4: Sinking Feeling (Collectibles: 2)

Uh...woah. So much for Ilima. At least now we know what’s sinking the cities. A 
Raven crashes in the distance as you proceed, commencing a rescue mission. 
After you witness the falling building (that’s one spectacular set piece), a 
Stranded will be trying to escape a Bloodmount. Bloodmounts are large beasts 
ridden by the Locust. You can try to distract this one, but it will run down 
the Stranded regardless. As you pursue the Bloodmount through the debris, 
another Stranded will flee toward you. The Locust won’t display any interest in 
killing him except maybe to fire a few stray rounds in his direction, so focus 
instead on the Bloodmount and the grubs supporting it. The Bloodmount’s claws 
will rip you to shreds - don’t let it get within range! Also be aware that the 
rider will stand to continue the fight if his mount is killed first. The 
easiest (and most entertaining) means of finishing him off is to wait above 
with a revved chainsaw.

Advancing a short distance triggers a second Bloodmount and further grubs - 
eliminate them. Near the Bloodmount’s initial location, a car will be swallowed 
by a small sinkhole. [Collectible #17] waits to the right, behind a charred 
vehicle on a nearby overlook. Beware, as enemy snipers will have line of sight. 
Dispatch them, either here or after destroying a Reaver at the bend, if you 
lack the range.

A Corpser will burrow through the side of the sinkhole and withdraw. A bridge 
appears in its wake and Locust will file down it. Drop as many as possible; if 
you need a sniper rifle, you’ll find one to the left near the ammunition and 
grenades. Any surviving grubs will take cover in the nearby wreckage and lay 
siege to you and your squad. Another Reaver also lands, though it’s blocked by 
a large concrete slab. Dispose of all targets and proceed through the opening 
left by the slab after the Reaver falls. If you need more, you can find 
grenades around the left corner of the structure the Raven crashed into.

Head inside, and right into a Locust ambush. Wouldn’t it have been nice if we 
had heeded Cole’s warning? Take cover behind the door frame or the charred 
remains of a wall and begin picking off grubs. Cole soon arrives and puts the 
remaining Locust to shame - welcome back to Delta, Cole Train! He’ll inform you 
that he was separated from Baird and Tanner (Baird’s jumpmate) after the drop. 
We once again have a new objective, to assist in the search for our former 
squadmate and his partner.

Before leaving the building, look for a human corpse near a wall to the left of 
the exit; the soldier’s COG tags serve as [Collectible #18]. You will trigger a 
Reaver as you pass through a graveyard. After its death, more Drones will cross 
the bridge, with a Kantus bringing up the rear. Kantus are capable of reviving 
grubs from a distance, and that may prove a nuisance here. Wear them down and 
head across the bridge.

[3-2-5] Chapter 5: Captivity (Collectibles: 1)

Continue into the tunnel excavated by the worm and enter a misty cavern on the 
left. Climb a ramp before the crates (which are empty, in case you were 
wondering) and examine the body ahead. Unfortunately, it appears as though 
we’ve found one of the missing Gears. Baird is trapped in a Locust capsule 
around the corner; release him to receive the “Freebaird!” achievement.

Make a right in the next cavern - [Collectible #19] is located behind a crate. 
As you proceed, a point of interest will indicate something called a “beast 
barge,” aboard which Baird reports that the Locust are likely torturing 
prisoners. A handful of grubs are positioned on the dock around the corner; a 
Boomer also traverses the ramp leading from the barge. Kill them and board, 
prompting an elevator to carry a Grinder down on the right-hand side. Grinders 
are a Boomer variation that wield the Mulcher, a portable machine gun turret. 
Eliminate the creature and seize its weapon if you wish. The Mulcher compares 
to the Mortar in that it is classified as a heavy weapon.

Take the elevator to the second story and pull a lever on the support column to 
open the cells. There would seem to be nothing of interest on this barge. 
Continue up either ramp and engage the Drones at the top. After clearing the 
deck, pull the lever on the other side of the large mechanism in the center. 
Hide from the Reavers and the Troika aboard the distant barge. When your barge 
collides with one ahead, dispatch its crew (being wary of the Troika) and 
transfer over. Head below decks and open the cells on this level.

After the cutscene, you will be on the bottom floor of the beast barge. Drones 
and a second Grinder will attack from the dock; the bridge also lowers and they 
may try boarding (it’s a joke keeping them at a distance with the Mulcher). If 
some hang back and you can’t quite drop them from the barge, rush to solid 
ground and finish the job. Grenades and a Gorgon Pistol are on your left as you 
reach the other end of the bridge.

In the next cavern, the path winds down and around. A Kantus, two Bloodmounts, 
and additional grubs will start making their way up from below. The Mulcher is 
a real boon here, though not everyone has the patience to lug it across the 
Hollow. If you’ve abandoned it, make due with what you have available. Past a 
suspended bridge, you will encounter another Kantus and Bloodmount; kill them 
and you will reemerge into the Ilima sinkhole ahead. Dispose of the Drones that 
attack beyond the charred car. A building will crumble on your right, signaling 
the arrival of a Kantus and further grubs down the right fork. If you’d rather 
flank, take a left under the “Sodas” sign. A Reaver will appear momentarily.

Once all enemies have been handled, you’ll come to a second fork in the path. A 
pair of grenades lies down either route; behind a pile of debris on the left is 
also an ammo box. However, left is a dead end. Dispatch the additional grubs as 
you proceed down the right fork. You’ll be able to continue one of three ways. 
Ammo and grenades are available down the middle, around a corner to the left of 
the fuel station. If you choose either of the two paths leading around the 
station, you will encounter only one group of grubs. If you take the left, 
around the far side of the crumbling building, you will have to deal with two.

Another set of three routes lead to the LZ at the top of the final building. 
Ammunition and grenades are around the back left, while a box of ammo can also 
be obtained through the door in the front left of the structure. At the top you 
will be ambushed by a Kantus and numerous waves of grubs. A counter will appear 
on your screen, indicating time until evac. Maintain your position for those 30 
seconds and the Raven will ferry you to safety.

[3-2-6] Chapter 6: Intestinal Fortitude (Collectibles: 2)

Okay, so this doesn’t qualify as safety, but we’re not dead yet. Ahead on the 
ground to your left is a magazine serving as [Collectible #20]. You’ll earn the 
“Pack Rat” achievement for picking it up, provided you’ve also acquired all 
previous collectibles. Proceed down the path and turn the corner; you will 
observe sets of massive teeth that slam down and gradually rise back into 
place. Walk up to each group as they drop so that you are as close as possible, 
then dodge through when they rise. To ensure that you pass underneath as 
quickly as possible, hold A to continue into a roadie run. Be sure to approach 
the third array from the side only.

Ahead is a narrow passage being pummeled by additional teeth. The channel is 
too low as they hit – you’ll have to roadie run. Don’t stop for anything and 
carefully navigate around the protrusions on the right and then the left. 
Running into either forces you to stand, getting you killed immediately. Down 
the path on the other side you will encounter yet more teeth, this time with 
sets that smash together horizontally. Dodge through them as before.

Having successfully evaded the teeth, you will be introduced to an enemy unique 
to this environment – a parasite that surfaces from fleshy mounds in the lining 
of the worm’s cavities. Repel the creatures and continue, avoiding the hair-
like projections on either side of the chamber. They will damage and eventually 
kill you if you linger among them for too long.

After finding Carmine, a wall of half-digested material will tear down the 
path. Snag the Lancer if you don’t already have one and begin racing the 
debris. On the left side of the path before turning right and traveling up the 
ramp is [Collectible #21]. It can be difficult to see – you may need to dance 
around fast until the “pick me up” icon appears. Follow the path up, over, and 
back down. Shoot the fleshy opening to force it to expand, then pass through.

Cling to the left side of the chamber, then cross right and saw through the 
thin membrane. Follow the path as it shifts direction to the left and disturb 
the second opening. Sprint between the hairs in the following room and turn 
right. Dislodge the car, as designated by the point of interest, and pass 
safely over the hairs. Head left, then right, and cut open the next membrane to 
survive the race with the debris wall.

In this chamber it is necessary to shoot the acid jets to pass underneath. Hop 
off the ledge; if you need the ammo, you’ll find a Lancer to the right. Slip 
past the jets quickly, as they resume spraying before long. Avoid the pools of 
acid as the path narrows and jump down the next ledge. Ahead is a maze of toxic 
gas; I don’t recall ever having lingered here long enough to die, but it’s not 
worth risking. Take the right passage and keep to the left, turning a corner. 
Ahead you will soon spot the light at the end of the tunnel, literally. Dash 
for it and slice through the tissue wall to escape the maze.

Continue along the path, hopping down a couple of ledges and reaching another 
tissue wall. On the opposite side is your goal – the heart. Sever the two 
arteries to destroy it, then proceed through a new opening to the right of the 
dying organ. You’ll be ambushed by two groups of parasites, one shortly after 
you start hearing the second heartbeat and another on the next platform. Jump 
off a second ledge and saw through the membrane at the bottom. Cut each artery 
as you travel up the ramp on the left side of this heart’s chamber.

Move through the opening and around the next room. You will hear, ridiculously 
enough, yet another heartbeat. Jump down and cut through the membrane to find 
its source. Pumping blood to the third heart are four arteries, two on either 
side. Parasites will attack; ignore them as much as possible, being that they 
spawn endlessly. After the first artery is detached, the blood level will begin 
elevating. Rapidly sever the remaining arteries before you drown. As the 
chapter concludes, you will unlock the Kantus for multiplayer as well as the 
“Heartbroken” achievement.

[3-3-0] Act III: Gathering Storm

[3-3-1] Chapter 1: Dirty Little Secret (Collectibles: 0)

Begin down the path. After two rights you will reach the front of the facility; 
kick open the door on the right at the entrance and continue inside. Head right 
and down the long hallway. If you are so inclined you can claim either a Boltok 
or Gorgon Pistol through the second door on the left. At the end, a cutscene 
will initiate in which Marcus requests a blast charge be prepared for the high 
security door blocking our progress. While Baird readies that, it’d be best if 
we scout the facility. Hopefully, we can restore the power.

Proceed down the winding corridor. It will open onto a storage space in which a 
pile of boxes in the corner are mysteriously toppled. In the room off to the 
side, you will discover a Scorcher flamethrower. Flamethrowers are rare enough 
in video games to still feel like somewhat of a novelty. Thankfully, this one 
is readily portable, unlike the useless burden that was the Flamethrower in 
Halo 3. Pull the lever in the room ahead and backtrack to the storage area. Our 
initial entry point has been sealed; flip the switch at the other end of the 
room instead. To the right in the next section of the facility a large pack of 
Wretches will attack. (Honestly, who didn’t see this coming?)

