• Achievements

    Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.

    Cleaning Up (10)Collect all the fireflies in 'Every Kite Soars' in a single run
    Courage (30)Finish the third Act of the game
    Fear (25)Finish the second Act of the game
    Firefly Collector (15)Collect 100 Fireflies
    Firefly Enthusiast (15)Collect 500 fireflies
    Firefly Lover (15)Collect 1000 fireflies
    Firefly Master (30)Collect 1500 fireflies
    First Steps (5)Beat the first level of the game.
    Mastering the Underground (10)Complete all Bonus Levels
    Ouch Free (10)Beat 'All Around is Petrified' without taking any damage
    Shy of the Firefly (10)Beat 'Deep Sleep Dive' without collecting any fireflies
    Wonder (25)Finish the first Act of the game

    Contributed By: Guard Master.