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"Enslaved: Odyssey to the West full review. 9/10. 1 word description = CAPTIVATING"

Ninja Theory's 2010 release Enslaved, wasn't as big a success as hoped and deserves much more credit than it has.

Set 150 years in the future, during the aftermath of a human vs robot (Mech) war, the player is placed in the shoes of main character 'Monkey'. Fleeing from a crashing ship with secondary main character, 'Trip'. Once awakened from unconsciousness, realizing that recent acquaintance Trip had placed a SLAVE headband on his head, the prologue ends and the main story begins. This headband is an interesting device, capable of killing Monkey if he strays too far from Trip, or at her command, and works well to help the story progress into it's further stages.

I'll share two important points in the campaign without giving away any spoilers:

- Monkey realizes that he has the choice but to to as Trip commands
- The two of them begin a journey to Trips hometown, where she promises she will release him

The story-line soon escalates and becomes more and more captivating.

Now that we're off the story-line, lets get to some other points.

Enslaved is very pleasing to the eye, a visual stunner, creating an absolutely beautiful environment to play through. Its uses of greens and reds in the game create an interesting environmental experience. The colors remind me of a comic book, except much better animation. Sharp edges, great lighting and detailed textures made me spend a while simply exploring irrelevant areas in the game to soak up the visual experience.

In any game, the main point that hits a home run for the player is the beginning (Prologue). Escaping the crashing aircraft is enthralling. Great use of camera angles, fast pace game-play with bits and pieces breaking off the ship create a VERY cinematic feel, which had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I must stress the graphics of the game-play, especially of the prologue are incredible.

Climbing around walls and various objects makes the main character, Monkey live up to his name. Often running along ledges and jumping off massive columns while under enemy fire is a very fun aspect of the game. The game has implemented a command system for Trick, which comes in very handy at times. One command which I enjoyed a-lot where Trick creates a distraction with a hologram from her wristband, giving the player enough time to run from cover to cover without getting shot up too badly.

The great, fun combat system is played out in 3rd person allowing for intense spinning attacks and 'all over the place' combat with a staff like weapon, which I enjoyed quite a bit in this game. Often confronted by multiple Mech's, the player will soon figure out the best strategy for playing out a successful combat situation without loosing too much health. Not that it matters to much as health is always around the corner.

As the player makes their way deeper into the game, character unlocks (Staff weapon & combat) become available at a steady pace, ready for purchase using orange orbs collected throughout the game by defeating enemy's and exploring the surrounding area. Character customization is always a great way to help the player interact better with the game and feel more apart of it. I would have appreciated the ability to customize Monkey's physical appearance etc. The amount of combat customization mostly makes up for this though.

The story line is FANTASTIC. I can't express enough how engaging this story line is. I didn't put the controller down once until the game was complete. Every cut-scene is emotionally engaging, creating heavy feelings for the characters, almost as if the you are there yourself. There are many twists and turns in the story that create various emotions in the main characters and the player themselves.

Onto some not so great points, there are two points I would like to mention:

- The odd glitch. Where the environment may stretch and flicker for a split second, and enemy AI glitches.
- Throughout the whole campaign there is a slight humor, which is kept at an enjoyable level. The story plot and feeling changes slightly when confronted by the third main character, Pigsy. A lot more silly speech was put into the game which I found a little unnecessary at times. I didn't feel as engaged as I felt the game was trying the joke around a little much. And the fact that it had this so suddenly made it stick out more to me. However the plot plays out straight.


Fantastic game! Being more persistence with the story-line humor and investing in better product testing are a few points which keep me from giving this game a 10/10. A solid 9 hours, which is an average campaign length by today's standards. KICK*** prologue, Visually stunning, story-line captivating and a load of action fun with some humor on the side make up a game truly worth the money! This game has my 100% supports and recommendation!

Yav (shadowKILLAA)

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 04/20/12

Game Release: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (AU, 10/07/10)

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