Kill the Wretches and then search for the ammo box. Turn the wheel nearby to 
raise the shutter door and regroup with Baird and Cole outside. Dom will take 
one end of the blast charge and you’ll have the other, as you return to the 
facility to deliver the explosive. I admire the inclusion of unique gameplay 
sequences such as this, but struggling with Dom to guide the bomb can be rather 
irritating. To make matters worse, you are only able to use your pistol.

In any event, navigate onto the loading platform near the shutter door and Jack 
will activate it. Back in the facility, you will soon be attacked by additional 
Wretches. The easiest approach may be to simply let them close and pistol-whip 
them. (Just don’t get downed - Baird wasn’t kidding about dropping the bomb.) 
Jack will rip the door straight ahead; after clearing the immediate area, 
dispatch the Wretches in the next room and make your way back down the hallway 
to the right. Dispose of the Wretches that drop through the ceiling and escort 
the charge to the security door. How’s that for proper identification?

[3-3-2] Chapter 2: Origins (Collectibles: 3)

Proceed through the door you just blew wide open and up the stairs. Inside a 
small office on the right will be [Collectible #22], next to a Boltok Pistol. 
Note the vista of the grounds in the next room. After a segment of dialogue 
with the strange intelligence presiding over security, Jack will begin ripping 
the only other door. Continue through and down the stairs, once Command has 
brushed you off. Kick in the door to the right at the bottom and press the 
switch around the corner for the turret defense system to clear the Wretches in 
the adjacent room. Be sure to deactivate the turrets afterwards.

Head down the hallway outside and kick open the door to where the Wretches were 
just slaughtered. In the hallway beyond this room, there is another turret to 
the left. Grenades are in the room to the left of the turret, but otherwise it 
is of no concern. The path instead continues down the opposite corridor. A door 
will be ajar on the right; inside, kick open the next door to find [Collectible 
#23] in a cramped office. Return to the hallway. In the last door on the right 
lies a Scorcher.

Use cover to advance near the turret that activates down the adjacent hallway. 
The first room on the right is empty – your goal is the second. Inside are the 
turret controls, although there isn’t much reason to use them outside of co-op 
mode, as I don’t recall the AI ever being stupid enough to get downed by the 
security system. Kill the upcoming Wretch pack from the relative safety of the 
next hallway; inside the room beyond are exceedingly dangerous flame turrets 
embedded in the wall. Enter cover to the right of the defenses and perform SWAT 
turns to pass safely, interacting with the deactivation controls if you’re 
concerned about your partner.

Proceed down the next hallway. Several turrets are sweeping at various angles 
in the adjacent corridor. The safest approach is to kick in the door straight 
ahead; the disarming switch is easily within reach at the other end of the 
showers, to the left through the door. Pass the turrets and enter the 
courtyard, eliminating a Wretch pack before heading for the entrance on the 
right. A mass of Wretches will burst through - drop them and continue into the 
hallway once back inside, dodging past a turret. The best piece of cover in the 
kitchen is a lone object in the back right-hand corner; take cover on its right 
side and dispatch the Wretches, perhaps with a little assistance from the 
turrets. Dodge through the first turret’s field of fire and rush down the other 
half of the room when clear of the second turret’s beam. The deactivation 
switch for the kitchen is to the left outside.

Further down the hallway, Baird will inform you via radio that the weather has 
taken a turn for the worse. In the following room at the end of the twisting 
passage, two turrets are covering the large partition to the left. Step within 
this division to trigger a wave of Wretches. (Oh, enough Wretches 
already...what is this, Gears 1?) Mop up whichever survive the turrets. The 
controls are at the back, near a small room in which [Collectible #24] rests 
next to a Scorcher. Turn off the defenses and proceed through the doors the 
Wretches issued from. Avoid the turrets by moving along the left side of the 
room and passing behind the table. Descend the staircase and you will encounter 
additional turrets in the hallway below. As you move toward them, one last 
group of Wretches will fly through the door. Again, finish off those not taken 
care of by the turrets, then roadie run to the end to quickly bypass them all. 
Jack will cut open a fence around the corner as Baird elaborates on the awful 
weather conditions. (Huh. What’s Razorhail?)

Head through the fence and down the stairs to the left to discover another pair 
of Split Paths. They aren’t long or involved enough to warrant their own 
descriptions, so very briefly: Down the right path you undertake the role of 
“laser bait,” while the left requires that you power down the security measures 
for your partner. On the left, each panel is enabled shortly after the previous 
switch is pressed. It’s even less involved than the right, especially in a solo 
campaign where the AI handles all the timing. If you choose the slightly more 
engaging alternative, be sure to keep in step. Soon after one pair of turrets 
powers down, those behind come back online. Simultaneously press the buttons at 
the end to access the heart of the facility.

I wonder what’s in those tanks? (No, seriously, it’s never clearly explained in 
this game.) In the next room, Jack begins cutting through the fence at the base 
of the stairs as the dialogue progresses. At the top, a point of interest will 
indicate when you are able to interact with the lever in the center.

[3-3-3] Chapter 3: Rude Awakening (Collectibles: 2)

In the lab at the bottom of the staircase, head left and you will be introduced 
to one of the so-called “Sires.” Sawing a Sire in half is the only method that 
guarantees it will stay down. Otherwise, the monsters may rise several times to 
resume fighting. Hopefully you still have your Lancer, as this one shatters its 
stasis tube and attacks. Scorchers are also fairly effective, if you happened 
to hold onto one. Turn right and move along the back wall. The rate at which 
one of Sires will rage against the inside of its tank is ludicrous, but for all 
that it won’t break free. However, make another right and two other Sires will, 
while an additional two barrel through the nearby gate. Deal with them.

Proceed slowly in the next lab, as many waves of a few Sires each will escape 
confinement. If you need it, a Scorcher is located against the back left wall 
next to an ammo box. Continue through the third and final lab, fighting your 
way to the far end. Interact with the gate as soon as the tide of enemies 
subsides. Should you need to fend off more Sires, back away from the gate with 
X when not rotating the wheel using A. The Sires will not spawn infinitely; if 
you’d rather eliminate the pressure, endure until the waves cease.

Marcus and Dom will hurry through the gate before the door seals behind a blast 
shield. After regaining control, you will find that you have reached the 
security mainframe. Pull the lever down the aisle in the center of the room to 
shut Niles up for good. The only other door will rise; take the stairs and turn 
right. In the following area, Locust will blow through the left wall near the 
back (including several Flame Grenadiers, who wield Scorchers). Turret controls 
are in a small room at the back right if you’d prefer having the security 
defenses cut the enemy down to size. Aim for the fuel tanks on the Flame 
Grenadiers’ backs to puncture them and watch as their users are consumed by 
balls of fire. Just be sure to remain at a distance, as a Flame Grenadier with 
a ruptured tank may try taking you with him.

Deactivate the turret and take cover at the overturned table on the other side 
of the hole created by the Locust; you’ll trigger another Flame Grenadier and a 
Bolter. Dispose of them, then take the first door on the left (as opposed to 
the corridor with the turret positioned directly ahead). Ignore the Locust 
across the corridor and continue into the small nearby room. Flip the switch to 
retract the turret in the center and raise one on the opposite side. After it 
mows down the Locust, mantle over the windowsill and turn left. In the parallel 
hallway, take cover at the desk on the left and eliminate the Flame Grenadier 
and the Drone at the other end. Around the corner and through the door you can 
find a pair of grenades on your left; additional Locust are to the right. Cover 
is set up well so that you can advance as close as necessary to finish off the 
enemy. Make a right at the end, kick open the doors, and take cover - Locust 
will attack through the opposite doors. Let them pour into the center and 
you’ll witness just how destructive razorhail can be.

With the Locust turned to ribbons, circle around the room’s outer edge and exit 
the facility. Roadie run through the hail into the small building on your right 
to claim [Collectible #25]. Dart back out and head into the next building. Pick 
off the grub in the train car, then board it and pull the brake release on the  
left to get rolling. Feel free to return fire at the Locust on the platforms 
(being wary of the Grinder), but it’s entirely unnecessary. Disembark when the 
train comes to a halt. Grubs (including snipers) will surface from an E-Hole, 
taking position at the barricades opposite the platform. Bring the fight to the 
Locust by proceeding down the ramp to the right and passing through the train 
car. I’d advise grabbing a Longshot after the engagement.

In the next structure, drop the sniper on the opposing side and his accomplice 
to the left. The wheel nearby turns the shutter door into makeshift cover from 
the razorhail. Pass underneath and mantle over the low wall. Rotate the next 
wheel, but before leaving the building, slay as many Locust outside with the 
Longshot as you can. Reenter the structure through the last shutter door. Dodge 
back out through the razorhail to reach another train car, but before climbing 
onboard, turn and run into the building to the left of the one you just worked 
your way through. On the wall near the box of ammo is [Collectible #26], a 
cluster of tally marks. Return to the train and initiate the next ride. Be 
careful, as you will be assaulted from both sides this time. Leave the train 
when it rolls to a stop and climb the ladder around the back.

Follow the path, dodging through the breach in the canopy. You will recognize 
the front of the facility ahead; we’re almost back, but we’ve got a small army 
of Locust to put down first. Sprint between shelters, plowing through the grubs 
that climb from E-Holes. Under the third structure, Maulers will approach from 
the distance. Maulers are a Boomer variant equipped with an impenetrable 
“Boomshield” and an explosive flail. Here they use the Boomshield as cover from 
the razorhail, leaving themselves fully exposed. Capitalize on the opportunity 
and gun the Maulers down before they begin wreaking havoc in close quarters. 
Pick up a shield and head into the hail (or just wait for it to stop). The 
shield can be planted in the ground as cover by pressing A while aiming. Clear 
the grubs from the next E-Hole at the corner of the facility and return to the 
Centaur. You will need to defend it from a Reaver swarm as Baird fixes the 
damage dealt by the razorhail. Two of them will land, one after the other. 
Terminate both to complete the last objective of the chapter.

[3-3-4] Chapter 4: Ascension (Collectibles: 0)

We finally arrive at a vehicle section, driving the Centaur up Mount Kadar in 
search of an entrance to the Inner Hollow. This is a stark improvement over the 
vehicle sequence in the first title, which basically had us pointing a giant 
flashlight to ward off a bunch of bats...yeah, I’ll take the tank any day.

