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The Sampler Platter this achievement?

What the all the gun you need for this achievement?

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Here is a list of all the guns i used to get the achievment. this is just the order that they appear in my inventory as I cant remember the order in which you can unlock them. a few notes though.
1. You get credit for using any variant of a gun like the refurbished plasma cutter counts as plama cutter and zealot force gun counts as force gun. I dont own the force gun because i got SE and got the zealot force gun for free and I got the acheivment.
2. I don't think the rivet gun is required for the achievment but I used it anyways just in case. I doubt they would make an achevment that only people who pre ordered from gamestop could get

Plasma Cutter
Pulse Rifle
Line Gun
Contact Beam
Javelin Gun
Seeker Rifle
Force Gun

Just shoot necromorphs until they drop an item just to make sure the correct weapon gets credit for the kill. And dont finish them off with Telekinesis or melee attacks.

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Just a heads up: If you killed a necro with a specific gun, then died and continued it won't count towards the achievement. For example, I used the ripper to get the Lawnmower Man achievement and died. I then continued (not using the ripper this time around since I got the achievement) and me killing 4 necros w/ one blade didn't count towards this achievement. No biggie, just had to "re-kill" some dudes :-).

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You only have to use the guns that are shown in the game. The rivet gun doesnt count cause i have the codes, but havent downloaded it yet, and i got the achievement. and its easy to track when u use the other weapons for achievements, like the seeker rifle on stalkers, 50 flamethrower kills, contact beam "C-section", and line gun "clean cut" or "my boom stick" idk if the alt fire counts, but cant hurt to try. plasma cutter would be one as soon as u get the gun, and as for the rest, just buy and shot and keep track tho

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This achievement goes hand in hand with a bunch of other achievements related to weapon usage. The only only weapons without achievements are the plasma cutter which you are forced to use in the beginning and the force gun.

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