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Asked: 4 years ago

Is DS2 gonna be Split-Screen?

Anyone know?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thanks Dude!

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From: bonkeyebob 4 years ago

sorry let my say that again the first hints wre that the producer said "this game will have more fun with mates in the same room" the second player will probly be GABE from dead space extraction because in the end of extraction they set cordinates sprawl city but before the credits you see GABE transform into a necromorph but there no evidence that it was real could be a illusanation like in dead space people killing themselves. Thers a 80% chance that it could be split screen and watch the dead space 2 gameplay video

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Theres a 80% chance that theres going to have splt screen because the producer said "that is game is going be fun wit your mates in the same room" and in the game you probly meet up with the extraction wii game member on sprawl cit so thats it the scond player will controll the other character and there a new video

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