Question from croix88

Asked: 4 years ago

What is the best way to kill the necromorph thats attached to the wall and spawns the little single tentacle shooters?

Im trying to kill it without using to much ammo.

Accepted Answer

From: Coltknows 4 years ago

I always use the force gun alt fire. Shoot a single force bomb right into the hole (where the tentacles come out), and the guardian dies (slow animation involving ooze spewing up and then head droops down)!

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Submitted Answers


The easiest way for me was to use the alternate fire for the line gun. it shoots out a mine and when it explodes it severs all the tentacles instantly. hope this helps =)

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Anything and everything explosive, such as line gun alt fire, force gun alt fire (as suggested) or an explosive can. If you don't have these things, get close enough, (but not too close) until you see a blue highlight on the tentacles in which it makes it easier for you to snipe em with a seeker rifle, pulse rifle, or your plasma cutter. And a little strafing action to avoid the shooters helps.

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