Question from An_Az_Hole_Noob

Asked: 3 years ago

Anyone know the stasis/air codes (if they exist)?

the codes from DS1 and Demo are not working, any ideas?

Accepted Answer

From: SSSJDanny 3 years ago

You dont have to worry about Air Supply cause for normal you got 120 Seconds of Airtime and there is always an O2 Air supplier around.

Stasis on the other hand is a pain, if you carry some on you can just click a single button and it auto re-fills it for you. As long as you have some in your inventory.

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They don't work in Dead Space 2. But trust me, if you're like me and upgrade your rig primarily, by the time you get out into space missions, you'll have more than enough air to do objectives. I think the rig holds about 180 seconds of air, I was able to do the Solar Array Panel puzzle only needing to get air once. As for Stasis, if it's basic, it refills in about a minute or so (Halfway then fully in another minute or so) if you upgrade it it fills up much faster.

Hope I helped.

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