Aim the Centaur’s turret with the Right Control Stick and tilt the Left Stick 
forward to move in the direction in which you are aiming (think Warthog, if 
you’ve ever played Halo). Firing and reloading work exactly as on foot, while A 
engages the boost feature. The extent of the damage the Centaur has sustained 
is indicated by flames issuing from its hull; Baird will occasionally make 
repairs, returning it to full integrity.

Regardless of which initial fork you choose, you’ll have to handle Boomers, 
Reavers, and masses of grubs (some on Troikas). The left is considerably 
shorter and more straightforward. You can blow through the light barricades 
consisting of sheet metal; if you choose the right, you’ll have to take a ramp 
to the side of a more substantial roadblock. The paths merge after your first 
jump (or your second, if you went right). You’ll encounter two more outposts 
before making another jump.

Seeders will rain down Nemacysts as you attempt to cross the frozen lake ahead, 
punching gaping holes in the ice. The path carved out for you will loop to the 
right and back around to the opposite bank. Take it slow and steady, and don’t 
bother boosting even as you approach the other side, given the awful traction. 
Two Reavers will attack as you make landfall; dispatch them and proceed over 
the next lake. Head for the shore to the far right. Curve left before the 
second breach in the surface and around the back, killing the Reaver that lands 
near the lakeside.

Back on solid ground, a trail is obscured by a cluster of trees, to the side of 
the building. You can follow that along the cliff face, or you can take the 
slightly less scenic route to the left. Either way, you will encounter a couple 
of Reavers. Annihilate the Locust outpost at the intersection of the trails, as 
well as a pair of Reavers around the first left turn beyond that. Shortly after 
disposing of another Reaver at the top of the hill, you will catch sight of two 
Seeders on a ridge – presumably those that tried giving us an ice bath in the 
lakes. Snipe them off the cliff before they inundate you with artillery fire.

Continue up the mountain, shredding another couple of Reavers. You’ll discover 
that the bridge you need to cross has collapsed. Instead, head to the right, 
boosting off a natural ramp. Two Reavers will descend as you reach the crest of 
this peak, one after another. Destroy them and the one that perches on the 
ridge to the right slightly further down. Around the bend, a heavily fortified 
outpost bars access to the mountain’s entrance. Before you begin stripping its 
defenses, eliminate the Reaver that lands halfway down the ramp. Then, shell as 
much of the outpost as possible from the distance. Approaching before the area 
is clear brings you within range of multiple turrets, including a rocket 
launcher similar in design to the version Reavers carry. The tower is 
vulnerable when Baird urges to strike it. It will topple, fracturing the gate.

As you progress into Mount Kadar, ambient light will wane until the environment 
is near pitch black, at which point Marcus turns on the Centaur’s headlights. A 
Corpser will burst through the cave wall and retreat. Advance through the 
opening, enjoying the scenery as you crawl through the cave network. Ignore the 
Brumak that looses a rocket volley at the path in front and drive off another 
ledge, plummeting far enough to stall the Centaur for a prolonged period. As 
Baird races to restore power, three Corpsers will descend upon your position. 
Once turret controls are back online, be ready to nail each one as it lifts its 
legs to attack. At the bottom of the jump ahead, you will face three Brumaks. 
Swerve to avoid the rocket salvos (looping around the column is a valid tactic) 
and blast each five times to finish the chapter. Your reward is the achievement 
“Tanks for the Memories.”

[3-3-5] Chapter 5: Displacement (Collectibles: 1)

Quite an impressive landscape, isn’t it? I find the drop rather awe inspiring. 
After a segment of dialogue you will be reintroduced to an old foe, the Theron. 
He’s equipped with an equally familiar weapon, the Torque Bow. As a refresher, 
the Torque Bow fires arrows tipped with explosives. If the weapon is charged 
sufficiently, its arrows penetrate and deliver their payload directly into the 
target for maximum damage. The best vantage point is down a parallel path on 
the right, which leads about halfway to the Theron. At the end is also a spare 
Torque Bow. If you’d like to use it but don’t want to bother waiting for the 
Theron to pop out of cover, aim to its side. One or two shots and the splash 
damage should finish him.

You’ll soon be confronted by several grubs and another Theron; a Locust gunboat 
also patrols the waters to the left. (Gears 2 is just packed with new content 
fleshing out its universe.) Ignore the gunboat as much as possible and creep 
forward, wiping out the ground forces. A series of ruined staircases separates 
this section from the following; Wretches will attack near it and on the other 
side is a Kantus, a Flame Grenadier, and a Drone. You can acquire grenades and 
a Torque Bow on the central platform up the stairs, while [Collectible #27] 
sits at the very top. Destroy the gunboat when it pulls alongside the shore by 
detonating the explosives onboard, then cross over the wreckage.

A second gunboat will dock ahead, unloading additional grubs and a Kantus. At 
the foot of the steps after the brief cutscene will be a Longshot and a Torque 
Bow – take your pick and drop the fresh arrivals. As you continue through the 
ruins to the base of the pier, you will encounter a Bloodmount, a Kantus, and a 
pair of grubs. Kill them. A final group of Locust will be delivered to the end 
of the pier, consisting of grubs and a Grinder. Eliminate them and proceed 
toward the rowboat (you must pick up the Mulcher now if you intend to use it). 
The vessel has filled with water, rendering it useless.

A gunboat smashes into the pier, fragmenting it and sending you adrift. So, now 
we’re fighting across an enormous underground lake with hostile assault craft 
swooping in from all angles. That’s my definition of epic! The gunboat will be 
apparently unaffected by the collision, instead turning to pursue you. Dispatch 
its crew. I doubt it does anything of significance (except taking the odd grub 
with it), but you can also blow out the spotlight. Another vessel will approach 
on the right as the first veers off. Defend yourself until it withdraws, when 
you enter a portion of the waterway exposed to Imulsion.

The Locust will overcome their hesitation and resume the chase. Take out the 
Flame Boomer aboard the next gunboat and hurry over to it as your burning raft 
is consumed by the depths. After the cutscene, you will first be attacked on 
the right. A second assault craft pulls alongside on the left, followed by 
another carrying a Grinder. The final gunboat will sail ahead of yours before 
drifting to the right side; while it loiters in front, the easiest option is 
the Troika at the bow. As the Locust break off, you will continue into a 
tunnel. Can you guess what’s waiting at the other end?

[3-3-6] Chapter 6: Brackish Waters (Collectibles: 0)

Well, okay, so you might not have anticipated the giant waterfall, but you knew 
the sea monster was coming eventually. Its official name is the Leviathan, and 
this chapter is dedicated solely to its encounter.

~~ Boss Fight: Leviathan ~~

Grab the Lancer in the center of the gunboat if you swapped yours out earlier. 
The Leviathan will try dragging you to a watery grave by wrapping its tentacle 
around the vessel. Avoid the tentacle as it slaps the gunboat, then run up and 
chainsaw it. (Or, simply tag it with a grenade.) Do this three times to advance 
the fight. In the following stage, the Leviathan bites the front of the craft – 
shoot it in the eye to force it off. If you’re running low, now is a good time 
to collect grenades at the bow.

When the Leviathan next latches onto the boat, shoot it in the eye and quickly 
sprint into its mouth before it clamps down again. Inside, shoot the appendages 
(or “polyps”) as they turn blue at the tips; after three, the throat is 
susceptible to a grenade toss. The actual opening will be writhing - I advise 
that you aim for the Leviathan’s centerline. The monster withdraws, requiring 
that you repeat the process until you’ve executed three successful throws. Note 
that it may still slam the gunboat with its tentacle between bites.

For completing Act III, you will receive the achievement “Water Sports” and 
access to Tai in multiplayer. Well done!

[3-4-0] Act IV: Hive

[3-4-1] Chapter 1: Priorities (Collectibles: 1)

Disembark from the gunboat and proceed up the path. (It’s not entirely clear 
how we arrived given the fact that the Leviathan killed the two creatures 
propelling the craft, but it’s better than being stuck in Act III forever I 
suppose.) This is a relatively short chapter, serving mostly to address major 
plot points as you run between cutscenes. After the first, continue inside, 
mantle over the barricade, and activate the lift. Another cutscene triggers 
above. Take a second elevator back down, then rotate the wheel to shut a series 
of floodgates. As you mantle into the first channel, grubs will attack through 
the opposite door, one of them a sniper. A Drone will attempt reopening the 
floodgates to sweep you away with the current. Kill him quickly!

Dispatch the remaining grubs and head down the next elevator. I’d recommend 
taking the Longshot with you; additional ammo is at the bottom. In the 
succeeding area, a Mauler will approach from the back right as Wretches swarm 
from the back left. Eliminate the Wretches when they close, but concentrate on 
the Mauler. Shooting a Mauler forces it to crouch behind the protection of its 
shield, slowing it considerably but making for a more difficult kill. Fire at 
the Mauler’s feet to finish it off. If it closes, the Mauler goes berserk, 
ignoring its shield regardless of incoming damage and attacking relentlessly.

A spotlight activates as you cross the bridge the Wretches originated from. You 
will be assaulted by a Theron and a handful of grubs, including a Troika 
operator and a sniper through the doorway on the right. Destroy the spotlight, 
if for nothing else than to remove the glare. Snipe the Troika gunner and clear 
the remaining Locust, then continue over the bridge and up the stairs to your 
left. Do NOT interact with the terminal indicated by the point of interest, but 
instead the other active display past it. You will receive [Collectible #28]. 
Complete the chapter by returning to the first terminal.

[3-4-2] Chapter 2: Answers (Collectibles: 1)

This section is as short or shorter than the last. I don’t mind brief, concise 
chapters, but when they occur consecutively they may as well just be combined, 
rather than acting as padding at the campaign lobby. Fortunately, the rest of 
the chapters in Act IV are substantial.

You’ll start in a tunnel populated with capsules similar to the one you busted 
Baird out of in Act II. As you proceed, your attention will be drawn to another 
terminal. You can skip it and those following if you’d rather not be bothered; 
you only need to interact with one at the end, and I’ll point out when that is. 
Ahead, you’ll encounter a Locust patrol. You have the option of trailing them, 
but rather than artificially dragging out the chapter, you’ll probably just 
want to blow them away. If you engage, you will be contending with a Mauler, a 
Theron, and two Drones. A grenade throw is a perfect opening to the ambush.

(The Deleted Scene: Road to Ruin is included in the Dark Corners map pack. It 
fits immediately after this chapter and provides the option for a considerable 
amount of stealth-based gameplay, if you’re itching to be sneaky. I cover Road 
to Ruin below the shipped campaign.)

