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How do I get past New Factory Own the Lot?

First of all i don't know what it means when it says "footplant on any ledge" also "360 flip to any ledge" and "Manny flip Manny on the slate" Also on the Own the Lot-Carvatron, i dont know what it means when it says "360 flip a boob" any help with these is appreciated .

_xxDiSrUpToRxx_ provided additional details:

also in the Carvatron one, "footplant the kinked rail"


lugassy24 answered:

I also had trouble with these but what u have to do is go to the trick guide for all of these tricks. The only trick it won't say is a manny flip manny. To do a manny flip manny u must manual then do any flip trick then land back into a manual.
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