Question from stidis2cool

Skate 3 multiplayer?

I reccently got skate 3 and I want to play skate 3 with my friend on one console and I dont know how..
I would like to know how to get to the skate 3 offline options.
Tnx in advance

ZombieLynx21 asked for clarification:

So is there no offline multiplayer whatsoever, or is there offline multiplayer without teams?


xUNR3ALSN1P3Z answered:

U cant its only 1 player unless ur online
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Tor_Kul_Na answered:

There is offline multiplayer, but if you want to play teams you need to play with people via Xbox Live.
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KarlMalone85 answered:

There is NO OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER! You can play multiplayer online but that is it. NO split-screen, NO party play. Best you can do is set a session marker and keep track of the score/trick yourself.
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RIP92064 answered:

There's unfortunately no offline multiplayer. EA thought it wasn't an important feature so they took it away.
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lugassy24 answered:

NO OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER! There is no spit screen or anything like that unless your ONLINE!!!!!!
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sk8r190 answered:

Everyone else is correct, there is no offline multiplayer, which really sucks because I don't have xbox live.
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Virgin_Killer answered:

There is now- you can buy the San Van Party Pack and get the offline multiplayer.
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Supersoldier317 answered:

@ Virgin Killer- ididnt even know there was a pack for split screen multiplayer.
Any ways, besides what virgin said I don't think there's offline multiplayer
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