[Collectible #29] is near the back wall to the left of the terminal the patrol 
paused to examine. Beyond two others you’ll pass through a gate – interact with 
the terminal at the far end, in the corner. As Jack searches for the capsule 
holding Maria, you will be confronted by multiple waves of Locust. The first 
two waves consist of a Bloodmount and Wretches; one comes from the right and 
the next charges down the left. A Grinder, a pair of Drones, and more Wretches 
will then attack from the right. Alternating again, the final wave enters from 
the left, consisting of grubs and a couple of Therons. The chapter concludes 
with a cutscene and you will receive the achievement “There’s a Time for Us.”

[3-4-3] Chapter 3: Hornets’ Nest (Collectibles: 2)

The lever in front raises and lowers panels of cover. There’s no need for it 
now, but you ought to be familiar with this mechanic, as it applies to upcoming 
fights. Before proceeding around the corner, you may want to snatch the Torque 
Bow near the box of ammo in the back left. Take the stairs and head down the 
corridor on your right, then turn left at the end to find [Collectible #30] on 
the floor. Continue around the following corner and kick in the door to 
initiate a cutscene.

Afterwards, you’ll be in a sizable firefight with an assortment of grubs. Don’t 
take cover beyond the brazier, or Dom may leapfrog too far ahead and leave 
himself exposed to the grubs on the walkway above, likely getting you killed as 
you try to protect the idiot computer. A Theron will appear at the tower window 
as you push forward, in addition to a couple of Drones who enter from the 
corridor to the left side of the tower’s base (an explosive canister is in an 
ideal location to annihilate these grubs as they rush past). Your goal is a 
switch inside the room occupied by the Theron. Clear the Locust, but before 
heading up the spiral staircase, plant a grenade at the end of the left 
corridor. If you need more, you can find a pair on the walkway, beyond the 
tower and the slab of rock. Flip the switch and watch as two Flame Grenadiers 
storm into the terrace – and right into your grenade. Eliminate the Therons who 
follow, noting that only one would be considered highly dangerous as the others 
forego the Torque Bow in favor of standard Hammerbursts.

Several enemies wait through the opened door, one of them being a Grenadier who 
makes a mad dash for your position from in front; you also need to be prepared 
for a Bloodmount that normally attacks from the right. With two close quarters 
threats fast approaching, it may be wise to rapidly plant more grenades. 
Dispose of the menaces and pick off the Drones. As you continue, another Drone 
will burst through a door directly ahead. Kill him, then proceed inside. 
Grenades can be found at the bottom of the stairs.

In the following plaza, you can pop a few shots at an explosive on the opposite 
side before the mass of grubs spot you and cover rises in response to your 
presence. Pull the lever to engage two rows of cover for yourself. If you don’t 
already have a sniper, you can find one to the left behind the ammo box. A 
point of interest will indicate a Drone attempting to lower your cover using a 
remote lever - drop him. Dispatch the Reaver that joins the fray and another 
will perform a flyby, destabilizing a rock formation. Advance through the 
debris, bearing down on and mopping up the surviving grubs. Finally, eliminate 
the pair of Grinders that appear from the gate at the end. Don’t bother with 
the Mulcher, as you need mobility.

Inside the gate, make a left and then break into a run as you turn right and 
continue up the steps. Doors will begin closing; through the second directly 
ahead at the top of the double staircases, [Collectible #31] is on the right. 
Pull the switch at the other end and man the Troika as the door in front lifts, 
then tear the room apart (just be mindful the Grenadier, who can turn you to 
shreds with a well-placed grenade). You’ll catch sight of two Butchers (Boomers 
wielding giant meat cleavers) before they succumb to your hail of bullets. As 
you move forward, another wave of grubs will attack from the next door. In 
addition, a Flame Grenadier triggers near the end.

Clear the area and proceed through the archway. To the left at the end of the 
upper hallway, you can replenish grenades and ammunition. Through the central 
door, you’ll spy a Flame Grenadier to the left on a catwalk above (he may spawn 
slightly out of sight behind the pillar). His back will be exposed; put a hole 
in his fuel tanks to collapse the entire catwalk, sending it into the turbine 
below. Two Butchers also navigate the path along the outer edge of the room - 
grenades planted in anticipation of their arrival are highly effective. Clean 
up the Drones on the left side of the chamber and continue.

Back outdoors (as far as the giant cavern around the palace can be considered 
the outdoors), pull the lever ahead to raise cover on the upper platform. You 
can advance even closer to the grubs in the circular formation by detonating an 
explosive drum on a ledge to the right, which topples a stone column. Dispatch 
the grubs (naturally, grenades thrown into the middle work well) and enter the 
circle. You must defend Jack as he broadcasts the Gears-are-going-to-rain-down-
and-kick-your-ass signal. After the cutscene, you will be under assault by not 
only grubs, but Tickers. Reengage the circular cover and fend them off. As 
their numbers diminish, two Reavers will descend in succession – the first in 
the general direction of the other Locust and the second behind you. When they 
drop, the wall retracts near where the last Reaver touched down, revealing a 
Mortar operator. Nail him quickly or be prepared to leap sideways from under 
the incoming artillery fire. His death unlocks the “Better Wrapped in Beacon” 
achievement, for having protected Jack during the transmission.

In the final stretch of this chapter, we’ll be pushing along a wide, open 
terrace at the cliff’s edge, partitioned by retractable walls. Mop up any 
remaining grubs, then proceed over the already retracted segment and pull the 
lever. Grindlifts will begin plunging all throughout the Inner Hollow. Oorah! 
Besides granting access to the following section, the lever is supposed to 
raise a nearby row of cover, though at times this appears arbitrary. Multiple 
pulls should achieve the desired effect, though you may just want to take 
shelter at the initial panel. Make use of grenades, a Mortar, and/or the Locust 
explosives to bypass the enemy’s cover in the remaining three divisions. In all 
of them, you must contend with a Mortar operator. Otherwise, you’ll face a 
variety of grubs in the first and second divisions. The second and third walls 
lower automatically when you clear the preceding sections, though you will 
still want to pull levers for more cover.

In addition to a Mortar operator, the final wave consists of Tickers and two 
Grinders. Conveniently, the grindlift carrying Baird and Cole will smack into a 
nearby tower, giving them a clear vantage point from which to offer support. 
When you have finished, head up the staircase on the right to formally regroup, 
then continue up a second flight of stairs after the cutscene. Collect the 
supplies if you require them and flip the switch.

[3-4-4] Chapter 4: No Turning Back (Collectibles: 2)

As you reach full height and begin the journey across, four Reavers will barrel 
in one after another from the left, trying to ram the gondola and knock it off 
its cable. If you need a strong mid-range option, a Lancer and a Hammerburst 
are at the front of the lift. Save ammo for when the Reavers close (rather than 
having to reload when your shots count the most), and be sure to lead your 
targets as they bob and weave. An enemy gondola will next approach from the 
opposite direction; eliminate its passengers and mantle over, before your lift 
detaches and plummets into the lake of Imulsion surrounding the palace. Resume 
by pressing the button at the forward left, then dispatch two more Reavers on 
the right to ensure your safe passage.

Disembark and continue left. After observing the mysterious firefight, head up 
the spiral staircase and look for [Collectible #32] on the dial to the left. 
Turn around and take the stairs at the other end, pulling a lever at the bottom 
to raise cover as you come under fire by grubs and a Kantus. Drop them. On the 
next landing, down a single flight of stairs, flip the switch to initiate 
another set of Split Paths.

~~ Split Path #1: Lift with Troika Turret ~~

This is a very straightforward choice. The elevator will descend one level at a 
time for three levels. On the first level, concentrate fire on the doors at the 
end as enemies pour through. The Locust will be slightly better prepared on the 
last two floors, having already occupied the platforms. It’s not even worth 
noting the enemy composition; there are some Boomer variants, but stay on the 
Troika and you shouldn’t experience any problems. Note that explosives line 
each platform to make your job easier. After clearing the third and final 
level, dismount the turret and pull the switch to the left of the main doors at 
the end in order to regroup with the rest of your team.

~~ Split Path #2: Stairwell ~~

Proceed down the stairs. Dom, who is manning the Troika, will be able to gun 
down most if not all of the Locust as the lift reaches the first level. 
Expedite the process, being vigilant of Tickers summoned by the Kantus 
(especially around the explosive cylinders). Cover will lower to confirm the 
defeat of all enemies. Use the switch around the corner to the right, prompting 
the elevator to descend further. Take the stairs and support your squadmates 
from the walkway (watch the Kantus and the Boomers), then move toward the lift 
but make a right before it, down another staircase. Flip the switch on the 
first landing and assist Dom and Baird from the bottom as they assault the 
third level – just keep your head down if you attract the attention of the 
Grinders. Wait for your allies on platform below to pull a lever, then regroup 
through the doors triggered behind you.

~~ End Split Paths ~~

The Locust are again fighting one another ahead. There are several significant 
dangers in the room due to the cramped quarters along the upper walkways: The 
Boomers can strike the wall behind you for splash damage, and the Kantus can 
summon Tickers within reach of you or make the tight space even tighter with 
Ink Grenades. You can activate a switch to the lower left to extend a bridge, 
allowing access to more spacious cover on the other side. Or, if you are 
satisfied with the cover available, the bridge will be engaged for you as the 
Locust are cleared. Head across and turn left to find [Collectible #33] at the 
end, next to the ammunition. Pull the switch beside the door and proceed down 
the newly risen stairs outside.

At the conclusion of the cutscene, you are attacked by a pair of Grinders from 
the enormous doors in front. Reenter cover and dispose of them. After a few 
brief lines of dialogue, a Grenadier will barge through a door near the base of 
the steps raised earlier. Kill him, then continue through the door and down the 
staircase. You will arrive at a balcony, below which another skirmish in the 
Locust civil war is raging. Including ordinary grubs, you will confront a 
Kantus and a Flame Grenadier.

Silence the two rooms and enter the right-hand door in the second, which opens 
shortly. As you advance through the chamber, an elevator will rise and deliver 
a formidable assortment of troops, including a Kantus, two Therons, and two 
Maulers. Toss grenades quickly as the Locust ascend to soften them up, and 
don’t be hesitant about giving ground if they close. A cutscene follows when 
you’ve bested them.

[3-4-5] Chapter 5: The Best-Laid Plans (Collectibles: 2)

The palace entrance is at the top of the stairs, beyond a circular formation of 
cover. As you approach, Baird’s suspicions of an ambush are validated when 
panels slide open revealing guards at the left windows. You can withdraw at any 
time to force an end to this encounter. If you’d rather fight, take shelter on 
the right side of the left half of the circle and return fire. Step on the 
switch in the center to restore cover when it begins dropping, then pick off 
the guards that attack from the right.

