Question from FallingIsFun

Where are all the suits???

Im at chapter 6, and I still haven't found any suit except the Engineering Suit you get at the very beginning. Am I not looking hard enough?


DanGod answered:

If you haven't got any DLC then you've only missed one suit. It's the security suit found on a shelf opposite the crawl space in chapter 4 (after the blow out window and hyper-active door). The next one to find is the vintage suit which is in the first power node unlocked room in chapter 8 (it's almost impossible to miss) and finally the advanced suit is found in chapter 11 behind another node door.
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gothis2011 answered:

There are a lot more suit in the 2 dead space than that of the 1st. You can search some great videos on youtube to show all locations and what chapters they're on.
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EdwardDarkstar answered:

If you play on new game +, you'll get the chance to access a whole new set of suits, with special effects, the suits are based off of the ones unlocked in the first play through but have different colors like the new *spolier* second engineering suit is yellow instead of orange and its effect is a 50% healing bonus.
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