As you backtrack down the upper flight of stairs, turn right and proceed around 
the left side of the palace. Cover embedded in the ground will rise based on 
proximity. More Locust also appear, including Tickers and a Theron riding a 
Bloodmount. Dispatch them and confront the Kantus and the basic Theron at a 
lift further around the back of the structure. Before riding the lift, continue 
around the palace; you will find [Collectible #34] on a doorstep past another 
switch in the floor, and a Torque Bow at the very end if you are so inclined to 
head that far. Return to and activate the lift.

Pass the Bloodmount cages and pull the switch to initiate a (very brief) set of 
Split Paths.

~~ Split Path #1: Lower Path ~~

Move toward the ammo box. The doorway seals, though others open to your left. 
Be cautious if playing solo, as your allies above may neglect to dispose of a 
Grinder at a window in the second room, which will have line of sight to your 
level. If this happens, you will need to handle it yourself, either now or 
shortly after the paths merge. Regardless, you will be challenged by a Mauler 
and a Flame Boomer. Kill them and a second Bloodmount-riding Theron spawns. 
Deal with them as well and the barbs blocking the doors ahead will part, 
allowing you to regroup.

~~ Split Path #2: Upper Path ~~

Support Dom and Baird from the windows, being careful of the Grinder on the 
opposite side of your level. Below are a Flame Boomer and a Mauler, with a 
second Theron on a Bloodmount afterwards. At the base of the stairs, make a 
couple of rights and step on the switch in the middle to allow your squadmates 

~~ End Split Paths ~~

Before returning outside and descending the staircase spiraling around the 
exterior of the structure, take the stairs through the opposite doorway. You 
will find [Collectible #35] at the base of the following flight (in front of 
the ammo box you were teased with, if you took the Lower Path). You can also 
discover an incredible easter egg on the platform overlooking the exterior 
staircase. Blast the top of the stone post fixed between the outermost 
supporting columns to expose what else other than a toaster. Interact with it 
to trigger a brief chain of dialogue.

When you’ve finished, proceed down the stairs. You’ll encounter more Therons 
wielding the usual Torque Bows, but also assault rifles and shotguns. They are 
succeeded by a swarm of Tickers and then another wave of palace guards. In the 
final room at the bottom, you must clear a Kantus and additional Therons, one 
of which is again equipped with a Torque Bow. After doing so, sit back and 
enjoy a cutscene that’ll split your sides. Of the entire game, this is easily 
Cole’s defining moment!

[3-4-6] Chapter 6: Royal Inquisition (Collectibles: 1)

Stock up on weapons and ammunition. Through the door, [Collectible #36] can be 
found between a pillar and the left wall. Activate the lever near the edge to 
commence another pair of Split Paths. They are symmetrical (requiring that you 
sweep down either side of the large hall), so there’s no sense explaining it 
twice. You will first encounter basic Therons and a Mauler – take them out. In 
the following segment of the hall, Tickers will rush through the door ahead, 
shepherded by a single palace guard. Pick them off and continue to the third 
section, repelling a Mauler and more guards as they attack from the ledge to 
the side of the sealed door.

Help Dom and Baird with their half of the room. If you attempt to cross the 
ledge before securing the other side, you’ll likely earn a Torque Bow arrow in 
a very unpleasant place for your neglect. Resort to your pistol for its slight 
zoom if you have to. Afterwards, navigate the ledge and dispose of the Torque 
Bow-equipped Theron and his accomplices on your own portion of the chamber. 
Proceed to the corner of the hall to trigger a last Mauler, then use the switch 
on the elevator in the middle; you’ll descend to the bottom floor, where the 
Locust Queen is located.

However, we’re not quite there yet. The floor separates as you enter the room, 
uncovering a moat of Imulsion. Claim the Mortar on the right if desired and 
take shelter at the automatic panels as Therons rush into position on the 
opposite side. (Mortars plummet into the moat without even separating if not 
charged sufficiently.) Kill them and the floor unites. The process is much the 
same in the second division – plow on through. In the third section, some of 
the guards will climb a staircase and attack from the high ground on the right. 
At the rightmost strip of cover, Torque Bow shots can sail over the panels and 
still stick your character; a gap would also leave you partially exposed from 
the front. Instead, duck behind the leftmost array of panels.

Clean up the Locust and progress to the final area. You will plunge downward as 
a portion of the floor drops a level and palace guards will file through a door 
in front. Eliminate them, then start rotating the wheel in the center; the 
column will block you from line of sight for the second wave. Once topside 
again, the tall, stately entrance to the throne room will open as you approach. 
Enter to demand an audience with the Queen herself (and earn “Have Fun Storming 
the Castle” for your trouble).

~~ Boss Fight: Skorge ~~

We have a high priest of the Kantus to bag. Skorge begins by displaying his 
ridiculous agility, leaping to the ceiling and cutting loose the chandelier, 
which almost crushes you. He lands with it, attacking with his chainsaw staff. 
Respond by rapidly tapping the melee button (as if in a chainsaw duel), 
parrying the blow and slicing his staff in two. Skorge will next leap out of 
sight, reappearing on either half of the chamber and dashing its length. Take 
cover on the far side of the rear cover, avoiding bursts from his Gorgon Pistol 
and dodging out of Ink Grenades if any detonate nearby. Dispatch the Tickers 
summoned from Imulsion vats at the bases of the platforms and be mindful of the 
braziers he sends flying.

There are several other maneuvers Skorge can pull besides bolting down the 
edges of the throne room. He can release a cluster of Ink Grenades from the 
ceiling. He can also carve free stalactites – steer clear of the cascades of 
dust and debris, marking the impact sites! Finally, he can saw through a 
pillar, which will then track you as you attempt to evade. Immediately begin 
sprinting to the furthest possible point, ending with a dodge when Dom urges 
you to move. You can avoid the column simply by rolling on Dom’s cue, but this 
is less reliable and failure will promptly return you to the last checkpoint.

None of this occurs in any particular order. Afterwards, Skorge will leap at 
you a second time – winning the duel destroys one half of his staff. (Marcus 
will not automatically switch to the Lancer; you must already have it 
equipped.) You must then step on the button in the center to reengage the 
cover. Skorge will perform the various tactics above (including tearing down 
the edge of the chamber), again in no specific order. Best him in a final 
chainsaw duel to complete the encounter.

~~ End Boss Fight ~~

Having lost his prized weapon, Skorge retreats on his Hydra, which crashes 
through an elaborate window. Proceed through either door to the sides of the 
throne to regroup with Baird and Cole. The bridge will extend momentarily – 
race to the end, as Reavers will bombard you the entire way. The chapter 
concludes, unlocking the Flame Grenadier for use in multiplayer.

[3-5-0] Act V: Aftermath

[3-5-1] Chapter 1: Escape (Collectibles: 0)

Welcome to Act V! The Locust have unleashed an army on Jacinto to prevent the 
battered remnants of humanity from sinking the city and flooding the Hollow 
beneath with seawater. Riding a Reaver, we must dart back and assist our 
soldiers in the battle. You can’t alter the creature’s course or speed, but you 
can strafe left and right to avoid incoming fire. The forward weapon is the 
Reaver’s rocket launcher; at the rear is the machine gun. You will 
automatically switch between them as you rotate your view with the Right 
Control Stick. You can also tap X to quickly reverse look direction.

At chapter start you and your team are rapidly ascending. When the Reavers 
level out, you will need to destroy a rocket turret ahead. As your mounts shift 
right, take aim and fire at the ledge on which a Brumak is poised to shatter it 
and send the monster into freefall. If you fail to kill the Brumak, it will 
whittle away at your health as you soar past. Dispose of another turret and 
Brumak, followed by a third turret and finally a Brumak stationed on a dam. You 
will land to aid incoming Gears – blow away the Grinders and supporting Drones, 
then bowl over the Brumak that bursts through the wall to your left.

~~ Boss Fight: Hydra, Part I ~~

Skorge and his Hydra have three attacks: A mounted machine gun, a rocket 
barrage, and the beast’s own serrated teeth. Weave between the rockets, pummel 
the turret when it discharges, and hammer the Hydra in the mouth when it tries 
gnawing on your ride. Survive long enough and you will give them the slip.

~~ End Boss Fight ~~

We’ve escaped to the surface and are nearing Jacinto, though with an army of 
Reavers in pursuit. During this sequence, enemy rockets feature a slightly more 
distinct corona and limited tracking. They are used infrequently, but are 
highly damaging. Otherwise, the Locust riders spray their Hammerbursts, and 
needless to say, at these speeds it’s not very effective. However, your own aim 
will be likewise affected; sweep your targets with the machine gun repeatedly 
if need be. Eventually, Skorge and his Hydra will catch up.

~~ Boss Fight: Hydra, Part II ~~

The boss opens by gripping your Reaver with one of its tentacles – fire at the 
limb’s tip to sever it. The Hydra next sails in front and flings itself at you, 
to which you must respond by blasting it directly in the face with a rocket. It 
will then circle back around and the process is basically rinse and repeat, but 
with rocket volleys included for variety. Two more shots to the face and you 
will defeat Skorge and his Hydra, earning the achievement “And the Horsey You 
Rode in On” for safely returning to Jacinto.

[3-5-2] Chapter 2: Desperate Stand (Collectibles: 2)

Take shelter from the Reaver that touches down - nearby Gears and gun 
emplacements will destroy it for you. Follow Hoffman and wait as he opens the 
entrance to the outer perimeter, then enter cover near the landing pad to your 
right. Grubs will scale the platform using grappling hooks; remember that you 
can dislodge the hooks with gunfire, rather than waiting for the Locust to 
reach the top. Eliminate the Reaver that joins and KR-36 will soon arrive to 
eradicate all remaining hostiles. Hoffman will clear access to the next landing 
platform, but before proceeding through, search the middle of the balcony on 
the left for [Collectible #37]. On the other side, a lighthouse collapses after 
KR-49 attempts liftoff, then you must clear a second group of grubs and the 
supporting Reaver.

Continue into the parking garage. In a recess on your left is a wealth of 
weapons and ammunition, including two Mulchers if you happen to be playing co-
op. Take your pick and move to the railing - in the opposite building are 
fellow Gears, while Drones occupy the street below. As they fall, a Boomer will 
demolish a segment of the wall near the corner, entering with additional Drones 
while yet more appear from the bottom level of the opposing garage. A pair of 
Reavers will descend toward the apex of the engagement; however, you are 
practically finished at this point, as a Raven arrives to clean up.

A bridge extends as the dust settles. Cross and proceed to the communications 
array (you don’t need a Mulcher), pausing for Hoffman to unlock a couple of 
doors along the path. Man the turret and pound the incoming Reavers; you must 
destroy a total of six to successfully defend the comms array. Failure requires 
a restart, so claim every kill you can - leading airborne targets and taking 
advantage of easy kills from Reavers foolish enough to land.

Finally, you are tasked with rebuffing the Locust at the front gates. Once 
there, head to the far end to acquire [Collectible #38], next to an ammo box on 
another balcony. Note that you passed a Mortar and then a Mulcher near the 
unnamed Gear at the top of the balcony; if for whatever reason you need 
another, a second Mortar is at the end of a short passage in the back wall 
between the other two heavy weapons. The first wave is a mass of grubs, 
followed by two Grinders as the conflict wears on, and then two Brumaks at its 
climax. If you turn the Mulcher on the Brumaks, just be mindful of the time it 
takes to duck back into cover, given the weapon’s bulk. For securing Command, 
you will receive the achievement “You Are the Support, Son.”

[3-5-3] Chapter 3: Free Parking (Collectibles: 2)

The chapter begins in a large courtyard, the archives building ahead being 
infested with Locust. You’ll want a Longshot, one of which you can find to the 
right behind a tall metal barricade if necessary. Before treading too far, 
initiate the first encounter yourself by dropping a sniper on the balcony, 
causing a flood of grubs into the area. Clear a second sniper and then the 
Locust at ground level. The action culminates with the appearance of a pair of 
Flame Boomers, one from either side of the structure. After the courtyard has 
fallen silent, you can find ammo and grenades at the top of the front steps. 
There are two routes through the building; left is the expected path, though 
nothing prevents you from accompanying Dom on the right.

If you choose left, you will confront a Flame Grenadier and a normal Grenadier 
inside. Dispatch them, then take cover at the corner to the right, keeping your 
distance as you pick off additional grubs in the next room (mostly Grenadiers). 
Advance and dispose of the Kantus, triggering a Grinder through the doors 
opposite the staircase. Eliminate it.

If you decide not to conform to the game’s expectations and head right, a Flame 
Grenadier and an ordinary Grenadier await you inside. Be careful traveling up 
the staircase, as more grubs are stationed above and may engage before you 
reach the top (the banister is not sufficient cover). Kill them and open fire 
on the Drone and the Kantus at the top of the next flight, then move on to the 
grubs below (don’t allow any Grenadiers to rush the stairs). Finally, dispatch 
the Grinder that bursts through a door at the bottom.

Regardless of the route you decide upon, you’ll probably want the Grinder’s 
weapon, as the upcoming fight can get rough. In the following courtyard, ignore 
the Mulcher for a moment if you did grab it and snipe the Troika operator in 
the center (or toss a frag if you discarded the Longshot). Then, tear up the 
remaining grubs and the Kantus. Two groups will attack from either side, 
consisting of a Mauler and several Wretches. After clearing them, two 
Bloodmounts will slam through the doors at the other end of the courtyard. If 
you complete the previous wave near the Troika, you can swing it around and mow 
them down, or use the Mulcher. You can also simplify the skirmish by planting 
grenades at chokepoints (usually staircases).

Through the door the Bloodmounts entered from, cooperate with Dom to raise a 
gate by rotating a couple of wheels. In the parking lot outside, grubs and a 
Grinder are situated to the right. Drop them and as you exit, look right for 
[Collectible #39] behind a cement barricade. Turn around and proceed to the 
street for your final pair of Split Paths.

~~ Split Path #1: Garage ~~

Head up the stairs. At the top, a single Drone is focused on the street below – 
a perfect opportunity for inserting the chainsaw into his back. Take position 
at a window and shoot the flammable tank (as designated by a point of interest) 
to eradicate the occupants of a nearby storefront for Dom. Then, help him clear 
the grubs further down the street and the Reaver that soon descends. You will 
encounter a Flame Grenadier and standard Grenadiers as you reach an actual 
parking space within the garage; maintain your distance and pick them off. 
Produce cover for your partner below by kicking a teetering vehicle into the 
street (only a priority in co-op, as the AI can do without it). Mantle over the 
barricade and continue to the far end to trigger a collapse, allowing you to 
return to the street and assist Dom in polishing off the surviving Locust.

~~ Split Path #2: Streets ~~

Take shelter behind the car. A Drone is positioned at a window to your right - 
Dom will remove him for you, though you may not want to wait if playing solo, 
as the AI can be slow. You will spot a tall, silver tank on the right side of 
the corner storefront. Rupture it to obliterate the horde of grubs inside and 
detach a large sign for cover. As you advance, you will trigger a car diving 
off the garage, as well as one dislodged by Dom. However, a Reaver also 
descends; you may need to forfeit ground if it closes, rather than breaking 
cover to run underneath only to be gunned down by surviving grubs. Shoot a 
second flammable tank on the right side of the street just past the trench, 
collapsing the parking garage so that Dom can exit and assist in mopping up any 
remaining Locust.

~~ End Split Paths ~~

A Grinder will smack aside a couple of barricades. Dispatch it and you’ll 
discover a Hammer of Dawn lying on the ground as you round the corner. 
Regrettably, we have little time to play with it, so make good use of the WMD. 
As a reminder, the Hammer of Dawn paints a location for orbital bombardment. It 
requires charging and the target must be under open sky, but the laser has high 
initial splash damage and can be slowly repositioned while it discharges. 
Another Reaver lands as you clear grubs; a collapsing building scares it off if 
you don’t manage to destroy it quickly enough. Kill the Mauler that emerges 
from the dust cloud as well as any surviving grubs.

The collapsed building obstructs the road, so instead proceed through the 
wreckage at the corner of a nearby structure. [Collectible #40] is located 
inside a breach in the outer wall of the same building, on your left as you 
exit. Ahead is a massive sinkhole at Jacinto’s heart, and the start of the 
game’s second to last chapter.

[3-5-4] Chapter 4: Tenuous Footing (Collectibles: 1)

A Longshot is available behind a small piece of cover near the chasm. The 
Hammer of Dawn from the previous chapter is still a valid option, though the 
sniper is more dependable given the limited satellite coverage. Climb into the 
crane on the right and guide the tethered platform to Dom, then maneuver him 
onto the roof of the nearby building. (In co-op, Marcus will enter the crane 
regardless of who approaches it. Dom has a crate on the platform for cover 
during the journey across.) Dom will jump into a second crane, with the 
intention of guiding Marcus over in similar fashion. Instead, it buckles and 
you must sprint across its boom. (You may want to drop a few Locust first, 
being that you pass unprotected.)

Eliminate all Grappler Drones and a Mauler charges in, followed by a Reaver on 
an elevated roof. Slay them and continue down the ramp to the right of the 
Reaver’s former perch, detonating a small flock of Tickers and killing the 
accompanying Flame Grenadier. The commotion may attract a Drone; if not, you’ll 
find him on the next rooftop, through a ruined passageway. Additional Tickers 
and Drones are on a further rooftop linked by a makeshift bridge. After 
disposing of them, you must repel a series of Grappler waves. Shoot the hooks 
for instant kills, stand above with a revved chainsaw, or remove them however 
else you see fit.

Eventually, you will plummet several floors as the roof caves in. Dispatch the 
grubs and the Flame Boomer that assault through the windows, then mantle over 
and claim [Collectible #41], the last of the game, at the back right corner. 
You will earn the “Completionist” achievement - congratulations! Head down the 
staircase, taking out all visible targets from the bottom. A portion of the 
wall crumbles on the right, allowing you to descend a ramp and flush out any 
remaining hostiles. Sever the cables at the base of the tower and begin 
crossing to trigger a scripted event (you can ignore the Locust ahead).

Somehow, we’re still alive. The upcoming Kantus is joined by two Grapplers who 
scale the cliff on your right. Pick them off, but don’t wander anywhere near 
the structure behind them until after the engagement. A landslide triggers, 
forming a ramp into the building but also one-shotting you if you happen to be 
in its path. A Brumak besieges the building once you’re inside, toppling it 
entirely. After regaining control, mantle over a trio of wall supports and call 
the elevator, which transports you to the trapped Brumak. Roadie running past 
is unreliable – enter cover and instead perform SWAT turns to bypass its 
furious torrent of gunfire. Eliminate its pilot around the corner to conclude 
this chapter and receive the “Brumak Rodeo” achievement.

[3-5-5] Chapter 5: Closure (Collectibles: 0)

We’ve reached the game’s finale, and Gears of War 2 knows how to end in style – 
we’re now riding the Brumak we just captured! The Right Trigger fires the 
creature’s wrist-mounted machine guns (cooled with the Right Bumper), while X 
looses a rocket salvo. Proceed through the cavern, slaughtering droves of 
grubs. A couple of Reavers make a pass but are of no real concern; neither is 
the Corpser that burrows through the wall on the left (though it does leave a 
Grinder and a Boomer in its wake). Shred the Boomers along the path not fleeing 
in terror with the nearby mobs of Drones, then drop two pairs of Reavers that 
land before the gate.

Bash open the doors. Inside, a Troika is stationed on the right, a Boomer is 
poised on the left, and a second turret is obscured behind that. You can 
demolish the tower supports to collapse the structures. More Boomers are 
perched on a ledge around the corner, swiftly joined by three Reavers. Destroy 
them and a Corpser bursts from the tunnel ahead to engage in melee – rapidly 
tap B to fend it off. Continue into the cavern, eliminating a cluster of 
Boomers and their Grinder cousins on a walkway to the right, in addition to a 
couple of Reavers that settle down in front of the gate.

On the other side, a single Grinder attacks from a ledge near ground level, 
while a further collection of Boomers and Grinders open fire from two platforms 
on your right. Dispose of them (the platforms are most easily cleared by 
blowing the supports) and decommission the rocket turrets at either end of the 
bridge, which you must shatter to move onward. Push through the remaining 
Locust, nuking high priority targets (Reavers and Boomer variants) before 
massacring any Drones. A beast barge appears over the Imulsion pool at the bend 
– knock it off the ceiling, then head for the last gate.

In the following chamber, pulverize the three pillars to create a path for the 
choppers to deliver the Lightmass Bomb. (Neither the Seeders nor the Reavers 
deal enough damage to warrant your attention, though you may want to nuke them 
merely out of annoyance as they interfere with your aim.) You can wade into the 
flooded portions of the cavern if you need a better angle. Surviving Nemacysts 
may intercept your shots, acting as a screen in front of the columns. Cull 
their numbers and you won’t have a problem completing the objective.

~~ Boss Fight: Lambent Brumak ~~

The Brumak swats the Raven carrying the Lightmass Bomb, sending it tumbling 
into the Imulsion. Fortunately, it also mutates into a Lambent, becoming highly 
unstable. You must use the Hammer of Dawn from the second helicopter in order 
to explode the creature and push Jacinto over the brink. Quite frankly, this is 
a rather disappointing climax; all you have to do, literally, is point the 
weapon with the trigger depressed. The boss buffets the aircraft several times, 
but otherwise there is nothing special about this fight. Just make as much 
contact with the beam as possible – the monster will eat you eventually!

The final boss may not be exciting, but the ending cutscene could not be more 
appropriately epic. Relax and enjoy! You will earn the achievement “Does This 
Look Infected to You?” Others are awarded based on difficulty (one for each 
tier, Hardcore being worth three), and you also unlock Insane mode and Skorge 
for multiplayer. Congratulations on finishing the game!


[4-0-0] V. Deleted Scene: Road to Ruin


This chapter is exclusive to the Dark Corners map pack and takes place between 
Chapters 2 and 3 of Act IV (Answers and Hornets’ Nest, respectively). “Road to 
Ruin” refers to the Locust highway leading to Nexus. At chapter start, you are 
given the option to either infiltrate by stealth (a new type of gameplay) or 
plow through with guns blazing. Note: There are no save games when it comes to 
the Deleted Scene, being a separate experience from the campaign. If you don’t 
complete it in a single sitting, you must restart next playthrough.

~~ Split Path #1: Use Stealth ~~

You are disguised as Therons. Locust cannot tell the difference visually, but 
they can still detect your smell. If you approach too closely to any hostile, 
your ruse will be exposed and you will need to fight from that point on. 
There’s an achievement for evading detection, so do everything in your power to 
remain concealed.

You begin in a gatehouse along the highway. Head up either of the two ladders 
and Dom will take the other, then pull the levers at the top in unison. In 
single player, this is not an issue given the AI’s flawless coordination, but 
in co-op you and your partner need to watch your timing. A Drone is patrolling 
the width of the highway on the other side of the gate. Wait for him to pass 
before proceeding. A second Drone will patrol down the right side; trail him, 
but hold still as he reaches the Troikas. A Flame Grenadier blocking the left 
will break off and follow the second Drone as he strolls past the Troikas on 
the right.

Stalk the Flame Grenadier, while also maintaining your distance from the Troika 
operator. When the Flame Grenadier turns left, it is safe to pass. A Drone will 
again patrol the width of the highway beginning on your right. Once you have 
slipped past, two more Drones patrol simultaneously from left to right. Be 
careful, as the nearest one will make a 180 degree turn around the box, so that 
they end up covering opposite sides of the highway. Pull the levers in tandem 
with Dom to enter the next gatehouse, then pick a ladder.

Through the gate, several grubs at the top of the stairs impede your progress. 
Rotate a wheel on the right to release a stone block, then continue down the 
left as they huddle around the debris. A Grinder will start climbing up the 
stairs. Cling to either side as it passes and rotate a second wheel at the 
bottom to raise a series of platforms in the water. Crossing the river triggers 
three more patrols: Two Drones, one from left to right and another further up 
from right to left, as well as a Grinder from top to bottom. Avoid the Grinder 
by taking shelter on the left where the first Drone begins, then cross right as 
you head upwards.

A trio of grubs will emerge from the next gatehouse, but they’re no cause for 
concern - they’re only on patrol. However, you can’t remain where you are, as 
the Grinder will be returning to his post at the top. Instead, duck right and 
enter the gatehouse when the coast is clear. Pull the levers and continue down 
the right side, avoiding a patrol on the left. Locust are blocking the path 
ahead, so break left. We need another distraction, as grubs are tightly 
patrolling the following area. Rotate the wheel near the box of ammo to release 
a cement slab, startling the Locust. As they rush to investigate, stick to the 
right. Wait for the Flame Grenadier and the Butcher to move, then trail the 
Butcher all the way to the final gatehouse you must open.

In the next cavern, a Brumak appears from the opposing gatehouse. A flight of 
stairs in the back wall to your right leads underneath the bridge, allowing you 
to bypass it entirely (and reunite with a familiar character on the other 
side). The two splits merge at this point and you will fight the rest of the 
way; jump ahead to continue the walkthrough. If you haven’t been detected thus 
far, you will earn the stealth achievement at the end.

~~ Split Path #2: Go In Guns Blazing ~~

You will start in a gatehouse. Climb either ladder and Dom will take the other; 
you must pull the levers at the top in unison. The AI’s timing is flawless, a 
slight benefit of playing solo. In co-op, you will need to pay close attention 
to your ally. You will confront numerous grubs along the following stretch of 
highway, including a Troika operator halfway down. A more immediate concern is 
the Flame Grenadier that rushes your position. Dispatch him, then leapfrog from 
cover to cover, killing grubs until you’re within range of the Troika. If the 
gunner is focusing on you, it may be best to wait for a clearer shot, after he 
loses interest and turns to your partner.

The next gate parts once the turret has been cleared, enabling passage for 
several grubs and a Boomer. If you’d prefer quick and clean, a second Troika 
faces their direction. Just be sure to nail the Boomer first, as Troikas don’t 
usually protect well against Boomshot hits. Proceed into the gatehouse after 
the all-clear signal and pull the levers in tandem with Dom. Highlights in the 
following section are a Flame Grenadier behind cover to the left, a sniper 
around the left corner, and a Grinder that soon reaches the top of the stairs 
in front. Dispose of the Locust. If you decide to seize the Longshot to 
facilitate the impending demise of the enemies across the river, you can 
collect ammunition at the highway’s left edge.

Continue to the river’s shore once the opposite bank has fallen silent (you may 
want to bring the Mulcher for the upcoming fight). Rotate the wheel to raise a 
series of platforms, allowing you to cross. Another Grinder will appear on the 
landing above as the gate behind it slides open to permit additional grubs and 
two Bloodmounts. Take them out. There is a lever around the corner to the left, 
just before the gatehouse. Pulling it retracts a piece of cover, through which 
you can find ammo if necessary. In the next portion of the highway, you will 
encounter grubs and a Butcher. You can make a detour in front of the Butcher to 
secure your left flank - just be cautious of the Flame Grenadier amongst the 
ordinary grubs. You must handle two Bloodmounts and a Boomer at the next gate. 
Afterwards, pull the levers.

A Drone will spring a trap, dropping you into a prison cell below. (A competent 
grub, go figure.) Fortunately, Jack is here to bail us out. Claim the ammo and 
grenades if you need them, behind you to the left. As Jack rips the door, grubs 
and a Butcher will pile into the jail, the grubs taking cheap shots through the 
bars. Return fire, kicking open the door after Jack has finished. Wretches 
bring up the rear; dispatch them and continue upstairs. Eliminate the guards 
that pour down the next staircase and wait for Jack to rip the door at the top.

Quickly hop on a Troika, as a Brumak (flanked by a few grubs) is about to exit 
the gatehouse on the opposite side of the cavern. The Brumak’s carcass will 
block the entire width of the bridge. Instead, proceed down a flight of stairs 
to your right in the back wall; it takes you across the underside of the 
bridge, at the other end of which you will reunite with a familiar character. 
The two splits merge at this point.

~~ End Split Paths ~~

After rescuing Franklin, a Stranded friend of Dom’s introduced in the original 
Gears, Drones will attack from the underside of the bridge. Wretches accompany 
them, some climbing along the ceiling. A Mulcher is to the left of the door as 
you return to the walkway outside; Franklin will pull a lever, raising perfect 
cover on which to plant it. Having repelled the Locust beneath the bridge, you 
will be assaulted from the left by a pair of grubs and a Butcher. Kill them, 
then continue through the door and up the ladder. Dispatch the grubs that enter 
from a door on the other side of the highway and head inside.

Plow through the grubs to the left and pull the lever near the end, lowering a 
piece of cover so that you can pass. There’s nothing of interest in the 
following room, just a little dialogue with Franklin. In the final area, pick 
up the ammo and grenades if you need them, then lower another set of cover. As 
you approach the next lever, the gate ahead will slide apart and a mass of 
grubs will swarm in. Take cover in the center of the chamber and get to work 
(being cautious of the Flame Grenadier). A Kantus will enter from a small door 
to the left of the opened gate – watch the Tickers!

As you unload on your foes, more grubs and a second Kantus will file through a 
door in the right corner. Drop them and all cover will be lowered as the 
remaining gate opens to reveal additional grubs and two Bloodmounts. Hastily 
raise a section of cover far enough away so that you won’t be overrun. After 
disposing of the reinforcements, a Reaver will land. Kill it to complete the 
Deleted Scene.

If you went in Guns Blazing, you will receive an achievement entitled “Highway 
to Hell.” If you selected Stealth and managed to evade detection until finding 
Franklin, your reward is the “My Way or the Highway” achievement. Finally, if 
you completed Road to Ruin with a friend, you will earn “Two for the Road.”


[5-0-0] VI. Collectibles Checklist


[5-1-0] Act I: Tip of the Spear

Chapter 1: Welcome to Delta (Collectibles: 2)

~~ Collectible #01 ~~
Jack will cut open the first gate you reach. The collectible is nearby, on the 
ground in the middle of the street.

~~ Collectible #02 ~~
After sliding down the ladder leading from the parking garage, turn right (not 
left!), and enter the building at the end of the street. The collectible is on 
the ground next to the desk on the left.

Chapter 2: Desperation (Collectibles: 5)

~~ Collectible #03 ~~
Your first encounter of the game is with Locust Drones, annihilated by shooting 
a collection of explosive canisters. Head down the corridor on their right as 
they entered, or your left if you took position in the shorter hallway at the 
top of the stairs. You will find the collectible through an open door.

~~ Collectible #04 ~~
You will have the option to split with Dom and Tai, either remaining on the 
second floor or taking the staircase. Both routes lead to a care unit, before 
you engage the first Reaver outside in a courtyard. Check the nurses station in 
the center for this collectible.

~~ Collectible #05 ~~
Shortly after reentering the hospital from the courtyard, you will arrive at 
the entrances to the cafeteria and the kitchen. The collectible is inside a 
door opposite that for the cafeteria.

~~ Collectible #06 ~~
Collectible #06 is around a corner to the right as you enter the lobby (where 
you experience a second power outage, before discovering Carmine). It is next 
to an ammo box at the end.

~~ Collectible #07 ~~
This collectible waits behind a pillar to your right as you exit the hospital 
for the final time (after regrouping with Carmine and shoving the rookie back 
out the door).

Chapter 3: Rolling Thunder (Collectibles: 2)

~~ Collectible #08 ~~
#08 is posted on the wall at the back of the derrick at chapter start.

~~ Collectible #09 ~~
After you disembark from the derrick to defend Dizzy as he makes repairs, this 
collectible can be found to the left while facing the Locust (near a supply of 
ammo boxes and grenades).

Chapter 4: The Big Push (Collectibles: 0)

Chapter 5: Roadblocks (Collectibles: 4)

~~ Collectible #10 ~~
Inside the first building, mantle over the counter and proceed upstairs. The 
collectible is amongst an ammo box and a pair of grenades on the floor.

~~ Collectible #11 ~~
Beyond a wooden barricade you must chainsaw, Tickers surge from a hole in the 
base of a building ahead. To the right at the corner is a small graveyard, an 
inscription on the large monument acting as Collectible #11.

~~ Collectible #12 ~~
Search for this collectible at the back of the fuel station (after a Centaur 
rams the last Troika nest).

~~ Collectible #13 ~~
Halfway through the Ticker-filled tunnel you will come to a blockage of wrecked 
cars. The collectible lies in a room to the left of the nearby staircase.

Chapter 6: Digging In (Collectibles: 0)

[5-2-0] Act II: Denizens

Chapter 1: Scattered (Collectibles: 0)

Chapter 2: Indigenous Creatures (Collectibles: 2)

~~ Collectible #14 ~~
After your first Rockworm sighting at chapter start, follow the trail as it 
curves right. You will notice a grindlift on a secluded platform to the left; 
slice through a mesh of vines to claim the collectible at its base.

~~ Collectible #15 ~~
You will need to clear a large outpost after an opportunity for sniper practice 
on a defenseless patrol. Once successful, look for this collectible next to an 
ammo box at the rear.

Chapter 3: Disturbing Revelations (Collectibles: 1)

~~ Collectible #16 ~~
The first encounter of the chapter also happens to feature the first Kantus of 
the game. After dropping the second of the two, continue through the central 
doors. You will find the collectible to the right next to a box of ammo.

Chapter 4: Sinking Feeling (Collectibles: 2)

~~ Collectible #17 ~~
A small sinkhole will swallow a car near the spawn location of your second 
Bloodmount. You can find #17 on an overlook to the right, behind a charred 
vehicle. Be careful, as snipers will have their sights trained on you.

~~ Collectible #18 ~~
Cole will save you from an ambush at the crash site. After the cutscene, search 
near the human corpse at a wall to the left of the exit; the soldier’s COG tags 
serve as Collectible #18.

Chapter 5: Captivity (Collectibles: 1)

~~ Collectible #19 ~~
After rescuing Baird, look for this collectible behind a crate to the right in 
the next cavern.

Chapter 6: Intestinal Fortitude (Collectibles: 2)

~~ Collectible #20 ~~
#20 is located ahead on the ground to the left at chapter start.

~~ Collectible #21 ~~
You must race a massive debris wall after finding Carmine. The collectible is 
on the left side of the path, before you turn right and continue up the ramp. 
It can be difficult to spot; you may need to dance around quickly until the 
“pick me up” icon appears.

[5-3-0] Act III: Gathering Storm

Chapter 1: Dirty Little Secret (Collectibles: 0)

Chapter 2: Origins (Collectibles: 3)

~~ Collectible #22 ~~
At chapter start, you must proceed up two flights of stairs. This collectible 
is in the first room on your right at the top, next to a Boltok Pistol.

~~ Collectible #23 ~~
After a room teeming with Wretches, cleared by activating the first turrets of 
the chapter, you will come upon a hallway. Enter the first door down the right 
and kick in a second to find the collectible inside a cramped office.

~~ Collectible #24 ~~
Baird will express concerns about the weather conditions after you exit the 
kitchen. At the end of the winding hallway in which this dialogue occurs, two 
turrets are embedded in the ceiling on the left. Collectible #24 rests in a 
small room next to the disarming controls on the back wall.

Chapter 3: Rude Awakening (Collectibles: 2)

~~ Collectible #25 ~~
A small building is on your right as you leave the facility. Roadie run through 
the razorhail to claim the collectible inside.

~~ Collectible #26 ~~
In a warehouse, you must rotate several wheels to raise shutter doors as cover; 
past it is the second moving train car. Before embarking, sprint through the 
hail into the structure behind you. #26 is a cluster of tally marks on the wall 
near the ammo box.

Chapter 4: Ascension (Collectibles: 0)

Chapter 5: Displacement (Collectibles: 1)

~~ Collectible #27 ~~
After encountering your first Theron of the game, you’ll come under attack by 
grubs and a supporting gunboat. A series of staircases separates this section 
from the following; at the very top is Collectible #27.

Chapter 6: Brackish Waters (Collectibles: 0)

[5-4-0] Act IV: Hive

Chapter 1: Priorities (Collectibles: 1)

~~ Collectible #28 ~~
After the last firefight in this chapter (featuring a spotlight), a point of 
interest designates a Locust terminal. Do NOT interact with it yet (as it 
completes the chapter), but instead the one beyond it. It will display the 
usual magnifying glass, rather than the depiction of a button.

Chapter 2: Answers (Collectibles: 1)

~~ Collectible #29 ~~
You will come upon a Locust patrol early in the chapter. This collectible is at 
the back wall to the left of the terminal they pause to examine.

Chapter 3: Hornets’ Nest (Collectibles: 2)

~~ Collectible #30 ~~
At chapter start, head down the stairs to your right, taking the first corridor 
on the right at the bottom. Turn left at the end to discover the collectible on 
the middle of the ground.

~~ Collectible #31 ~~
A Reaver topples a stone tower in a strafing run during one of the chapter’s 
earlier engagements. In the following section, a series of doors slowly close. 
Roadie run up the stairs and inside the second door to find Collectible #31 on 
your right.

Chapter 4: No Turning Back (Collectibles: 2)

~~ Collectible #32 ~~
You will observe a curious firefight after disembarking from the gondola, then 
climb a spiral staircase. #32 is located on a dial to the left at the top.

~~ Collectible #33 ~~
After the Split Paths involving a Troika on a lift, you will be interrupting a 
conflict between the Locust and the Lambent. Flip a switch to the lower left 
and cross the extended bridge; the collectible is through the door, next to an 
ammo box on the left.

Chapter 5: The Best-Laid Plans (Collectibles: 2)

~~ Collectible #34 ~~
You will need to take a lift at the rear of the palace after an ambush at the 
front entrance. Skip it at first; this collectible lies on a doorstep past 
another switch in the floor.

~~ Collectible #35 ~~
Beyond the Bloodmount cages at the bottom of the lift, you initiate a brief set 
of Split Paths. After regrouping, proceed up the stairs opposite those leading 
around the exterior of the structure. Collectible #35 is immediately at the 
bottom of the following flight.

Chapter 6: Royal Inquisition (Collectibles: 1)

~~ Collectible #36 ~~
Upon entering the enormous hall (the second room after chapter start), look for 
this collectible between a pillar and the left wall.

[5-5-0] Act V: Aftermath

Chapter 1: Escape (Collectibles: 0)

Chapter 2: Desperate Stand (Collectibles: 2)

~~ Collectible #37 ~~
At chapter start, you must wait as Hoffman unlocks the entrance to the landing 
pads at the base’s perimeter. Clear the first platform, then search for the 
collectible on the balcony to the left of the next door.

~~ Collectible #38 ~~
During the last encounter (at the front gates), head to the right. Down on 
another balcony is #38.

Chapter 3: Free Parking (Collectibles: 2)

~~ Collectible #39 ~~
The courtyard to the rear of the archives building features a Troika and two 
Bloodmounts. You will need to rotate a couple of wheels with Dom to proceed, 
entering a parking lot held by grubs and a Grinder. As you leave through the 
gate, turn right (not left, which initiates a set of Split Paths) and search 
for the collectible behind a cement barricade.

~~ Collectible #40 ~~
You are given a Hammer of Dawn after the Split Paths. An entire building 
collapses at the end of the following street, forcing you to make a detour 
through the ruined corner of a nearby structure. Inside a breach in the outer 
wall of the same structure is Collectible #40, to your left as you exit.

Chapter 4: Tenuous Footing (Collectibles: 1)

~~ Collectible #41 ~~
After repelling a series of Grappler waves, you will plunge several floors as 
the rooftop caves in. Slay the Locust outside and mantle over the windowsill; 
the final collectible of the game is in the back right corner.

Chapter 5: Closure (Collectibles: 0)


[6-0-0] VII. Appendix


[6-1-0] Credits

~ Epic, of course! Gears of War 2 is the only game for which I have committed 
to writing a full-length walkthrough. Only for such a kickass title would I 
have dedicated the time and effort!

~ Those who have taken the time to record and post campaign footage on YouTube, 
particularly ArmageddonGaming and MahaloVideoGames. During the latest revision, 
it was inconvenient to link my Xbox 360 to my monitor as I did initially. I 
therefore consulted YouTube whenever I needed an updated perspective, though I 
personally replayed the campaign to confirm all information after editing.

~ All websites currently hosting my guide.

~ And you, the reader, without whom there would have been no guide to write!

[6-2-0] Version History

Version 1.0 (8/26/09):
~ Main walkthrough complete.

Version 1.1 (8/26/09):
~ Added the Deleted Scene: Road to Ruin.

Version 1.2 (8/27/09):
~ Added the Collectibles Checklist. Submitted to GameFAQs.

Version 1.21 (12/28/09):
~ Updated the Credits section to reflect the guide being hosted on multiple 
websites, among other minor changes.

Version 2.21 (1/3/11):
~ In revising this guide, I literally rewrote every paragraph - at more than 40 
pages, that’s no simple task! As my writing has evolved, this update has become 
more critical. The process has been rigorous, but rewarding. Thank you, and I 
hope to see you all in Gears 3!

[6-3-0] Contact Information

If you wish to contact me you can do so at premonition2035@gmail.com. Comments, 
corrections, and additional information are always welcome. Any contributions 
will be noted in the Credits section. (If you would like me to display a name 
other than the one associated with your email address, please specify which.)

[6-4-0] Legal Information

As stated at the top, this walkthrough is copyrighted 2009-2011 by Brian 
Cirnitski. Feel free to print it for personal use. Displaying this guide 
publicly first requires written permission from myself, as does posting it on 
additional websites (I like to keep tabs on its whereabouts).